All The Wild Children

All The Wild Children


Swearing, pushing, spitting, moon craving, hill howling, jar drinking, cave dwelling, tree climbing, candy eating, fire starting, barefoot wild children, disguised as a four piece Rock'n' Roll band that's gonna worm in through your ears and finger paint all over your brain


Once upon a time, Paulie and Mathias were schoolhood-mates. They played ball together, rode bikes together; the whole shebang.
One day, Paulie met Liz, left Mathias, married Liz, Mathias met Scottie, Scottie demanded from him - Rock n Roll, Mathias thought of Paulie, Liz said "no", Paulie said "Pleeeeease?", Liz said "Yes", Scottie said "Yes!", Mathias said "YES!", Paulie said "All The Wild Children".

The rest is history.


All The Wild Children Demos 2012
released February 29, 2012