Ally Mok

Ally Mok

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

When Australian folk meets Brazilian grooves, Ally Mok’s songs are the perfect meeting place. Ally has traveled widely, bringing new flavours and ideas to her music. Having studied guitar in Brazil, Ally’s song's are a compelling interpretation of Bossa Nova, Acoustic Folk and Jazz


"Quirky, catchy and melodic, Ally Mok is an emerging artist whose music defies being firmly placed in any single genre. With smatterings of bosa nova, jazz, pop and folk, Ally’s debut album ‘Choppy Seas’ is beautifully written and arranged and is a huge testament to a rising talent we hope to see more of in the future." Ruth Hazleton (Kate and Ruth, Dev’lish Mary).

When Tasmanian folk meets Brazilian grooves, Ally Mok's songs are the perfect meeting place. Born in Tassie, but with itchy feet, Ally has travelled widely, bringing new flavours and ideas to her music. Having studied guitar in Brazil, Ally's guitar work is a compelling interpretation of bossa nova, acoustic folk and jazz, which gives her songs a worldy sound to support her natural story telling tendency. On stage, Ally brings her stories to life, playfully sharing with the audience songs all about life: the fun, the joy, the cups of tea, the snakes lurking in the dark and the choppy motion of the sea.

Ally has just released her debut CD Choppy seas, which was sucessfully launched in late January 2009 at 'The Venue', Salamanca. It was made an Edge Radio Recommended Release within it's first week of release, and now has a track featured on the 2009 Tasmanian Amplified C.D. Choppy Seas is set to take the acoustic folk / pop scene by storm. Featuring brass, strings, double bass, glockenspiel and even the ocean and some sea birds, Choppy Seas is full of surprises and bursting with energy. Complete with felted artwork created by the musician herself, Choppy Seas stands out with its carefully thought out arrangements and creative combination of instruments.

This enchanting singer songwriter is a local Tassie favourite. A frequent act at the Alley Cat, The Loft, Brookfield Vineyard and The Lark distillery. Ally has performed along side fellow artists such as Ash Grunwald, Freya Hanley and That Brutal Moon, Loren Kate, Saritah, Sal Kimber and the Good Ol' Boys, Rosie Burgess, The Riot Act and Adam Cousens.

Ally performs solo or as a duo with either Adrian Shaw (The Red Eyes, Tzigas, The Ages) on brass, keys and as many harmonies, rounds and hand claps as he can manage, or with Rachel Walter, a very talented classically trained violinist with a beautiful rich tone and a great ear for tasteful and uplifting parts.

Whether you see her solo or with a band, Ally's voice will catch your attention, hold it gently and return it to you inspired.


Choppy Seas EP
Edge Radio Reccommended Release Jan 2008

Set List

2-3 x 45 min sets
Trees are green
Look me in the eye
Love Travel and Music
A mamas knowledge
Choppy Seas
The Creek Song
Snakes Hunt
Look Me in the eye
Out on a limb
If it comes from
Day Breaks
Change in the weather
She'll be
Hard to Read
Cold and Blue