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"Local Licks"

Local Licks
Sep 14, 2007 | Written by Jennifer Deseo | Email this story

Alona mashes contemporary jazz with angry grunge to create a sound that's one part Everything But the Girl, one part Soundgarden.

The DC foursome — lead vocalist Candice Alona, ax man Brian Jarboe, bassist Brodie Marrow and Daniel Jacobson on skins — show obvious signs of angst. Their loud, crunching guitar work was the signature of Seattle grunge bands like Soundgarden.

For example, in "Maelstrom", Candice's soulful pipes soar like those of Chris Cornell over angry guitars and crashing cymbals. And the song's creepy, almost droning harmonies are a distant reminder of Alice in Chains.

But Alona also injects smooth contemporary jazz into its music, something on par with Everything But the Girl and Morcheeba. The fusion creates a deceptively mellow buildup to a fiery chorus.

This mashup is most evident on "The Missing" (above). And just like a few songs by Everything But the Girl, the song's groove and grunge are ripe for a club remix. (There's already a cool ambient-lounge remix by Panacea, and an obnoxious techno-ish wreck featuring Dex Dubious.)

Download a free hit of Alona from the band's website, then catch their gig tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayorga Coffee Factory (8040 Georgia Ave). Five bucks gets you through the door.

- Silver Spring Penguin

"The Maelstrom CD Release Party"

Who knew that such a musical gem lay hidden in Northeast DC? I'll admit that I didn't know what exactly to expect from this album release party, so I approached the scene apprehensively, to support a new found friend and her craft. What I found was a musical journey that left me so inspired that my fingers ached for a pen as my heart and mind ached for a creative release.

Alona's voice, rich in the texture of passion, reverberated off red walls, equally rich in their hue. We, her audience were fully engaged, pulled deeper and deeper into her world as she belted out rifts and runs, hitting notes so smooth they were surreal… (For real, I had to open my eyes to witness her singing and it was all real.) Yeah, I had a pretty good time. (The wine was flowing and there was no shortage of male eye candy of all colors, ages, shoe sizes-- wait, this is supposed to be about music right? Ok I digress... ) I watched as she caressed the mike with her fingers and massaged our ears with her melancholy blend of Soul. It's the kind of music that I like to call Catalyst music: it hits you and it forces your body to move, it forces you to groove. But dammit don't close your eyes, because its going to pull out emotions so deep you almost you forgot you had them… you almost forgot about that love, you almost forgot about last night, you almost forgot about those shadows and storms that rain on us all… But Alona won't let you forget…

Thanks girl, for a night of Great Music! You're so talented and a blessing like that simply won't go unnoticed… I know the CD is going to blow up…
- Monique Renee - Freelance Writer

"Press Clips"

Alona has got a distinct vocal style that relishes in power as it swims in an emotive current of swirling energy.

- Music Monthly Magazine, 2004

It’s rare to come across a band fronted by a woman and not see the rest of the lineup focus only on this only difference to gain a share of success . . .

- The Music Tank, 2004

I wonder if this singer tried out for American Idol ? She could have been a contender. . . With a band like Evanescence hitting now, a band like this could be welcome to radio.

- Hammerhead Metal Music Magazine, 2004
- Various

"Featured Indie Artist of the Month"

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February: Candice AlonA
Drawing inspiration from contemporary
rock vocalists (such as Chris Cornell, Layne
Staley and Maynard James Keenan) recognized
for their emotionally provocative lyrics—this
Washington, DC based singer/songwriter pours
out pure, raw, electrified and passionate vocals
track after track. In addition to fronting her own
band (AlonA: An explosive amalgam of modern
rock integrating references to alternative,
progressive and soul), she is equally comfortable
presenting her music in an intimate, acoustic
setting, expressing her emotions in thoughtful,
soulful, first person discourse. Make room on
your player for AlonA. Iradio adds: The Missing,
from her 6 track EP Malestrom.

singer&musician February 2008 - Singer & Musician Magazine


New EP, City Free Coming Summer 2008!

MAELSTROM - Release date August 4, 2007. 6 Track EP/Maxi Single Produced by Scott Spelbring (Cinder Road).

MAELSTROM track order-

The Missing
The Missing - Panacea Remix
The Missing - Dirty Dex Remix

The Home Demo Sessions 4-song EP. 2005. featuring "Enough," "Take it Away," "The Reason," "Poisoning the Vein," and "Touch in Me" (acoustic).



