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"Alovera Featured In Island Beats Magazine April 2013"

Otis Martin the Jamaican St. Marteen based reggae uprising super star
is known to the stage as "Alovera' has been serenading his audiences
since 1992.

Alovera carried recorded his first note in a well known studio in
Jamaica called Arrows in 2004 with a dub plate that he did for a sound

With his album called "Love Can Save The Day" that is avaialable on
Itunes, Cd Baby, Amazon, and, other well known online music stores
Alovera did not just wake up over night to where he is in the music
industry right now.

Alovera has worked very hard in the industry doing venues where he has
shared the stage with veterans in the industry such as Glen Washington
and other established conscious style reggae artists.

Alovera is not currently being managed by anyone in particular however
that does not stop Alovera from keeping up with his music and his
career as a reggae artist. Right now Alovera has two videos with lot's
of hits on YOUTUBE and also a mixed tape that he himself compiled
called "Heights". Although Alovera does not have a manager at this
time he does have several agents doing booking for him in European
countries such as France, and, Germany.

For the year 2012 Alovera was happy to share with Island Beats
Magazine how much his career had flourished performing on the St.
Marteen's Day concert and also several recordings that he had recorded
for various producers in Europe not to mention upcoming tours that are
still in the making.

Alovera shared that he was musically inspired to sing conscious lyrics
because of the fact that he himself grew up in the struggle along with
his Rastafarian faith Alovera believes that he was choosen musically.

Alovera combining his faith and where he has started out in life uses
his music as a way to inspire strugging youths and also to elevate,
and uplift them and also to use where he is today as a reggae artist
to show the Garrison youth's that if he himself could elevate out of
poverty and the ghetto that they can as well all it takes is finding a
purpose, recognizing their talents and using those skills they could
turn their lives around and have positive results.

Alovera described the difference between the reggae scene in Jamaica
and St. Marteen. In his own words he compared that the massive in St.
Marteen much rather supported calypso music as opposed to reggae music
which makes it much more difficult as an artist to be booked on venues
which can in the end result be discouraging for any artist with lack
of exposure.

Despite these barriers while living temporarily in St. Marteen Alovera
still has plans to go further in his career as right now he has plans
to tour Europe and plans in motion to be in Germany and France this

Ultimately Alovera will return to Jamaica where he is originally from
bringing home his new skills although the majority rules where he is
currently with their gravitation to dance hall style reggae it does
not constrain him from pursuing his music and contintuing to testify
to the youth's through drum, base, and his talented vocals.

Alovera is a plant that comes from the root getting to know Otis
Alovera Martin one can see why he has the perfect name coming from the
Garrison's in Jamaica Alovera has grown into a well known artist on
the continent of Europe, Canada, and, St. Marteen 2013 will definitely
hear more from the one and only "Alovera". - Island Beats Magazine


Love Can Save The Day
Crazy World



Alovera Bio
Oits “ALOE VERA” Martin born the 22nd of august 1973 has been performing from 1993 on the local circuit. Aloe vera started singing at a tender age, at St. Annies Comprehensive High School. Growing up in the spoilers community of Central Kingston, from singing on sound systems, fairs, barbeques, and community events. He is noted for being the in house singer for the local hotels n the corporate area. Aloe Vera has been recording since 2000. He has worked with the likes of Tboots , Naciamaj, Karim from Orange Hill , dubmaster Pops and the reknown dub poet Oku Onoura.The song “Love,” has been heavily rotated on the local stations curtesy of Roots fm and Best fm. It is has getting rave reviews on the internet radio staton and his slowly making moves on the international reggae scene. Aloe Vera has recently registered his own recording label Aloe’s Production. He is a prolific writer, sultry,smooth and charismatic in his delivery. AloeVera is known for his unique style of singing. His sound is a mix between jazz and reggae and thrill audiences with his cool and easy flow. His concious lyrics embodies the Jamaican culture with universal slogan of love peace and unity. An example to follow , a role model and a leader in every right, Aloe Vera is one of Jamaica’s promising young artistes and has cemented his place in the music industry. Aloevera is currently working with Hungry town music lable,they have just release an allstar album with people like mickey General,mark wonder the title of his song is call “love will save the day”. He has just release his debue album title 'love can save the day'' and a video.