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SEASON OF DISCONTENT- 10/10 (www.seasonofdiscontent.com)
WOW! One word that best describes the new opus from A Lower Deep. If you are new to this prog/power/thrash metal band then shame you, if not, then you know that their last outing "Parable of the Thorn" was a tour-de-force of eclectic, heavy, melodic metal. Well "Trinity" has take it a huge step forward. First off the production which was good on Parable but not quiet up to major studio standards has be rectified on Trinity. The sound is full, big and crisp. Every instrument and nuance sits well in the mix giving the overall production a clean sonic delivery. Everything has been stepped up for Trinity, a side from the production, the performances are even better than Parable and the song writing has advanced tremendously. The CD packaging features very cool cover art by Dan Harding, and a sleek dark layout. Billy Mullican has moved even more into defining himself as one of the elite in today's metal singers. Troy Reid is a shedder with magnificent taste. He knows when to burn and when to allow a less 'notey' line sweeten the melody. Tim Umstead ties things together brilliantly with bass lines that are never pompous and self-indulgent, but always compliment and give a thunderous bottom end. David Lee of Scorned Destiny once again guests on drums. His style on Trinity is far less progressive in the oddity sense and opts for a more driving punishing attack. The songs themselves are varied and very well constructed. As mentioned, Trinity is less progressive and more straight ahead than Parable making it overall more accessible to a greater portion of metal enthusiasts. Yet this is not to stay that any of the musicianship or unorthodox arrangements have been watered down. The songs are simply more flowing and consistent. There is truly not a bad song on the disc. They range from great to greater. Stand outs for me are the epic "Gods and Monsters", the heavy yet melancholy "A Grief Observed", "Sisyphus Resigned", the ultra catchy "Out of the Darkness", and the groover "My Enemy's Enemy". Fans of A Lower Deep with find all the ingredients of their first two releases, only much more. The fan new to the band will find a very talented group with excellent songs. Trinity is hands down the best independent metal release of 2005, and along with Nevermore's This Godless Endeavor, one of the two best releases PERIOD! Trinity is most highly recommended.

HELLSPAWN- 96/100 (www.hellspawn.be)
A brother in metal advised me to listen to A Lower Deep because he was sure I would love it. Because I never ignore some good advice I listened to the mp3’s on their website, www.alowerdeep.com and it only took a few seconds to be convinced. This American trio invited some unknown guest musicians to record this second album. Yes, a second album and their debut (besides the demo), "Parabel of the thorn" was some strong US power metal. A Lower Deep progressed a lot with "Trinity" and they created some impressive pieces of metal. They took the challenge to use a grunt as backing vocals and the voice of a young girl. Actually they don’t need this because their music is varied and emotional enough, listen for example to the beautiful child voice in the "A grief observed" song. The basics are some technical power and midtempo thrash metal with some amazing and impressive guitar solos. Billy Mullican’s voice is made for this kind of music, clean and powerful. Don’t expect some happy tunes; the songs are melodic with difficult riffs and vocal lines, supported by some awesome double bass drums. It takes some time to get into this kind of music but I can assure you it’s all worth it. When I listen to this band I hear Antithesis, New Eden, the superb debut of Spirit Web, even Manilla Road or Tourniquet. Do you need something more? For me A Lower Deep is a serious candidate to be at the top of my personal top 10 of 2005.

METAL TO INFINITY- 93/100 (http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/ENTER.htm)
A Lower Deep consists of three members named Billy Mullican (lead & backing vox), Tim Umstead (bass & backing vocals) and Troy Reid (guitars). Formed back in 2000 in Alabama USA and their first release ever was a self titled / financed, eleven track album unleashed two years after existence. Raven Flight Records took the band under his wings and the recordings of a second album strated shortly after. The album entitled, "Parable Of The Thorn" released in 2004 contained ten songs and many US Metal maniacs were more than just satisfied with such a great piece of Metal music. Now, I'd like to present A Lower Deep's third strike which is entitled "Trinity". I support the US Metal scene as good as i can since the early eighties, so this is nothing but a great opportunity and pleasure to spread the news of a great band like this. What to expect? Well, stand strong for a lethal dose of awesome US Power Metal with devastating, heavy loaded guitars and a superb singer in the vein of Warrel Dane (ex-Santuary / Nevermore) or Geoff Tate during the early Queensryche day. Musically, reminiscent of Sanctuary, early Eidolon, Nevermore and some Iced Earth influences. I can't get enough of the guitar sound which are so damn heavy that every Doom Metal maniac better check these guys out too. Excellent guitar riffs, temporary not that far away from the Thrash scene. Tempo's ranges from slowly, deep and a bit doomy to more mid / up tempo varieties...all the time with incredible, unique vocals, flashing guitar works and bass / drum sections making the floor below your feet starts to tremble! David Lee joined the band as guest drummer and Melea Mullican, Johnny Cargo takin' a few additional vocal lines for their accounts. Absolutely great work guys, i mean nothing's wrong with the entire album. Everything matches and sounds excellent, so no reason to complain about particular aspects. If you like US Power Metal, A Lower Deep brings it in a very attractive, powerfull way!! Songs taking my breath away are: "Sisyphus Resigned", "Gods And Monsters", "Numinous", "The Power Of Why" and the magnificent "A Grief Observed" with the awesome break halfway the entire song. I'll recommend this brilliant item actually NOT to Euro Power Metal fans but DEFINITELY to all those who really likes great US Power Metal streaming through their veins, straight to the heart. Let these guys sign a major record deal real fast because they're so dam good, they surely deserve it !!! US Metal still reigns supreme!!

