A Love Like Pi

A Love Like Pi

 New York City, New York, USA


Much like their name, A Love Like Pi mixes the abstract with the indelible. Drawing from his orchestral background, lead singer Lief arranges pieces that fall along a wide spectrum. From the shimmering and delicate “Jack and the Giant” to the propulsive electronic anthem “Atlas” each A Love Like Pi song offers a new perspective into the trio’s unique dynamic, as well as adding to the album-spanning conceptual narrative the group has committed themselves to finishing.



Written By: Lief Liebmann

All my branches bend...

Are the hungry hands?

This is a call
I'm outside your door
Give me the bride
I have paid my dues
I can wait no more, yeah.

What do I do when my gifts
Become to heavy to lift?

This is a call
We're outside your door
Give us the prize
We can wait no more
And the Atlas in us
yeah, has worked so hard to say
That we do
What we do
and believe
it is true
yeah, it's true

I said,
This is a war


III: National release

Jack and the Giant EP: Digital Release

Atlas and the Oyster LP: National release in Best Buy, FYE, Hot Topic, and Itunes.