Alphonse Tran

Alphonse Tran


Inspirational alternative rock, blend of emo and energy.


Influences include Radiohead, Weezer, Green Day, N.U.F.A.N, Coldplay, Arcade Fire


Night Sky

Written By: Alphonse Tran


New Beginning

Written By: Anh-Ton Tran & Alphonse Tran

If you run away
If you leave us behind
If you cannot stay
If You made up your mind
If you feel like you've lost
All control
Over your words, your thoughts,
you're left all alone

If your eyes become dry
No more voice to scream
If you wait for your cries
To flood your dreams
If you run around without any sense
Of where you need to go to finally get out of here

I will Find you wherever you go
And keep the tears you cry and cry
With every step you take
I will make the same mistakes you make
Just to let you know I am here tonight

If you fall and break
I will come and fix you
If you fall in the water
I will come and get you

If you feel like you're crazy
Like you're going insane
I'll make the world fall on its head
So you can rest yours on the bed

You're drifting away
I hope you're okay
Rise from the decay
Reach Higher Ground
And don't look down
This is not the end
Just give me your hand