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"ALPHA 60 - Melting Tracks EP"

Translated from Swedish

"I really think that ALPHA 60 are onto something here. Their music style has resemblances to different modern traditions of britpop. Firstly we have the modern electronic prog tradition that Klaxons and Muse have popularized. Secondly the Beatles-rooted indie of Babyshambles, The Enemy and such bands. We find flirtations with traditional rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen. But the more I listen, the less I want to think about influences, and the more I want to speak about ALPHA 60.

Armour starts of well, with an interesting riff and a verse with nice harmonies between piano, bass and guitars. But the real hook is the powerful chorus. With elegant backing vocals, a massive lead vocal with a delightful falsetto, and pounding guitars, it really sells the song. Together with some progressive synth leads and a string section on the final chorus, the song becomes an instant classic for me. The song is followed by a charming piano interlude, which in turn is followed by the song Sarabande. This tune contains some basic elements of a good experimental rock song: interesting synths, some nice riffs, and a really catchy chorus.

My imperssion of ALPHA 60 is that they are a brooding band on the way upward. I was amazed that no major had signed them already, but that just goes to show how massive the competition is these days. If ALPHA 60 prove that they can deliver this quality live, they can definitely hit the big scene.

GGGG+" - Groove Magazine


Melting Tracks EP [2008]:
1. Armour
2. Hyperion interlude
3. Sarabande

Dunes EP [2007]
1. The rock, the vulture, and the chain
2. Cunning
3. Between the seams



ALPHA 60 is a Swedish group formed in 2007 when five driven musicians from different bands joined ranks to form a more ambitious musical collective. Today, only a few months later, we've already recorded 5 songs, and played a lot of live shows that added to the live experience we'd already attained through our previous bands. We've played large and notable venues all over Sweden (Fryshuset, Sticky Fingers, Pipeline, Tantogården, Stampen amongst others). Our music is best described as a blend of rock, indie and electronic music, and our influences are almost infinite. We're tight, professional and very hard-working. We really enjoy ourselves on the stage, and can get even the dullest crowd to get on their feet. Playing live is the real challenge for every band that wants to move to the international level and ALPHA 60 is definitely ready for it.