Alma Blue

Alma Blue


Alma Blue will introduce throughout there album of works a suggestive feeling which filters through most moods catching the attention of any listener.


Jason Piccioni and Tammi Cartwright met whilst both signed to Universal Publishing. It wasn't long after they joined alliance and came up with there first recording Not enough Love, a mix of rich interesting musical changes after a much darker sample based intro.

Songs like Tell Me, Gone Are The Dayz and Chase the moon have a definite commercial feel with catchy melodies and Hooky top lines.
Others such as Ede To easter and Hear the drum are an honest heartfelt interpretation of the creator's emotion.

If i were to describe Alma Blues music in two words it would be "experimental soul".....


To date none of Alma Blues material has been released due to the promotion of other projects both Jason and Tammi are involved in.

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