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OutLoud EP (10/22/13)



It all started with the click of a mouse.

Two people with a mutual desire to step out of the shadows of other musician's songs & begin performing their own material, decided it was time to act. Chris Richter was making his living as a professional classical guitarist, garnering attention & praise for his own classical arrangements of everyone from Johnny Cash to Neutral Milk Hotel. Armed, though, with a number of original compositions, but not the voice to deliver them, he posted an ad on Craigslist to find a singer to work with. Allyson Rogers, a college student with a few songs of her own and a longing to find someone to collaborate with, took to the internet and found an ad.

The two immediately found upon meeting that they possessed a serendipitous musical chemistry, with Ally's vocals serving a perfect complement to Chris's guitar playing.

And with that, Ally & Chris began.

Within weeks the two set out to play open mics in the area, and buoyed by the overwhelmingly positive response that greeted their performances, they began building to full sets; playing dozens of Dallas area venues--everywhere from the House of Blues to a Visual Arts Guild gallery opening reception. Their hard work has led to them building up a strong local following & bringing them to the attention of producer Anthony Celia.

The duo have recently finished work on their debut EP, OutLoud, with Celia & due out on October 22, 2013. They plan to expand on their local success by touring in the upcoming months and continuing to focus on writing new material.

Individual Bios:

Chris Richter (guitar): Chris Richter has been writing songs for almost as long as he has been able to write. As a child, he made his first stabs at songwriting by emulating his then-idol "Weird" Al Yankovic, coming up with his very own parodies of popular songs. During his teenage years, he discovered punk and indie rock, and emboldened by the DIY ethos of those genres, began playing guitar. His teenage garage bands went nowhere, but in the process he developed an extreme dedication to the instrument.

For years, he spent several hours a day practicing and by college he had shifted his attention to classical guitar. This would lead him to gigs everywhere from restaurants and wine bars, to volunteering at area nursing homes playing Christmas music for the residents. His unique set lists and virtuoso skills even landed him a steady four-nights-a-week gig playing at the Tower Club, a private business club located on the 42nd floor of Downtown Dallas's historic Thanksgiving Tower, until an injury forced him to temporarily step away.

During his recovery, he decided it was time to take a chance on a number of original songs he had composed, which would lead him to place an ad on Craigslist looking for a singer...

Ally (vocals): 21-year-old Allyson Rogers has always been a musical being. Most of her early memories involve performing and music in some fashion, whether it was belting out “Splish, Splash” in her mother’s mint colored robe and pink shower cap at her second grade talent show or prancing around her grandmother’s living room equipped with a hairbrush and ‘N Sync’s greatest hits.

Allyson began songwriting at the age of twelve, but she never picked up a guitar to add instrumentation to her lyrics and melodies until she was fourteen. This was the turning point for her. It was at this age that she discovered a new world of music and, inspired by pop/punk bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco, Allyson explored the guitar and songwriting even more.

After deciding to not pursue a career in music Allyson went off to college, but she noticed something was missing in her life. So, to fill the void, she decided to take some music classes. While studying songwriting Allyson found herself surrounded by possibility and she longed to find someone to collaborate with who shared her desire to create.

Eventually, Ally found Chris. And the rest is history.