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"HHN Live Interview"

HHN Live: What has AL MAC aka Allen McNeil been doing since your solo decision and the disbanding of TROOP?

Allen McNeil: I have been working on up and coming new artists. Actually, we didn't disband; we just decided to regroup to get prepared for the next Troop LP.

HHN Live: At what point did you actually decide that you wanted to pursue a solo career??

Allen McNeil: I have always wanted to pursue a solo career. It was all about the timing -- Now is the time.

HHN Live: For those who do not know your whole back-story, tell me your whole inception into music -- When did you first become interested?? And, how did it all begin for you??

Allen McNeil: I got my first interest in music when I was about 12 years old. That is when it actually began. Eight years later, I signed my first record deal with Atlantic Records.

HHN Live: You are a native of Pasadena, CA, correct?? So, growing up, who were some of your strongest musical influences??

Allen McNeil: Yes. My strongest influences were Earth Wind and Fire, The Jackson 5, Lionel Richie, Temptations, Barry White and Marvin Gaye to name a few -- There were so many greats.

HHN Live: Initially, how did the five of you come together to form the group?? And, where did the name Troop derive from??

Allen McNeil: We were all friends in school and started singing together. Being an R&B group we wanted to stand for something, so I came up with T.otal R.espect o.f O.ther P.eople [Troop].

HHN Live: With your solo project you've opted to go the independent route, versus that of a major label release -- What prompted this decision??

Allen McNeil: When you go independent, you retain more of your money that way. Now that Troop is established, I can do that. Of course I will have a major distribution house on my record, so it might be independent but it will have a major appeal. When dealing with a traditional record deal, the company usually gets a pretty hefty percentage across the board. Independently, I can control my own money.

HHN Live: How would you describe and/or define the style of music that you create and perform?? And, how does it either differ and/or compare to that of the Troop's overall vibe & sound??

Allen McNeil: The style of music (that) I create is 'Smooth R&B,' but I can produce just about any style I would like. Compared to Troop, It has a different sound being that the songs are all me and coming from my point of view. But like Troop, I try to tell a story and say something that is meaningful.

HHN Live: When you sit down to pen your lyrics, where do you draw your inspiration(s) from??

Allen McNeil: I draw my inspiration from my own life and experiences. I think that is important, and key to a great writer.

HHN Live: From a musical standpoint, how involved are you in the whole creative process of the records?? Do you produce the bulk of your own material?? If so, does that mean that you play instruments as well??

Allen McNeil: I am very involved. I produce the tracks and write the songs. I do work with my team. It is good to get ideas from others. Yes, I do play instruments. I play piano, drums, and a pretty good flute. The flute is where I get my acoustic ear, which is excellent to have in R&B.

HHN Live: Let's discuss your longevity in this business of music -- What do you feel has been, and will continue to be, the key to your success?? And, what will keep sustaining you in this industry??

Allen McNeil: The key to my success is being consistent. I am working hard on that. Troop has already laid the foundation for me. Now I need to take that legacy and keep putting out hit records -- My faith will sustain me.

HHN Live: Do you have any other aspirations, maybe even outside of music altogether??

Allen McNeil: Yes, I do have other aspirations. I have a couple of television projects in development. I am also currently studying to take my state exam to obtain my real estate license. I have already received my minimum state requirement. So, I plan to buy and sell homes. I also want to form a non-profit organization that targets on helping people and financing dreams.

HHN Live: Would it be fair to say that you are happy with the current state of the music industry??

Allen McNeil: The industry always changes. To say I am happy with the state that the industry is in, I can't answer that. With the music business, you have to flow with the punches.

HHN Live: Since everyone either knows you already, or will become familiar with you, for and through your music, what would you want these same people to know about Al Mac that they won't get from listening to your record(s)??

Allen McNeil: I want my fans to know that I care for them, and that without them it would be difficult to do what I do. Not only do I write music for myself, but I write music for them.

HHN Live: What would these same people find you doing in your off/spare time completely away from the music??

Allen McNeil: In - HHN Live


"Helium Balloons" & "Second Time Around" Albums
Self Titled-"TROOP"
"Lil Sumpin Sumpin"
Appeared on Tender Lover Single-Babyface Album
New Jack City Soundtrack
Latin Chronic
Appeared on Above The Law
Appeared on Pimpin Youngs Album Daddy's Side of The Closet song & Video



AL MAC better known as Allen McNeil, one of the lead singers of the R&B group Troop is a smooth Solo R&B vocalist, writer, and producer with a style that takes you back to the days of true R&B. Along with Steve Russell, Jhon Harreld, Rodney Benford and Reggie Warren Troop's first release in 1988 called "Mamacita" written by Gerald Levert and Mark Gordon got them in the door & signed to Atlantic Records. AL MAC has been apart of several hits on the billboard charts like "All I Do Is Think Of You", "Spread My Wings", "Mamacita", & "Sweet November" to name a few. AL MAC has also been a part of collaborations with various established artists in the music industry, has written Billboard chart topping songs, & Executive Produced one of Troop's albums titled Mayday. Now after selling over 15 million records world wide with Troop, Allen McNeil has arrived as AL MAC, a seasoned vet. Troop has spawned AL MAC, a producer, song writer, & solo artist. A short time back AL MAC took a brief hiatus from Troop projects to launch his solo career & released with great success two independent solo albums titled “Helium Balloons” & “Second Time Around”. You can purchase or listen to more AL MAC songs at: . Recently Troop has returned to the music scene & AL MAC is balancing successfully, his solo career while at the same time continuing to release music & tour with his fellow band mates of Troop. AL MAC along with Troop have recently done shows with other industry veterans like Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Gerald Levert, & Jon B. to name a few. Troop is promoting their current single titled “Thizzle” & working on a new album. AL MAC is seeking a Record Deal as well as a Publishing Deal for placement of his songs with other artists, in film, movies, & commericials.