Alma Nofear

Alma Nofear


Shambolic souled Alma Nofear releasing a session recorded 7" vinyl as well as working on an EP with new arrangements. Playful, sinister and full entity entitled sass...


"Alma Nofear draws on the delicate contradictions of her cultural migrations - from Lapland to London - to create music of sparse, shambolic power. Performing on guitar, accompanied by a backing band that mutates from bebop to sea shanty, Alma sings of human folly, channeling the sass of Soul divas into raw, unfettered chords." -Paradise Row

"Her voice is uniquely toy-like but filled with a weight and twist that belies a cruelty or misguided pleasure...spinning her beautiful theatrical themes around our heads."


"Mother of Misfits" played on some random Swiss alternative radio show.
"Not the best day" featured in a London short film production 'Monsters & Cowards'
"Lullaby for Puck" on a art collective compilation, "Utrophia-'Fast & Faster'

Set List

8 songs in a set about 30min.

Mother of Misfits
Au Temp
not the best day
Happy clappy
hunt for Love
erik's love
shallow water

covers ex.
"sinnerman" trad.
"sloop john B" trad.
"come together" by beatles