Almost Rosario

Almost Rosario



Almost Rosario formed in Chicago at the end of 2004. It's members, all from remarkably different backgrounds, build on each other's influences forming a truly exclusive sound.

From Ria's wicked bass-lines to Greg's ultra-dynamic drumming and Jesse's thick analog layers and lush pads, Almost Rosario's rhythm section holds each song together tightly. Spacey melodies flow seamlessly to searing leads, complimenting while never overpowering singer/songwriter Lupe's passionate and identifiable lyrics. Her unique and defined vocal styles vary from angelic and entrancing to strongly demanding with carefully arranged songs equally as diverse.

The recording phase of their full length debut album is nearing completion and post production is just around the bend. Slated for a summer '07 release, it will prove to be an eclectic but cohesive listening experience suited for lovers of many genres.

Set List

Basic set s run 30 to 45 minutes.
Original songs:
For tomorrow
Wanting you
The seperate way

Zombie-The Cranberries
Possession-Sarah mcgaughlin
Miss World-Hole
Send His Love- PJ Harvey
C'mon Billy-PJ Harvey
The Passenger-Iggy Pop