AlphaBits is a great children's musical duo. We inspire kids to sing & dance & stomp & shout. Our lively set includes old rock songs, AlphaBits originals and kids classics with modern beats.


AlphaBits performs a fun-filled thirty minute show. Kids are thrilled to join us on stage as "guest stars".

We are professional musicians and entertainers with decades of success in Music. AlphaBits sounds like a full "band", utilizing backing tracks, recorded in our studio.

AlphaBits has played over 1,000 great performances including:
Pottery Barn Kids, Mall Of America, KOOL 108, United Children’s Hospital, Staring Lake Concerts, Prior Lake Concerts, Minnesota Twins, St Paul Civic Ctr, The Metrodome, and Isanti & Ramsey County Fairs.

Link to Bios and more:


"AlphaBits" - AlphaBits - critically acclaimed album sold out multiple pressings.

"Chase The Grumpies Away" - AlphaBits - in progress at St. Paul's Jangletown Studios and Tracks On Sixth.

"For New Orleans" Sugarfoot Music - Sandy sings the haunting refrain of "Blue Bayou" to close the benefit CD.

Set List

(country rock sing along)

Clap Clap Stomp Stomp
(funky AlphaBits original dance tune)

Old MacDonald Went To Town
(hip hop beat w/ guest "animals")

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
(ska sing along)

Da Doo Ron Ron
(finger dancing oldie)

Ida Know
(AlphaBits song featuring 4 guest stars)

Hokey Pokey
(w/ a Little Feat beat)

Hand Jive
(guest dancers)

I Love Books
(AlphaBits song)