Al McDonald & Mojo Hand

Al McDonald & Mojo Hand

 Salisbury, New Brunswick, CAN
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Mojo Hand is a trio that plays electric blues from Muddy and the Wolf to Johnny Winter and Stevie-Ray. I started the band in '95 but have only gigged occasionally due to work conflicts. I also do a solo show called "Spirit of the Delta Blues" which is more of a concert act.


I began performing in Fredericton, N.B. in '79 and spent 2 years from '82 to '84 with country singer Ron Fisher, followed by a move to Moncton and 15 great years, (7 full time from '85 to '92 and 8 part-time-weekends till 2000,) with American-born do-wop, rhythm & blues and soul singer and member of "The Avalons" Jimmy Dooley.
In '95 I started Mojo Hand as an outlet for my love of the blues. We have only played infrequently until now due to my own work issues.
Besides performing with a group I have also written a solo stage-play performance for concert venues called "The Spirit of the Delta Blues" which is a part music/part story telling capsule history of the blues and it's influence on modern music.


Not Much! In '83 I helped record the Ron Fisher Band indie album "Gone Fishing" (a vinyl record) which was all band-written songs including a novelty song I wrote called "The Fiddleheading Song". It was a jiggy-reely kinda thing that was a bit of an 'underground' hit, (due to lyric content,) and was very popular among First Nations folks. (Good friends all!)
In '95 I made an indie tape (that's a cassette tape,) of original New Age music to express another side of my musical personality. It was called "Elm Tree Spirit" and I still have about 200 cassettes if anyone's interested!?
Besides that all other recordings have been of 'cover' material for strictly promotional purposes. (Don't you dare say 'bootleg'!)

Set List

My "Spirit of the Delta Blues" show is partly musical performances of classic blues songs, or sometimes only partial examples, or several songs in one with accompanying commentary.
Mojo Hand is more a club band doing 3 or 4 sets as required of mainly traditional covers and a few of my own songs.