Note: Alona is capable of filling both full band and acoustic billings.

The emotional core of singer/songwriter Candice AlonA was first heard on her captivating six-track debut EP, Maelstrom, as it navigated an intense, musical minefield through a story of tumultuous love and all of the complex emotions that came with it. Candice is now excited to be releasing her second AlonA EP, City Free, which finds the artist moving past much of the frustration and turmoil evident on Maelstrom into a new stage of exhilaration and promise. Mixed and mastered by Jay Frigoletto (India.Arie, INXS and Blondie) City Free is slated for an Internet-only release in late June followed by a traditional release in Fall 2008.

While AlonA’s debut EP, Maelstrom, dove deep into melancholy and rage over dysfunctional romance, City Free plays true to its title, revealing a refreshing sense of freedom from leaving the past behind. Candice AlonA stripped down the recording and producing side for this release by writing and producing with one collaborator instead of a full band and a separate producer. With the collaborative skills of local musicians, friend and up-and-coming French-born producer/songwriter Gyom, City Free was written and recorded in its entirety out of his home project studio. “It was a full collaboration on the songwriting,” she offers, “but he is totally responsible for all production and those instruments played on all the rock songs.”

Conceptually, Candice calls City Free “a purposeful departure from Maelstrom in multiple ways,” but a common thread is her bold and confident vocals, which drive these songs. There is a sense of freedom and elation in the exuberant “City Free,” which Candice reveals is “more a testament to a feeling than any specific occurrences.” Call it what you will: a step from the darkness into the light, an escape or a new beginning – this song launches an astounding sophomore effort.

The singer/songwriter-style pop of “Fade to Black” provides a pivotal moment of self -rediscovery – a statement to the absolute end of the tumultuous space Candice experienced during the period that she wrote the songs on Maelstrom. “The lyrics talk about the relationship like a metaphor for a “sad movie scene,” she explains, “and how it’s come time for a recasting and new direction in the plot.” Lines like “I’m OK as long as you’re far away,” provide some of the EP’s best lyrical hooks.

“Weightless” – a song Candice calls, “an anthem for those who dare to take the road less traveled,” is reminiscent of the melancholy melodies present on Maelstrom but reworked from the bitter and angry end into an almost celebratory, “sad but happy” and melodically passionate about it kind of emotional pop. “Weightless” is one of the best songs I feel I’ve written stylistically”, says Candice. “As far as an overall aim for sound, it lands right in the center.”

The EP’s final track, “Skyscraping” introduces a collaborative side project, The Ebony Bed which features Candice, producer K-Murdock (of Panacea) and graphic designer Aaron Hill. “Skyscraping” embodies a chill feel with urban flavors courtesy of K-Murdock’s smooth production set against Candice’s vocals. This ambitious track recalls the remixes from Maelstrom and again shows AlonA to be an artist of exceptional talent and vision who cannot easily be pigeonholed into one genre.

As Candice seeks to assimilate all facets of her music and her life, she pursues dual passions: while actively immersing herself in music, she is also pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. “These two realms naturally intersect for me,” Candice explains. “Lyrically, music provides both an emotional release and an emotional safe haven. I’ve always been an introspective and socially observant person. Songwriting is just another part of psychology and vice versa for me. They are both huge parts of who I am.”

AlonA performs frequently in the DC/Maryland area, sometimes with the full band but just as often with Candice accompanied only by her guitarist. “I love to get more intimate with the microphone in ways you can’t do with a full band,” she explains. “I think it’s easier to connect that way.” Clearly Candice AlonA has barely begun to plum the depths of her potential as a vocalist, songwriter, musician and recording artist. For more information on AlonA please visit her Myspace site at

- Gail Worley
Rock Critic At Large

Notable Achievements:
Independently released 2 EPs

Digital distribution via MySpace, I-Tunes, Rapsody, Digistation and various other download sites.

Radio airplay on XM Satellite Radio, DC101, iChannel, internet radio and podcasts.

Played 60+ DC area & mid-Atlantic live shows since 2005

2005 Small Projects Grant Award - DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
2005 Young Emerging Artist Grant Award- DCCAH
2006 Young Emerging Artist Grant Award - DCCAH
2007 Smal