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Alpha Tango

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The music of many different cultures with the impact of today's technology. The palette of ancient primal sounds mixes with an international sophistication. Ancient sensual poetry by an Indian master meets the modern world in the guise of Alpha Tango.


Alpha Tango was formed to experiment with improvisation and structure following the interests of its members. We first formed the group in 1994 with the interest in touring in Europe. We were invited to several festivals in the Baltic countries and began working on a major theater piece in 1995. This piece was called Gita Govinda and used the poetry of Jayadeva from 13th Century India with two classically trained Indian Kathak dancers, five western modern dancers, a narrator, live music and projected visual slides. This piece was performed in Seattle at several festivals and venues. We released two CDs of material expanded from the original stage show and new material supplementing it in July of 2005.

Heidi Drucker is a singer and performance artist known for her innovative vocal work and movement theater pieces. She has created, directed and performed in her own work and collaborative work for over twenty-five years. Her vocals have contributed to the work of many local musicians, including Mark Barreca, Steve Fisk, and Kenny Mandell. She has created vocal compositions for choreographers including Pat Graney, Joanna Shaw, and Kris Wheeler. Her work has been featured in Earshot Jazz festival, On The Boards Northwest New Works, Bumbershoot, Allegro, Open Marley, etc. She is founder and curator of the Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance and Improvisation (SFADI), now in its 11th year. With Tom Fallat she is founder of the arts organization Alpha Tango. She teaches voice and movement, and has several recordings to her credit.

Tom Fallat began performing as a percussionist at age five. He has appeared as percussionist, singer, keyboardist and performance artist throughout the US. He has been composing since age six and has directed and appeared in many multimedia performances in the Seattle Area, including Five Dances, Summer of Barking, Danses Sacree et Profane, and Gita Govinda. He was a member of the Cornish Percussion Ensemble and member of Gamelan Pacifica for eight years. He toured to Chicago and Minnesota with the international collaboration Visible Religion . Tom received Seattle Arts Commission Individual Artist Awards for music composition in 1987, 1992 and 1994. He has appeared four times at On the Board's Northwest New works festival.

He is also the manager of Sound Sound Recording and Savage Fruitarian Productions. He arranged, recorded and performed on Old Fashioned Marriage, the CD release by Guillermo Castaneda; his first string quartet was premiered by the Salieri Quartet in 1996. He is a member of BMI and has been invited to collaborate with Estonian choreographer Rene Nommik in his home country. He is president and treasurer of the non-profit arts organization Alpha Tango and a performing member of the group of the same name. He has worked as a DJ, music director and station manager in radio and has produced a collection of guided meditations and a collection of erotic limericks.

In addition to singing, Tom plays keyboards, mallets, tympani, Indonesian gamelan instruments, tabla, and drumset. He has played in concert bands, orchestras, gamelan orchestras, experimental performances of many types and has composed and directed numerous full evening performances. He has especially enjoyed creating music for dance, multimedia, and film, including the feature length film 'Spree," by director Rustin Thompson, which has been shown in over 21 countries.


In a Forest on an Island

Written By: Jayadeva, ed by Drucker, Fallat

Dressed for the occasion in the customary garb of love,
Her hair all disheveled and the flowers in it all disarranged
A certain girl, excelling in her charms unrivaled, dallies with the enemy of Madhu.
Transformed into another being, it seems, by the embrace of Hari,
All quivering the necklaces upon her breasts curved like a jar
A certain girl, excelling in her charms unrivaled, dallies with the enemy of Madhu.
Her face, a moon, is fondled by the fluttering petals in her hair,
The electric moisture of his lips turns to languor in her limbs
A certain girl, excelling in her charms unrivaled, dallies with the enemy of Madhu.
Her earrings bruise her cheek with the rhythmic motion of her head,
The tinkle of her belt rings, with a tremor of her hips
A certain girl, excelling in her charms unrivaled, dallies with the enemy of Madhu.
Her eyes close, her passion blooms
Her hairs stand on end
Delirious, they utter senseless sounds
In the fever of their love
Beautiful her body with the drops of sweat through love’s exertion,
Unswerving in love’s conflict, she collapses on his chest
In a forest on an island in the Jumna he plays, Mura's enemy, defeating me today.
In a forest on an island in the Jumna he plays, Mura's enemy, defeating me today.

High Performance

Written By: Jayadeva ed. Drucker, Fallat

Radha’s eyes let fall a shower of tears
The tears of delight went to the ends of her eyes
And fell on her flawless necklace
Their love play grown great was very delightful,
The low play, where thrills were a hindrance to firm embraces
Where their helpless closing of eyes was a hindrance to longing looks at each other,
and their secret talk was a hindrance to their drinking of each other's nectar of lips,
Where the skill of their love was hindered by boundless delight!
They performed as never before throughout the course of the conflict of love She, lying over his beautiful body, to triumph over her lover;
and their hearts beat fast and their eyes grew heavy and closed;
For how many women prevail in the male performance?

A Hundred Blooms

Written By: Jayadeva, ed. Drucker, Fallat

In Spring when tender Malayan breezes fondle the creepers of clove vines
lt is hard for lovers to be parted in spring, my friend
clothing the forest with pollen, like robes of silk,
Even the minds of sages turn to folly
Huts and bowers resound with the mingled noise of kokila birds
The wind here burns the heart like the gushing forth of the love god's life
Attended by scent of opening ketaki flowers,
And tender tamala sprouts are brushed with the violent scent of deer musk,

Tender limbed Radha walks with her friend in the forest, searching for Krishna Her thoughts are maddened
Her movement is crazed
She’s in a fever of love
Kimsaka flowers are red,
Like the nails of the love god’s fingers as they tear young hearts.
And the traveling traders spend their hour of religious meditation recalling sweet union with women dear as their lives
All their wistful sighs pass like arrows
Winds from sandalwood mountains
long to plunge into the snows of Himalayan peaks
after weeks of writhing
in the hot bellies of ground snakes
Radha's friend knows where Krishna is
And every branch upon the Vakul tree, droops downward with a hundred blooms in every bloom a bee
Laughing Krishna dreams his spring away
and Patal buds fill drowsy bees from pink delicious bowls,
Playing with the other cowherd women.
May his broad chest bring you pleasure, too
Radha's friend leads her to Krishna,
Krishna, the wild Himalayan goose
and sings to her on the way,
on lakes in minds of holy men
to tease her, and to heighten the mood


Under the Bimba Blossoms Mudra 002
A hundred Blooms Mudra 003

Set List

Alpha Tango performs a repertoire of songs from our latest two CDs. Sets are generally 45 minutes to an hour long.

Our song list includes:

A Hundred Blooms (9:45)
Hari’s Flute (5:44)
Wanton Ways Blues (6:51)
In a Forest on an Island (5:54)
Mad Crazy Love (3:44)
Only Speak (4:28)
Gold on Sapphire (2:33)
Yield to Me (2:38)
Nymphs of Heaven (5:03)
Bimba Lips (6:43)
High Performance (4:00)
In the Morning (5:40)

We also do a set of improvisations that involves free form interactive play and jazz-like improvisational structures that also have elements of Indian Raga. This set usually lasts about an hour.