Almost Legendary

Almost Legendary

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Almost Legendary combines the influence of pop punk bands from the 90's with the current melodic pop songs. Catchy lyrics and addicting melodies will be permanently engraved in you head and leave you singing quietly under your breath all day at work


Almost Legendary is a Pop Band from Atlanta, GA that was formed in the fall of 2009. The band has four members; lead vocalist and bassist Mark Coryell, guitarist and backup vocalist Chris Nixon, guitarist and keyboardist Brian O'Connor, and drummer Ryan Fox. Pulling from the influence of the late 90's pop-punk sound and the currently popular electronic dance songs, Almost Legendary has developed a unique combination of the two styles. On September 2nd, 2011, Almost Legendary self-released their debut 3 song EP titled Bright Lights.


Bright Lights
1. Ready Or Not
2. This Time [I'm Right]
3. Tonight Becomes Tomorrow

Set List

Ready Or Not
Tonight Becomes Tomorrow
These Are The Days
When I Dream
Take It Or Leave It
Down (Jay Sean Cover)
Do You Remember
Girls Like You
She'll Do It Again