Alpha Kidd

Alpha Kidd

 South El Monte, California, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is original, and my lyrics are original. I produce and rap. Nobody sounds like me and I sound like nobody else. I dont follow a formula but my own. My confidence in this has been backed by my downloads and following.


I did not start listening, nor caring to even pursue rap until after highschool.

My cousin had introduced me into more underground rappers such as Immortal Technique and Jedi Mind Tricks and Wu-Tang. From there my interest in hip-hop as a whole grew.

My influences range from Kanye West to The Arctic Monkeys. Prior to becoming an avid hip hop listener, I was more into bands and alternative rock music. I feel that because of this, my wording of lyrics and song subjects are very broad.

What sets me apart from the average rapper/artist is my sound. I produce my own music and write my own lyrics. I feel what I have to offer the listener is a one of a kind sound. I do have many influences, but I do not copy. I am constantly inspired.


"1989" EP (2012)

"For H.E.R" Mixtape (2011)

"Content Clash Vol.1" Mixtape (2010)