AL MAC a.k.a. Allen McNeil, the lead singer of the R&B group Troop is a Solo R&B Artist with Smooth and Sexy style. AL MAC's music is Captivating & Original.


AL MAC better known as Allen McNeil, one of the lead singers of the R&B group Troop is a smooth Solo R&B vocalist, writer, and producer with a style that takes you back to the days of true R&B. Along with Steve Russell, Jhon Harreld, Rodney Benford and Reggie Warren Troop's first release in 1988 called "Mamacita" written by Gerald Levert and Mark Gordon got them in the door & signed to Atlantic Records. AL MAC has been apart of several hits on the billboard charts like "All I Do Is Think Of You", "Spread My Wings", "Mamacita", & "Sweet November" to name a few. AL MAC has also been a part of collaborations with various established artists in the music industry, has written Billboard chart topping songs, & Executive Produced one of Troop's albums titled Mayday. Now after selling over 15 million records world wide with Troop, Allen McNeil has arrived as AL MAC, a seasoned vet. Troop has spawned AL MAC, a producer, song writer, & solo artist. A short time back AL MAC took a brief hiatus from Troop projects to launch his solo career & released with great success two independent solo albums titled “Helium Balloons” & “Second Time Around”. You can purchase or listen to more AL MAC songs at: . Recently Troop has returned to the music scene & AL MAC is balancing successfully, his solo career while at the same time continuing to release music & tour with his fellow band mates of Troop. AL MAC along with Troop have recently done shows with other industry veterans like Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Gerald Levert, & Jon B. to name a few. Troop is promoting their current single titled “Thizzle” & working on a new album. AL MAC is seeking a Record Deal as well as a Publishing Deal for placement of his songs with other artists, in film, movies, & commericials.


"Helium Balloons" & "Second Time Around" Albums
Self Titled-"TROOP"
"Lil Sumpin Sumpin"
Appeared on Tender Lover Single-Babyface Album
New Jack City Soundtrack
Latin Chronic
Appeared on Above The Law
Appeared on Pimpin Youngs Album Daddy's Side of The Closet song & Video

Set List

"Who Will It Be"
"Girl Like You"
"Love The Things You Do"
"Get It On"
"Only You"
"Same Old Thing"
"Dance My Life Away"
Medley of Troop songs: "Spread My Wings", "All I Do", "Mamacita", "I Will Always Love You".

Set Length 30-60 minutes.