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The best kept secret in music


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Rise Up Singing
Brothers & Sisters
New Gospel
These are all analog recordings, some of which have been digitized. The real CD's are finally and truly on the way.
This EPK is the first "streaming" airplay I have.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Before I was born, my mother knew I'd be a musician. She got herself a guitar, so she could jam with me. I've been playing guitar since 1970. So of course, I cut my teeth on the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkle, Steve Miller Band, James Taylor, Johnny Winter, Beethoven, anything I could get my hands on. I learned finger-style guitar right from the beginning, and always tried to sound like the guy on the record. It wasn't until 20 years later that all the different styles I played began to fuse into a discernable sound.
In 2004 I sent two of my songs out to the competition at Kerrville. I made the top 32 out of 600! I flew into Texas and played in the competition. Now, the folks in Texas know how to have a good time! I camped out with some of the finalists, and no matter how late we'd been up the night before at the campfires, by 10:00 the next morning we'd have our guitars out and somebody would say: "Hi, my name is Joe. I'm from Montana" and rip into a song. Everyone was so good! It was an honor to be there.
I sent that same winning song in to the Mountain Stage competition in West Virginia and once again passed the first cut; this time I made the top 40 out of 1200. It's a country song with a nice riff, about much I'd love to go to Tennessee. It's got some Christian verses that were left out to keep it to 3 minutes. I'll put it in here once I get my main computer back from the shop.
Can you believe I didn't even go in 2005? For some reason, I stayed home and paid my CitiBank card instead. Now, that's a crying shame!
I love bluegrass music, some country and blues, and old time rock and roll. I grew up playing the pubs, but something was missing. I had all these other songs I wasn't allowed to play, that meant more. I realized it's not enough to survive, it's not enough to pay the bills. If I'm not giving glory to God, I'm wasting my time. God has been good to me - he gave me everything I have that's worth anything. He gave me the gift of song and more than that, he gave me my life. He gave me a heart to recognize His hand in everything, and He lifted me up when He didn't have to do it.
This is a testimony of the power of His love. Brace yourself.
I am living proof that the living God is real. Back in 1997, a band of voodoo magicians did their best to eliminate me, and I had a near fatal accident and also fell off a ladder and broke my leg. At that time, I knew that I had better take it to the Lord in prayer. I began writing Christian songs, and every one was a fervent prayer that said, "Come, Lord Jesus! Come into my heart! I will serve you with all that I am, for Thou art the True and Living God. Amen." Every day the band of magicians worked their spells against me, but nothing could stand against Him. Because of the power in the name of Jesus, I live.
I have always had a connection to Him, but this caused me to seek Him earnestly in prayer, and re-dedicate my life to Him. And ever since then, amazing things have been happening. A preacher from Kenya, who lives in a hut with a dirt floor, with no electricity and no running water just happened to be in the neighborhood. He said a mighty prayer over me, and something happened. I gave my life to Jesus like I never had before and all of a sudden, the grace of God began to work in my life. Out of the blue, I have a touring van, and a studio is being built for me, all by the grace of God. Not only did he save my life, he's about to put me on the road, glorifying His name! Amen?! He saved my life, so the least i can do is give my life to him. That's why I'm here.
God is good! I'm serious, God is good!