Almost Sober

Almost Sober


Straight forward rock and roll in the vain of Guns'n'Roses and Goo Goo Dolls, with good hooks, original vocals, and catchy sing-along melodies with the in-your-face attitude.


It started in October ’04 with Jim and Lucas writing songs and auditioning drummers and lead guitarists for about 4 months. In January, we got our rehearsal studio in downtown Portland and continued to audition players but to no end seeing how we could not find the right players that were on the same page and as versatile and open minded musically as we were, not worried about what was hot at the time, just wanting to do what we wanted, not what someone thought we should be doing.

Then we brought in Scitty and Tommy to complete Almost Sober. Scitty and Lucas played together in the past as did Jim and Tommy through out the years. After a few months of rehearsal and added writing, we had our first show together May 6th at The Ash Street Saloon. Soon after, we spent the entire summer playing at parties, Saturday Market, and The Roseland.

Soon after, we hit the studio to record our debut CD, Almost Sober. With spring coming on, we had our CD release party at the Roseland Bar and Grill with attendance close to 500 people. Summer ’06 ended up being really packed for us with shows booked throughout the summer and beyond. We are now on a compilation CD with Perris Records with our song “That’s Life” which was picked up and distributed by Select-o-Hits. So far the feedback is excellent for our CD with every musical crowd really enjoying the mixture of songs and styles that we do, with the high energy rhythms and catchy-sing-along lyrics, to the dark and heart felt ballads, all the way to the party songs filled with reckless abandon and drunken mayhem. We are now in the process of re-mixing our first CD, as well as working on our follow up CD. The future is bright for the band, and the new songs keep getting better with every chord, beat, and lyric.

Almost Sober doesn’t want to change the world, we just want to party with it and enjoy life to the fullest!


Dancing With Angels

Written By: Jim Kunze


holding you these silent nights
watch the candles burn
a sweet caress on velvet skin
no longer my heart yearns
longing for that tender kiss
always wanting more
holding heaven in my arms
I finally found that door

watching you fall fast asleep
a kiss goodnight sweet dreams

Im dancing with these angels as
they dance with you
searching all of my life baby I found you
youre always in my heart and mind
in my dreams all of the time but Im
dancing with these angels
can I dance with you

healing hands wrapped around your heart
I need you here with me
give a chance on a brand new start
trust in me youll see
lonely nights rolling on your mind
Im reaching for your hand
better times as they start like this
Ill be a stronger man

in shining armour Ill be your knight
your tears if you should cry

Only You

Written By: Scitty Carr and Lucas Walters


here we go time and time again
it seems that things are what theyre suppose to be
its not only you its not just me
its all a part of lifes reality
what do we do where do we go
its something that I really need to know
why cant you see its all because of you
thats why I know we will make it thru

Only you can make me feel this way

I know you think you wanna let me go
I tell you right now I said dont think so
this only comes once in a life
take it now and I said dont think twice

only you can make me feel this way
only you know what to say

Thats life

Written By: Jim Kunze


walking down that forbidden road
of broken dreams
look at me standing here
a man that bleeds
broken down and pushed around
forgotten one
I tried to fly but Im crashing down
those wings are gone

Its never over
no no not for me

thats life its nothing new
with all the bullshit that weve been thru
thats life 1 2 3
we'll make it thru just you wait and see

why does it seem
life only loves tragedy
it gets so hard and the road is long
I cannot see
looking for
some peace of mind serenity
staring down this loaded gun
just leave me be

Hold On

Written By: Jim Kunze and Scott Miller


never believing words they once said
now they all echoe ring thru my head
6 string memories 12 note requime
angels dont dare tread
where lovers have been

deep inside lies a stranger
thats begging to shine thru
need some help from above
and maybe some from you

reaching my hand out I barely can breathe
cold and now shaking I fall to my knees
looking for shelter in the pooring rain
waiting for someone to ease this wicked pain

chasing down my only dream
I guess I got lost along the way
fortunes told and sometimes lost
but these words remain the same

hold on for one more day
hold on I thought I heard you say
hold on for one more day
hold on or slowly fade away

walking in shadows hide from the light
fearing the reaper to be my last fight
shamefully dwelling in my desire
only adds feul to my burning fire

sing a song in tradition
of falling far from grace
nothing more I can do
cause I too will be replaced

now as I stand here I make my final plea
all I ever wanted was you here with me
looking for something never could I find
now I just pray for simple peace of mind

walking thru this world alone
well I guess thats meant to be
laying down one final time
into eternity


Written By: Jim Kunze


looking back thru the memories
you were always there
thru the good and all the bad
its all so clear
but now the times they start to change
and I'm leaving you
though my heart will never break
it belongs to you

shes always waiting for me
shes always reaching for me
shes always praying for me
thank god she prays
for me

all alone in a hotel room
and I dream of you
memories in a photograph
of me and you
a thousand miles adds to the pain
that I put you thru
but still you're there with open arms
as I run to you

coming off the lonely raod
and I reach for you
but now you're gone and praying for
somebody new
everything seems cold and gray
without you next to me
but I know just like before
you still pray for me

Almost Sober

Written By: Jim Kunze


friday night and its me and the boys
all lit up making lots of noise
then along came pretty innocent
she says you boys aint seen nothin yet

when we want it and we want it good
we come knockin cause we know its good
thats life in hollywood
thats how they do down in hollywood

livin life like your'e almost sober
never made much sense to me
until that blonde says shes coming over
bartender another drink for the road

drinking whiskey on a saturday night
the other boys ended up in a fight
and there she was in her high heeled dress
going down with a sweet caress

when she wants it and she wants it good
she comes knockin cause she knows its good
thats life in hollywood
thats how they do it down in hollywood

sunday night and I'm drunk again
there she is sitting with her friend
introduced me to a new french term
all night long I did nothing but learn

when they want it and they want it good
they come knockin cause they know its good
thats life in hollywood
thats how they do it down in hollywood


Almost Sober-Almost Sober