Alpha Shark

Alpha Shark

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

A throwback to the early 90's when independent music was raw, under produced, and especially noisy. The wailing guitars and vibrant vocals from this quartet are reminiscent of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and other great noise rock bands of the early 90's music scene.


What started off as an innocent response to a random ad turned into so much more. A powerhouse of raw noise, rock and the bare bones of what music once was before drowned in over production, Alpha Shark is returning to something lost. Heavily influenced by Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, At the Drive-In, Dinosaur Jr, and many more, they create a style of melodic wailing that sets themselves apart from the cute pop structure of today's safe-for-the-masses music. Not afraid to put on a wild show, even sacrificing perfect recreations of their own songs to add more energy and emotion to the live performances of their songs. Self-contained and ready to explode at any second, Alpha Shark promises to deliver something that hasn't been experienced in too long a time.



Written By: Roberto Garcia

Looked in the mirror and what did you say?
It's funny how things fall apart, now wouldn't you say?
The clock's ticking on and on; it's starting to show.
The thunderclouds are loud and it's starting to pour.

You left me in the rain and I'm drowning again,
Whiskey sours, broken glass; I'm out on a bend.
Broken hearts, what a tart, you all look the same.
Toss me out, ring me up, let's do this again.

Oh, I've done it again. I've let it slip away.
I've done it again. I've let it slip my mind.

Oh, you've done it again. You let it slip my mind.
Oh, you've done it again. You let it slip my mind.

Set List

Lady Faustia
Angel Lust
Starlit Catalyst
All I Wanted
Night Shark