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Alphapha is currently recording his first national release for The Streets Entertainment, LLC Management Group. His Street mix-tapes have been circulating in the streets of Miami, Florida for over 4 years.



At twenty-four years old, Alphalpha’s music speaks for a generation of forgotten young men who were born and raised in various parts of Miami's most notorious neighborhoods. Like most young African Americans living in a city known for drugs and corruption, Alphalpha could have easily chosen to emulate his environment but instead focused on utilizing his creativity to survive. This meant having to support himself using all his natural talents at an early age and his ability to write and perform his lyrics is just one of those natural talents. His plans are to use his music as a gateway to as many opportunities as possible.

Artist Q & A:

If you had one sentence to say to the world what would that be?

"Listen to My Music"

Why should some one spend money on your music?

"A hit is a hit. If people recognize real music they'll buy it".

Is there anyone in Rap music or any music category you want to work with?

"As long as they are respectable, I'm willing to work with them. And that goes for all music categories".

What do you call your group or band?

I'm 'Phalpha and I represent myself. I associate with several up-and-coming artists (special shout-out to Scoota Hound), but a formal group has yet to be established".

How long you been in the music game in any format?

"I aint in the game yet which is why I'm here at Hip-Hop Weekly/Monsta Magazine".

How old were you when you first got on the mic? "When Warren G and Nate Dog made "Regulator", right there I knew I could spit".

What year did your first mix-tape hit the street?

"In 2004 I decided to just dub my own mix-tape and push it myself."

Are you looking for a major label to sign you?

"I'm only looking for an opportunity to make dollars, via a major, the streets, or however it comes."

Anything you want to say to the publishers of this magazine?

"I'd like to give a shout out to Dave Mays for letting people know about my music and look out for them terrorist because they comin' man. LOL!!"