alma calma

alma calma


alma calma makes a wonderfull mix between brasilian genres and independent musiacl ideas- craeting a unique ,rich color,and lots of good old party mood...


alma calma has been around for about 2 years. we are a groupof seven with a strong conection to brasillian music.we take influence from variuos brasillian genres (samba,pagode,forro,afoxe,frevo) and being a band of seven musicians, evryone brings their ownflavour to it. i think that what sets us a part from other bands in the field,is our unique musical background, partf of us come from jazz, some of us from blackmusic, african music,rock..this makes our show very rich inintresting grooves and with one purpose-to make the crowd dance and enjoy with us.


wehave released on EP called alma calma. the EP contains 6 songs-all of which have been playing on the radio on and off. the songs that stand out are-
ba ketzev shelach(in your rhytem)

Set List

our materialis only orginal, and in hebrew. ourshows are aboutone hour and a half.