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Afterlife Project

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Houston based Hip Hop phenoms Afterlife Project - Jeffro Stay Righteous (20), Rowdy (20), Lyrically Inclined (20) aka A.L.P - want to go down in music history as the hardest working group ever.


These young southern gentlemen have been making music together since 2008 when they started setting the lunch room cyphers on fire in high school. Each has only one goal in mind when it comes to their music: Be the Greatest. Their traditional style and flow is reminiscent of days long past in Hip Hop when Style, Lyrics, and Production varies from song to song and the artist delivers an even tempered flow. Rowdy (the technician), LI (the intellectual), Jeffro Stay Righteous (the conscious) all come from musical families with industry backgrounds so they are naturally talented artist, not your typical artificially created homegenous act thrown together for the sole purpose of making money. To the contrary, these heterogeneous street poets decry the current state of hip hop, industry veneer and creative stagnation that plagues the entertainment business. Like any true hip hop artist they started recording in their home studio and eventually unleashed their raw material on Myspace. The underground started buzzing so they continued recording and started releasing their own mixtapes. After paying a few dues, going in out of cliques and poor management situations Jeffro reached out to a music industry friend of his deceased father to get some advice and guidance. After listening to Jeffro’s solo mixtape project, he recognized their true potential and this story is now History in the Making.


Lyrically Inclined - Poetik Prophecy
Rowdy - The Substance
Jeffro - Up in the Air (Forthcoming)
The Afterlife Project - COMING SOON