Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA

Almos Pau exists in the mad zone where church band meets Animal House! A Pop/Rock Christian Band that is so much fun it's sinful. It's like experiencing amnesia and deja vu' at the same time. This band is entertaining for all ages young and old. Check out Almos Pau!


Almos Pau is the Ultimate Party Pop/Rock Christian Band. Great songs with a great message but never taking themselves too seriously. Their shows are family friendly and fun filled usually involving dancing and conga lines. With a multigenerational band lineup, their influences encompass the music of Santana, Los Lonely Boys, The B-52's, Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, David Crowder to name a few. Almos Pau started out as a church worship and praise band that took their music and performances to the streets and clubs. They have performed at many large venues like the New Mexico State Fair, Santa Ana Star Center, Rio Rancho 4th of July Celebration. They are also in demand for many private corporate events because of their large repertoire of popular cover material. Featuring female and male vocals, they can perform a wide array of musical textures and styles. Almos Pau incorporates this versatility in their debut CD "The Journey." This band is crazy fun!


Run to Me

Written By: Bob Samala

You're left standing in the rain, drowning in your tears on a lonely night. But who's the one to blame for leading you astray? Who was blinded by the light? Still I paid the price and I sacrificed for you to be forgiven. Now this time around the world has let you down and left you out on your own. Even if you swallow your pride, it's the emptiness inside that turns a heart to stone. But look who you have to run to.

I can see it in your eyes if you ever tell me lies. It'd only be a compromise and it would really show. But you can have a brand new start. You've already come this far. I'm never gonna break your heart. Just wanna let you know.

Like any other place in time, another love affair's decline and you run to me. I'm not a temporary thing, not just another ring for everyone to see. But who do you always run to?


Written By: Gabi & Bob Samala

Here I am in the moonlight. Sitting here with nobody. Someone come to me and help me in my troubles. I seek you everyday and think about you. Why did I let you slip away? When you find me, I'll be crying to you cause something's breaking my heart. Oh I need you to be here by my side to help me figure things out. There's so many choices in my life waiting to be made. Please help me find my way back to you.

Here I am holding on to the promise of your love. I see your footprints in the sand. I reach out and take your hand. I'll follow where your steps will lead, and when I fall you carry me. I'll trust in you for all I need and who I'll be. Cause I see your footprints in the sand.

Falling Into You

Written By: Bob Samala

There's never been someone like you who helped me through my darkest nights when I'm alone in my despair. Accepting me for who I am, you take my heart I take your hand. Cause in your eyes you see the best in me. Now take the rest of me.

Falling, I'm falling, falling into you. Cause you hear me when I call your name. I'm falling into you.

I diving into the unknown to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith in you. I'm jumping in with all I am. You made my life part of your plan. You died to give amazing grace to me to share your space with me.


Debut CD - "The Journey"
All tracks can be streamed on our websites:

Set List

Typical Club Set:
Game of Love
Pride and Joy
I'm Yours
My Life Would Suck without You
Only the Lonely
Island in the Sun
Sweet Child of Mine

Typical Christian Show Set:
Fields of Grace
Everlasting God
Here is Our King
New Song We Sing
I Praise You (Almos Pau)
Knock Upon Your Door (Almos Pau)
You're Grace is Enough
Praise Adonai
Mighty to Save

We have played shows from 1 hour sets to 5 hour events. When a night and crowd is really going good we have played a 2 - 3 hour sets.