Alpha 606

Alpha 606


Afro-Cuban Percussive Electronics that has evolved from the melting pot of Miami's influences; Bass, Electronic Music and traditional Afro-Cuban heritage. "Booty shaking and chin-stroking at the same time!"


Born in Miami to Cuban immigrants, he is a multitalented multi instrumentalist. His innovation is in blending the varied history of Electro, 20th Century Avant Garde and his native Cuban influences, ranging from the ritual music of Santeria to the Afro Cuban highs of 1930's Havana. With this stew of influences, he creates a dense and colorful sound, melding advanced electronics with intricately played live hand drums. His style is the definition of a new sound, known as Electrónica Afro-Cubano.



Computer Controlled e.p. (12") Dopamine Records 2005
Electrónica Afro-Cubano e.p. (12") Interdimensional Transmissions 2008

Metro-Mover (12") Alphaphix (Alpha 606 Guanabana Mix) Dopamine Records 2005
Reworked and Remixed (12") Sleeping With The Enemy Monotone 2006
Freaky Bitches Remixes (First Installment) (12") Touchin' Bass 2008

Track Appearances:

Future Sound Of Breaks (CD) Domino Sound Records (US) 2005
Subsidence (2xLP) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2005
Subsidence (CD) Anarchy In China Touchin' Bass 2005
Nobody's Perfect Part Two (CD, Mixed) "Anarchy In China" Touchin' Bass 2006
Ten Volt (CD) "Rise Of Human Being" Transient Force 2007
Searching For 808 (MP3, Comp) "Rise Of Human Being" Transient Force 2008
Something Simple 1/10 (CD, Mixed) "Rise Of Human Being" Transient Force 2008

Set List

Domino, Samborg, Eucalyptus, Moon Range, Anarchy In Cuba, Ciudad Debajo, Electronic Percussion Solo, Guajiro, Pressurized City Mash, Machete,
Freaky Bitches remix, Shifty, Cigar Slaves.

Usually (1) one hour set.