Portland, Oregon, USA

Alpaca is a popular NW dance-fusion quartet from Portland, OR. In the 3 years they have been active, they have amassed a large following in the NW playing such festivals as EMRG+N+SEE in OR and Llamapalooza in CO, and have shared the stage with acts such as Flying Lotus + CB3 w/ Steve Kimock


Alpaca formed in 2006 when the smooth melodic duo of Matt Murphy and Greg Pelander joined forces with the dynamic rhythm section of Rowan Cobb and Ian O'Brien. After raging house parties in NW colleges with impromptu jam sessions, the quartet decided to pursue a more professional trajectory and began playing Portland area clubs. Their blend of original electro-funk dance hits translated into immediate success in the Portland community and they began playing bigger venues and events drawing hundreds of loyal fans, as well as securing slots sharing the stage with local and traveling musicians such as Matt Butler and Asher Fulero (Everyone Orchestra), Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Big Gigantic, BLVD, Juno What, The Everyone Orchestra, Fareed Haque, KJ Sawka, Lazer Sword, Savoy, Lynx and Jamie Janover, and many others... not to mention playing afterparties for the likes of Sound Tribe Sector 9 and moe. Alpaca released a self titled EP in 2009 and followed it with a NW tour with the group Off the Grid, spanning WA, OR, and CA. Alpaca was invited to Colorado College's Llamapalooza soon after in Colorado Springs, CO, and shared the stage with Toubab Krewe, SOJA, and many others. They would return to CO for a tour at the end of the summer, even stealing the Cervante's crowd in Denver while playing next door at Quixote's. Following a NW fall tour in 2009 through WA, OR, CA, NV, and ID, Alpaca took some time off to travel and gain new world experiences in order to expand their music and push their previous boundaries. After two months of personal introspection, Alpaca reunited and began playing full houses again in Portland with an eye to the future of 2010 summer festivals.


Alpaca EP

Set List

The Jaunt of the Three-Legged Man
Rafiki’s Space Exploration
Ripe with a Y
One Up
Square Bounce
What’s in the Basement?
Flowers of Life
First In, Last Out
Low Profile
Lila’s Reboot
Change Places
The Right Kind of Lazy (20)
Life Lessons
Jellied Fire
The Good Doctor
The great peacock evening

Inspector Gadget
La Femme D’Argent
Knight Rider
Strengthen Your Mind
Back in the Day
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Street Life