All We Seabees

All We Seabees


We know you like songs about 15 year old prostitutes and catholic girls in pretty dresses. We know you like songs about Valium popping newlyweds. We know you love songs about water and the distrust mothers have for their daughters suitors. We like them too.


Nashville transplants by way of Motor City, All We Seabees craft fresh, contemporary songs that sound as if they've always existed. A good folk song can do that. Just like Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill or Sebadoh before them, All We Seabees manage to translate this achievement into an aesthetic that is quintessentially indie rock. The band's sets are typically exhibitions in wild eclecticism, shifting styles drastically from straightforward punk to banjo-laden ballads. The variety keeps the listener on his or her toes, never becoming fully cohesive, yet never lacking their signature. —MATT SULLIVAN


Bruin Hunt

Written By: Bryan Fox

catholic boys always want a war.
saving someone from something though they don't know
what they are saving them for.
country boys always want revenge.
owed somethin' from someone though it had nothing to
do with them
catholic girls always want to score.
to piss off their fathers and see just who god might
call a whore.
city boys, are always wantin' more.
to fake southern roots and pretend that they never had
folklore, like this chorus.

little maggie warner caught a little headache.
went out on the streets to cause a little heartache.
called us all little toothaches in her head.

never knew her father. never loved her mother.
always she tried to get me too bother.
i can't don't you see your related to me.

All Beds Quiet

Written By: Bryan Fox

raise up from your river bottoms, come up close to
shore your mother tells you you keep quiet, your
father is an alcoholic.
lay down in the short grass waiting your brothers room
we're all beds quite, my father was an alcoholic
waiting awful waiting gonna be here all night painting
your face around in circles, your face around in
church bound gonna be a little late around, don't
believe what he's been telling me, because my father
was an alcoholic.

hopelessly awoken, care for, cousins woe's on
christmas morning he did not wake, you father is an
passed out in your green tiled bathroom, waiting there
for his love to come out.
it's ok, he's only sleeping anyway.
mother wakes and says babies don't ya worry we're
gonna walk down to my mothers house, she'll keep us
quiet and feed us until we rot out.

that's the end of this year, we got, way too many kids
here waiting on their fathers stuck at bars, because
fathers can be alcoholics
now he's dead in the ground stinking, so of course we
went out drinking and when they ask us why, I'll tell
them so that my father was an alcoholic.

it's not like we.
really wanted you too be.
anything more than he had in mind.
but it don't matter much because my father was.
my father was, an alcoholic.


Anne The Snake
Lady Alaska

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Set List

30 to 90 minutes