Along Way Home

Along Way Home


We're Along Way Home! a pop-punk/rock band from vancouver island, Canada. High enegry, soaring melodies, catchy hooks, and riffs for days! We love touring as much as possible, getting people to hear our music and seeing what we love doing best, playing it live. Come check us out!


Powerfully melodic, riff driven, crowd participating pop-punk, coming right from the most western tip of Canada! AWH's debut cd, 'Solace', released last year, has sold over a thousand copies both on and off shelves with national + international press and distrobution throughout can., usa, and jap.

Being on the road with best friends, and getting people to hear thier music is AWH's ultimate goal, and piled up inside the packed tour van and trailer, they're living it up.

Corperate sponsered tours thru North America, a spot on Rock Star's Taste of Chaos, and independently signing to over an seas label, AWH plans on riding this wave of interest in their sound as far as they can take it. New tour dates are constantly being booked, and new material consistently being written up, coming fresh out of the Canadian wood-works, AWH is projecting a gang mentality of having the best of times possible, experiencing explosive, energetic music, with some old, and now new friends.


debut cd: 'Solace'
released March 2008, Torque Records
11 tracks

western canadian radio play for tracks:
'boys 2 men'
'4 slugs from a .44'
indipendent music video:
'4 slugs for a .44'

Set List

45 minutes - hour set.
8 - 10 songs
4 slugs for a .44
8 speed assassin
touching freddie mercury
i dont want to know*
rise of the clone army
boys to men
we are sex patrol
all original songs
* 3 songs in the set are new, soon released on indipendent demo.