TARTAREN DESIRE (www.tartareandesire.com)
The future looks bright for A Lower Deep's blend of Power, Thrash, and Doom Metal. This is well displayed on Trinity and the record should be effective at garnering them more attention.

RAGING METAL- 4.5/5 (www.raging-metal.com)
'Trinity', A Lower Deep's new album is another piece of solid heavy metal put to disc.

BEHIND THE VEIL- 8.5/10 (http://www.geocities.com/behind_the_veil2001)
A Lower Deep’s third album [Trinity] is absolutely successful to my expectations and establishes them in my mind as a great band. When it comes to modern metal I will chose A Lower Deep any day of the week among Nevermore or Grip Inc... Thumbs up for A Lower Deep

POWER PLAY RECORDS- 9.3/10 (www.powerplayrecords.net)
All the fans of progressive and heavy metal fans will adore the stuff from A LOWER DEEP and I am wondering why a label hasn't found them so far...

METAL STORM- 8.5/10 (www.metalstorm.ee)
This is a confirmation for me, and I hope that this band will finally find a good and honourable label because they deserve to have a good distribution all over the world, especially in Europe where a lot of Metalheads, bored by our traditional Power Metal, seek this kind of music. One of the best newcomers of the year 2005.

METAL REVIEWS - 7.5/10 (www.metalreviews.com) .
If you are tired of slick cheery power metal, and enjoyed the works of Jag Panzer, Morgana Lefay and early Tad Morose, and all other bands I have mentioned earlier in my review (Nevermore, Iced Earth, Anthrax), you'll want to try and track this CD down.

METAL COVENANT - 7.5/10 (www.metalcovenant.com)
Melodic, aggressive, melancholic and dark are words that all can be used to describe the metal from A Lower Deep, as well as that it has a sound of the eighties but without it having passed the best before date.

SIAM METAL- 8.5/10 (www.siammetal.com)
DEFENDERS OF METAL- 9/10 (www.defendersofmetal.com)
METAL DISTRICT- 8/10 (www.metal-district.de)
METAL HEART- 8/10 (www.metalheart.se)
METAL RAGE - 8.5/10 (www.metal-rage.com)
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A Lower Deep- 2002
Parable of the Thorn- 2004
Trinity- 2005
Black Marys- 2008



WATCH THE VIDEO FOR "BLACK MARYS" AT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55ZrTOeD7cA

Formed in 2001, A Lower Deep is the premiere metal force in the southeast U.S. Compared to such titans as Nevermore, Iced Earth and Opeth, A Lower Deep defies categorization. The band has been called progressive, power, thrash, doom, but ultimately A Lower Deep is pure metal. Containing elements of many genres the band's sound is characterized by intricate, crunching rhythms, bombastic drumming, flowing bass lines and soaring, emotional vocals. Complemented by a dynamic live show, A Lower Deep has quickly become a rising star in the metal underground.

In 2002 the band released their first full-length demo. The recording received praising reviews and began to garner the attention of metal fans world-wide.

In 2004, the band released their second disk entitled "Parable of the Thorn" on their own label, Raven Flight Records. Boasting vastly improved production, more mature song writing, and brilliant performances, Parable eclipsed the debut in every facet. Parable yielded impressive sales and excellent reviews from such notable magazines and webzines as Metal Maniacs, Metal Rules, Metal Reviews, Metal Observer, Live4Metal and many more. Additionally, A Lower Deep songs were featured on numerous compilations including the prestigious Progpower USA Festival CD and Metal-Rules Volume I, as well as compilations from record labels and promoters.

In 2005 A Lower Deep unleashed its heaviest and most diverse album to date. "Trinity" was marked with colossal steps forward in sound, performances, and song writing. Tracks from Trinity appeared on ProgPower USA VI, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles world famous "Knuckle Tracks"; and articles appearing in BW & BK, Metal Maniacs and many more. Trinity received Best of 2005 honors from numerous publications including Metal Rules, Live4Metal, Behind the Veil, Metal to Infinity, Metal Reviews, HellSpawn and more.

2006 and 2007 saw the band tour extensively, sharing the stage with Prong, Omen, Icarus Witch, Circle II Circle, Theocracy, Halcyon Way, and many more. A Lower Deep was hand picked by renowned promoter Glenn Harveston (ProgPower USA) as president of Intromental Management North American for the Circus Maximus, Manticora North American tour.

Now in January 2008, A Lower Deep releases it's fourth album "Black Marys". Produced by Chaz Najjar (formerly of Morrisound- Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Circle II Circle) and mastered by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary), Black Marys boasts a colossal sound enveloping A Lower Deep's most amazing material yet.

In 2009 A Lower Deep added the considerable talents of Jason Lassetter to replace the out going Anthony Tipton.

In addition to touring extensively in 2009 throughout the country, A Lower Deep was selected to be the special guest of Evergrey on their only US 2009 tour.

Label negoiations are ongoing as well as several new endorsement deals in the works.