Alpha Punks

Alpha Punks

 Georgetown, Texas, USA
BandRockHard Rock

A fun, energetic, talented group of Junior year college students who love the sounds of 80's metal, KISS, Rush, and Rage Against the Machine. Our goal is to deliver our audience to the promised land of rock and give them the best rock show they've ever seen.


The Alpha Punks was founded by Francis Nieves in 2010 while he was a freshman in High School. A year later Jon Kalka, joined the band as the drummer, and the rest was history when Karina Ortega joined as the new bassist, and Derek Sanchez as the new guitarist.



Set List

Originals:                     Covers:
Alpha Phunk                The Middle
Honey, Baby                Dirty Little Secret
Back Off                      Ocean Avenue
Blacksmith                   First Date
Green Eyed Irish Girl
Hipster Hottie