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A Love Like Pi

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Electronic





As I always tell people who only listen to EDM…don’t. There are so many more genres and styles of music out there besides EDM that you are doing a disservice to yourself by only listening to a very narrow margin of the entire music spectrum.

That being said, today I came across an EP that I feel I need to share with all of you. I rarely listen to indie music, so when I do, it better be damn good.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, A Love Like Pi blends elements of rock and electronica together to create their own unique take on “indie” music. When I first listened through Jack And The Giant, I was thoroughly impressed. Often time with an EDM EP is released, the songs are all sort of random and don’t connect with one another. However each song on this EP is distinct enough to stand on its own, while simultaneously working with the other tracks on the EP.

Lead Singer Lief demonstrates and impressive dynamic range, as the vocals on each track on the EP are widely different from one another. If I had to compare A Love Like Pi’s sound to another band, it would have to be the swedish band Urban Cone. You know, the group that sang on Porter Robinson’s Lionhearted.

Crafting together elements of electronica, synth-pop, rock, and just about everything in between, Jack And The Giant is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale musical landscape. Be sure to support A Love Like Pi by purchasing their album here on iTunes! - http://electroniccurrent.com/

"A Love Like Pi Returns With “Jack And The Giant” EP"

After a several year hiatus, A Love Like Pi is pouncing back on the scene with a brand new 5-track EP filled with moments of electronic, rock, indie, experimental and more. The driving force beyond the group Lief Liebmann, has had his fair share of music industry experience since the band was last together in 2006, now his life experiences have all lead up to the regrouping of his former identity, A Love Like Pi.

Overall, “Jack And The Giant” EP jumbles together my musical interests from the past 15 years. Since high school, I’ve gone through phases with rock, punk, post-hardcore, indie, and then onto electronic. “Jack And The Giant” EP is layered with the best parts of all these genres, conveyed through distinctly constructed tracks like the electro-based “Dance Jam” or the very atmospheric “The Atlas” opener. A Love Like Pi is a breathe of fresh air for all genres given the flooded music world we live in. “Jack And The Giant” EP will release November 11th. - WhiteRaverRafting

"A Love Like Pi – Jack the Giant"

With electronica reaching for new depths of chill and beautiful, there is some incredible production coming from all over the world and here’s a trio set to make their mark. New York trio “A Love Like Pi” has re-entered the indie electronic stratosphere with a five-track EP called “Jack & The Giant” and here’s the self-titled single that you don’t want to miss.

“Jack the Giant” is a beautiful, inspiring melodic tune with soul. There are some enchanting keys in this one that help you drift off into your feels. With a bit of retro style, Think Tycho and Explosions in the Sky meets Foster the People. There’s some pretty keyboard synths in there mixed with a classic alternative vocal from the lead singer, Leif.

Stay tuned for this EP which drops in three weeks on Krian Music Group. Have a listen to the single below and let us know what you think. A Love Like Pi is on Twitter and Facebook. Check below for more links. Mark your calendars for the release on November 11. - EDM Sauce

"Absolutepunk Review"

Rare in our scene is the band that can write creative, compelling, and sophisticated music, and even rarer is the one that can take that sonic vision and execute it with both precision and finesse. A Love Like Pi is one of these rare bands. As a music reviewer, Im sent a lot of musicmost of which is utter garbage. Thus, it is an absolute delight to find a band such as A Love Like Pi: a group that writes not only refreshing music, but sees to it that their work is represented accurately by means of a professional recording (quality production is not to be taken for granted, Ive learned). A Love Like Pis self-titled three song EP is a fantastic progressive, electronic-tinged emo debut that will undoubtedly turn many heads... - Absolutepunk.net

"Wrankmusic Review"

"These guys are playing some quasi-electronic rock, and it sounds completely fresh and original. The way they use their keys is completely different. In a way, it seems like the guitars and vocals are parts of the movie, and the keyboards are just the soundtrack. Wait til you hear it. I think you'll dig it." - Wrankmusic.com

"Jersey Beat Show Review"

"A quartet featuring bass, drums, guitar/vocals, and a keyboardist who uses several different synths, the band plays extremely danceable electronic pop with the energy and attack of punk rock. Lead singer Lief explodes all over the stage with a contagious emotive force on stage, and this demo does a commendable job of capturing that energy. This band really needs to move to Brooklyn the day they finish high school; they'll be giving the Yeah Yeah Yeah's a run for their money the minute they play their first gig at North Six."
- Jersey Beat Magazine


III: National release

Jack and the Giant EP: Digital Release

Atlas and the Oyster LP: National release in Best Buy, FYE, Hot Topic, and Itunes.



Much like their name, A Love Like Pi mixes the abstract with the indelible. Drawing from his orchestral background, lead singer Lief arranges pieces that fall along a wide spectrum. From the shimmering and delicate “Jack and the Giant” to the propulsive electronic anthem “Atlas” each A Love Like Pi song offers a new perspective into the trio’s unique dynamic, as well as adding to the album-spanning conceptual narrative the group has committed themselves to finishing.

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