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"ep review 1"

"Almada do a good job of capturing a sort of mid-70s, pre-punk take on pop/rock, with big guitars, anthemic choruses, and lyrics like Steve Perry used to write when every high school aged girl in America thought Journey were the best band in the world." -

"Winner of Best new act The Pulse Magazine"

After a rousing opening performance by one Mr. Dusty Cobb (Hey DC, dont forget about us when youre on your world tour!), the audience was in for one of the evenings biggest surprises: Almada beat out The Black, Collapsible Three, and Das Happening for Best New Act. Winning wasnt something the four of us really talked about prior to the award ceremony, says Almada drummer Al Bigelow. We were up against some really great bands and just assumed we'd lose. We are a 80s-influenced pop rock band with song titles like Killed by Cuteness and Oceans and Telescopes. Last we knew bands like us dont do well in this town. Look for a full-length CD from Almada by late summer prior to their heading west for two weeks of shows in California

you can read the rest of the article over @ -

"The Boston Herald Article on Almada"

published June 9th 2006

Pop goes the anger for rockers Almada0-5881
By Kerry Purcell
Friday, June 9, 2006

‘‘We want to be musical heroin,” said Almada’s drummer, Al Bigelow.
Well, it’s working. Addicted fans voted the year-old central Massachusetts band Best New Act in Pulse magazine’s first annual Worcester Music Awards.
Almada also opened for Skid Row, but that opportunity didn’t turn out as hoped for. Let’s just say that playing for an audience of metalheads in a strip club is not the ideal spot for Almada’s pop.
‘‘When we announced ‘Killed By Cuteness,’ you could hear a pin drop,” said guitarist Paul Z. ‘‘But the drummer from Skid Row liked it. He asked for a CD.”
Almada’s members spent years in heavy metal groups, but as projects fizzled, they decided to switch things up. Pop was the way to go.
‘‘I’d been sittin’ with a gold mine for four years,” Z said, referring to his cousin, roommate and singer, Jon Harrington. ‘‘He’s a melody machine.”
Bigelow even left a blossoming career as an actor and model in New York to focus on Almada’s success. No joke. He appeared on ‘‘Law & Order: SVU,” spent time doing a soap opera and even modeled undies for Calvin Klein.
He could’ve stayed to become a real-life version of ‘‘Zoolander’s” Blue Steel, but instead returned to his roots. Now he bows to influences ranging from ’60s pop legend Neil Sedaka to ’80s hair bands.
‘‘When you’re playing metal you have to be tough and you can’t smile,” said Z, who says Weezer is his band’s favorite group. ‘‘We’re just not angry anymore.”
‘‘Yeah, we gave up on screaming and people killing each other,” bassist Chris Hill added.
And the band name?
‘‘Almada turns out to be a town in Portugal,” Z noted. But band members came up with the moniker by combining pieces of their first and last names because, Z confessed, ‘‘All the cool names are taken.”
MEET: Almada
The band: Chris Hill (bass), Al Bigelow (drums), Jon Harrington (voice, guitar), Paul Z (guitar)
The sound: An ’80s hair band hugging a ’60s jukebox.
The show: Almada plays Sunday with the Wandas and the Skinny at Harpers Ferry, 158 Brighton Ave., Allston, 617-254-9743.
The music: Listen to and download tracks from Almada’s EP, “Songs,” at, or - The Boston Herald

"Power 88.3 interview and acoustic performance"

Interview and acoustic performace on Power 88.3 - power 88.3

"ep review 2"

"Catchy ass pop-rock vocals and guitar are all over this disc. Nice to see New England bands of different sub genres of rock make some good music. Alt rock & pop radio stations maybe adding ALMADA to their play list.
Jon Harrington has a good pop/rock voice and the band holds their own with Paul Matto punky/pop/rock rhythms on guitar and Al Bigelow & Chris Hill forming the rhythm section.
ALMADA playing live might be a little heavier guitar wise; as is usually the case with these types of bands. Go check them out and make your own opinion!
ALMADA is a good bet for a concert date night with your girlfriend or wife. This show might make up for the time you took her to a show where the band was too heavy for her liking.
These guys will probably be signed soon. ALMADA might not be New England's own much longer. Bigger and better things might be on their way"

File under pop rock with a pinch of alternative



4 song 8 track demo Oct. 2005
6 song cd ep Dec. 2006
Currently in the studio recording songs for our first full length to be released late August 06


Feeling a bit camera shy


Inception-July 2005
Home-The outskirts of Worcester, MA
Influences-50's/60's pop stuff and 80's cheese

We have no interest in trying to recreate the wheel so we'll just start off with what you will not be getting with this band. Weird trippy guitars or off time song structures. Screaming, howling or root-a-toot-tooting about how our families are mean to us. Crazy makeup, weird outfits or back flips on stage. What will you get? Simple 2 and a half to 3 minute pop songs. We are however complicated individuals with complex goals. Goals so complex that we had to number them. ..1-Have fun. ..2-Make catchy, singable danceable pop/rock songs. ..3-Record songs and put them to compact disc ..4-Play as many shows as possible. ..5 Distribute songs. ..6-World domination. THE END

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