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The best kept secret in music


Coming out of nowhere, this French artist, who sings strictly in English, could very well be the soul sensation of the year: Unlocked, his first album (self-produced because none of the record labels have signed him yet), is easily as good as the best US productions. Is Almo a male version of Joss Stone ? September 19, at 2, 3 and 4pm, House of Live - Le Nouvel Observateur (France)

ALMO, soul and sensual.

When you listen to ALMO's album, you feel as if you were listening to a forgotten Tamla Motown recording. The year could be 1970. A great afro-american voice long forgotten? ALMO, who happens to be French, will perform tonight at Opus concert hall. You have got to see him to believe it. And when you listen to him, you will love his music. That's what happened at Fnac (France's leading music retailer). They decided to promote this young talent, with super-size posters, mini-concerts, etc, since ALMO does not yet have a record company to promote him. For ALMO is really coming out of nowhere. He self-produced his first album, "Unlocked", with english only lyrics. Everybody is talking about him, including on TV. ALMO gives us true soul music. And despite a national release only 2 days ago, ALMO has been on's best selling SOUL list for two full months through their Paris-based stores, because they caught on very early to the ALMO craze.
ALMO is not revolutionary; but he gives us his warmth, his wonderful lyricism Stevie Wonder style, his energy to enter the fall season without feeling depressed; in short, everything we need for a good start in the new year. Y.J Tonight, 9 PM at the Opus, 167, Quai de Valmy (Paris 10). Web site to discover ALMO's music free of charge.
- Le Parisien (France)

Almo awakens the soul of Rhythm & Blues in France. 10 tracks suffice to transport us with grace in his cool and velvet like environment. Without bells and whistles, his group delivers subtle arrangements, which enhance his blessed voice. Inspired by their respective experiences in world, jazz and pop-rock, Bruce Cherbit, drums and co-producer, Patrick Goraguer, keyboard, Guy N’Sangue, bass, and Eric Löhrer, guitar, unfold musical layers on which Almo gets it all out, in a prude but intense way, helped by Andrew Crocker, who wrote the lyrics. Without any obviousness, the prints of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye are sensed in this tormenting depth. Sometimes bluesy with pop accents and very soul, the love of life, of others and of music will affect many. So much higher, Someone next to me, Scattered pieces and Reach show the lead to mature R&B, where there is no marketing shade to the poetry. Almo’s future is Unlocked indeed. This self produced album should very quickly help Almo find a large audience, especially after well noticed appearances on the top rated show 810pm on Canal+ network. For more information, the website underlines all the attention devoted to this wonderful adventure, one of 2004’s true revelations.

- Soul R&B Magazine

Who is Almo ? A French artist, composer and singer, who sings in English. He is rather secretive, although he just released an excellent first album, purely R&B, with subtle and discreet arranging. This singer's style, never forced, is as cool as a seventies feel. His voice brings to mind the best moments of Tamla Motown... even though, Almo is white. We feel he is determined to sing without compromising; ignoring trends. His 4 musicians play above all for pleasure. All of them have strong backgrounds in different styles of music (jazz, rock, pop or world music). Almo aimed quite high and succeeded in combining in his album today's arranging techniques with an uncompromising respect for the great masters (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye...). As a few notes are better than a long speech, the Soul lovers can listen to his album on the net (, or even better discover him in concert on the 10th of April, at 9 PM at La Scene Bastille, 2 bis rue des Taillandier, 75011 Paris. By the way, Almo is looking for a label.
- Guitarist Magazine

Composer and singer of an unpretentious white soul, the French Almo does very well on his own, thank you very much: with a few concerts, a noticeable performance on Canal+ prime-time TV show 20H10 petantes, and Manu Katche as his best fan, the Fnac chain (France's leading music retailer) agreed to carry his first album Unlocked. Not bad for an artist without a label !
- Rolling Stone




Feeling a bit camera shy


ALMO is a soul singer songwriter based in France He released 2 albums: "Unlocked"(2004) and "Eleven Love Inventions"(2007)
ALMO's music is a luscious soul classic-full of rich melodic textures warm low-key beats and topped off with his soulful voice.
His musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Cat Stevens and from these rich roots ALMO has developed his own sound: strong and loving soul R&B with mesmerizing vocals sung in impeccably natural american-english.

UNLOCKED national release was a beautiful adventure: this album was self-produced and received a very warm welcome in the SOUL section of the FNAC (France’s premier music stores) where it was available at listening stations.

Then, France’s most important media also welcomed ALMO. In the space of a couple of months, ALMO was asked to perform 13 times on TV (Canal+, France 4, France 5, LCI). Very popular radio stations have also invited ALMO to perform live: France-Inter, RTL, RADIO NOVA, FUN RADIO… Newspapers and magazines alike announced ALMO as the year’s soul revelation.

During his performances in Paris, ALMO received a very warm welcome by his fans who were touched by the outstanding quality of his music.
ALMO opened for José Féliciano, for Raphaël Saadiq, for Dwele, and for Caroline Henderson in Paris.