Alotta Presha

Alotta Presha

 Wollongong, New South Wales, AUS

Sixteen-armed nocturnal grrr-oove beast ‘Alotta Presha’ is Wollongong’s very own reggae/dub juggernaut.
With the formulaic combo of soaring poetic based lyricism floating atop deep bass and ground-shaking rhythms, Alotta Presha is renowned for its sweaty dance pits and big time party starting.


Sixteen’armed grrroove beast ‘ALOTTA PRESHA’ is Wollongong’s very own dub/reggae juggernaut. Since forming in 2009, the band has evolved to develop a unique sound and is becoming renowned for its sweaty dance pits and big time party starting.

From their dub/reggae roots, the band keep expanding their sound more and furthermore, dynamically exploring a mix of styles and musical elements, to create a rhythmic fusion that is entirely their own. Driven by heavy basslines and rocksteady rhythms; the tracks convey powerful and poetic vocals that are lifted by blasting horns.

Alotta Presha continue to offer up the dangerous goods, be it locally or interstate and they are quickly becoming a highly sought after act. The band is also making its mark on the eminent Australian festival scene elating crowds at Rainbow Serpent, Foreshore Festival, Bondi LoveJam, Viva la Gong, and Wollombi Music Festival. Their groove-loaded performance has seen them playing alongside and supporting acts such as Katchafire, OKA, Gotye, Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro, Tijuana Cartel, Salt n Pepa, The Strides, King Cannons, Sticky Fingers and Kingtide.

The band just independently released their eagerly awaited EP with a launch that will surely become Wollongong folklore. Selling out an hour after doors opened, people piled over the fence until the poor old Heritage Hotel swelled far beyond capacity. The energy was amazing and on top of producing a lot of sweat and good times, one thousand four hundred dollars were raised for Oxfam’s East African Drought appeal.

With the grand support of all their friends, fans and loved ones, the crew will be following up their debut EP with more touring nationwide, as well as new music to be released later in the year. They have kicked off the new year NO.1 of Triple J‘s Unearthed Roots charts, while FBi Radio has dubbed them their unsigned artist of the week.

With the forecast predicting big heavy drops and a downpour of massive shows, ALOTTA PRESHA are a force not to be ignored.


Alotta Presha EP - Alotta Presha
1. Gallows
2. Without Words
3. Roadside Jungle
4. Formless
5. To Yield
6. Infinite Moment