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ALL THINGZ NU, something that has never existed. Captivate your most personal experiences. Imagine being trapped with Maroon 5, Aaliyah, and T.I !


Let's get bold here. "Talent is spelled W-O-R-K!!!" and work this family has since “All Thingz Nu”, was brought to fruition. They live their songs and they're not afraid to let their voices explode on stage, so you can live them too. These rising young stars have been singing together since a very young age and each had their first taste of performing in their school and church choirs. Each sibling was in a group, Dolphus (aka) “CherriDee” and McKenna (aka) “Tha Lic”, and a 3rd member formed a group called "LuckieDae," and Ozell (aka) SoundBoy formed a percussion group named Kadence Xtreme. Having both groups quickly allowed all of them the luxury of performing together. With a succession of club dates, talent shows and festivals, these performances helped them to grace the stage of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, as the headlining act for Youthfest 2001. The Pavilion has hosted such stars as Destiny's Child, Pussy Cat Dolls and Trisha Yearwood, to name a few. Not resting on their laurels they went on to be opening acts for Khia at T-TOWN2000, one of Houston's hottest night spots and others such as Roger Creager, one of Texas' hottest country stars.
This phenomenal trio had no idea that from singing nursery rhymes together they would go on to be one of the most sought after musical talents in Texas and very soon the world. All three played musical instruments in their younger years, but had not a clue of the different aspects that their musicianship would lead them.
"Percussion is the heart of music," says SoundBoy, so they are shooting straight for the heart. Diligently honing their special crafts throughout high school, they have hit a bull's eye. The rest is musical metamorphosis!
After years of blood, sweat and tears, CherriDee, Tha Lic & SoundBoy are blazing a hot musical trail through Texas. This multi-talented family is just beginning to live their musical dream. With a cool business-savvy head, there seems to be no limits to these young entrepreneurs and their many endeavors, i.e. singing, songwriting, producing, publishing, merchandising, with aspects of films & video games.
With a future so bright, black shades are required at every performance! Watch THIS MUSICAL METAMORPHOSIS unfold before your eyes.
The Family with the Midas Touch!


1. In My Bedroom - single released, 10 city market radio, internet
2. How Could U - streaming live, internet
3. I Didn't - internet
4. So Called Man - internet
5. Trust - internet
6. We Gone Make You Dance - internet
7. G Spot (Bedroom Remix)- release 2007 radio
8. How Would You Like
9.12o'Clock Tale

Set List

Our typical set list consists of cover songs and originals.
1. Shake(Remix)- cover/dance
2. Trust - original
3. Are You Feelin' Me - Aaliyah/ dance snippett
4. Every Time The Beat Drop-Monica/cover dance snippett
3. I Didn't - original/sing & dance
3. Please - Toni Braxton/cover/sing & dance
4. We Gone Make You Dance - original
5. Play - JLo cover/dance snippett
6. So Called Man - original
7. How Could U - original/sing & dance
8. How Would You Like - original
9. In My Bedroom - original
10. 12o'Clock Tale - original
11. What About Us - Brandy/Cover
12. Send Her My Love - Journey/Cover
13. Cool Like That - Diggable Planets/Cover

Our sets can be 15min.,30min to 1hr
Our typical repertoire is R&B/ Hip Hop/Neo Soul