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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Country Indie




"" Allwin
BORLÄNGE- and Falu Allwin The band has been around for a few years, but together delivers the six man big band music ranging from calm to more fast paced songs, the acoustic tones and harmonies.
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In 2010 started Allwin by Ove Jansson, the band's songwriter and one of the singers. The band is basically an acoustic embossed band with elements of guitar, piano, fiddle, dobro and bass to the beats of different drums. Both English and Swedish lyrics performed by Allwin mostly delivers gentle tones, but also energetic folk / rock shows up sometimes. The texts are central, the importance of telling a story is shared with moments when the instrumental may take up more space. The band's three singers will help to create a special atmosphere through vocal harmonies.
2012 was the band's debut album Waterland which this year will be followed by the new album Kandy. The discs have been produced by the band themselves, with help from a studio in Falun, which really makes the sound becomes their own. Welcome to Peace & Love World Forum 2014, Allwin! - Peace And Love Festival Sweden

"Allwin at peace & love festival 2015"

Allwin started in Borlänge in 2012 by Ove Jansson, who is also the band's songwriter. Their music is earthy with an acoustic feel colored by , inter alia, steel guitar and trumpets .
The songs range from anything between joy and sorrow in which the lyrics often tell an exciting story. Allwins music attracts a wide audience and moves in the genre of Americana , pop and roots / country . The band's singer puts clear mark on Allwins unique sound .
During the three years Allwin existed , they have played in several festivals, but also in churches and at other events. Allwin did an awesome gig at Peace & Love in 2014. We look forward to seeing them again ! -

"Piano pop and space music"

Piano pop and space music

This fourth night at Club Nebraska features Siberian piano-driven pop and acoustic space music.


Leja is singer / songwriter Jane Levkovskaya, a songwriter living in Stockholm who plays music with roots in Siberia where she has her roots. The music is described as piano-driven pop. Among the influences are Nick Drake, Regina Spektor and Ani Difranco.

The band Allwin Music describes itself as acoustic space music of the calmer battle. With song from the newly arrived Evenlina Sjökvist. Soft melodic and harmonious. -

"More vodod would not hurt"

The singer Evelina Sjöqvist has a wonderful musty voice that makes the warmth of lightning freaking and the audience listening to concentration. The band Allwin music makes interesting shifts between their songs written in English and Swedish. The language exchange will be a fun contrast to the often serious songs.

It's rock with acoustic elements. Sometimes you know country vibes in the verses. Sometimes Evelina Sjöqvist's voice goes away and it is believed to be a tremendous soul play. The definition may be incorrect actually. Allwin music makes good music simply and makes a sympathetic appearance in the Seaman church. They fall well under the acoustic theme of the Nebraska club, which continues in the spring of the Seaman church.

Allwin shows a fine musicality. The whole band seems to have good talents on managing their instruments. But it never feels strange when they get rid of the guran and take to the singing voice. It keeps all the way. It feels like a nice mate has invited you to their living room for an informal play.

Allwins mellansnack is modest and laconic. The song "Do not bleed on sundays" is about the sad feeling when, as a weekend card, they have to hand over their children to their ex-partner. That kind of mellansnack really adds something to the song and atmosphere and we get the band a bit closer.

Though I have my reasons to lower the score from a four to a three. I lack a depth in the texts. I think that Allwin had won more on choosing more page purely musically.

It feels like they stand with one leg in carefree and harmonious music, but the other leg in a more complex and resilience they brought from Borlänge. I'd love to hear that more.

Anton Emanuelsson - Anton Emanuelsson

"Allwin-Friday at Shangri_La"

Allwin was formed by Ove Jansson. The lyrics are open, genuine and flirting with the people / country's harmonies. The success of Allwin has led to the release of the USA in 2016 and other albums soon. But first they take part in the Peace & Love Festival 2018. -


Our debut singel "Come On Home" On />Bleed On A Sunday and Amy airplayed in USA,The song "My Old Mama"was  Selected to a compilation album (US)with various artists  "Acoustic Autumn" "My Old Mama". 

New album "Waterland" released in fall 2017.

Allwin was invited to the songcompetition festival Teneesse "Smokey Robinson Festival"  

Playing at Peace&Love festival 2-4 of june 2015



Allwin was formed in Borlänge, Sweden in 2012 by Ove Jansson, who is the band's songwriter.

The music is basically acoustic and colored by Steel guitar, trumpet and various percussions.

The songs vary from joy to sadness in the music with a touch of americana..

Allwin appeals to a wide variety of audiences and moves in several different musical genres.

The band released two full-length albums and a single on Mervilton Records (US)2015-2018

Allwin played at Peace&Love festival 2018

"My Old Mom"was selected to the compilation album."Acoustic Autumn" with various artists (Arcatone Music Group USA)

Allwin played at the Peace&Love festival (Sweden) in 2015

They did a great gig at Peace&Love festival 2014 and was invited to the festival 2015&2016 .

In nearly five years of existence, Allwin has accomplished numerous gigs, ranging from festivals to churches and clubs

Allwin was invited to Tennessee and The Smokey Robinson Song contest festival 2014 but unfortunately the band could not participate. Allwin has also played at Sweden’s biggest festival "Peace & Love Festival" 2015, 2016 and 2018  .

Discography :

Allwin - Come On Home singel Mervilton (US)2017

(Arcatone Mouic Group USA )"Acoustic Autumn"by various artist "My Old Mama"

A new album , Allwinsongs with acoustic guitar has started recording, planed release date is october 2018



Videos on Youtube: Peace&Love festival 2018

Spotify :


ALLWIN – Waterland

Acoostic Autumn (by various artists) - My Old Mama


Acoustic Autumn (by various artists Arkatone music group)

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