Alphonso Cherry

Alphonso Cherry


Alphonso Cherry A new face in Gospel brings to you a compelling, unique mixture of sounds that uplifts, and feeds your spirit, for such a time as this. His music is a mixture of many genres that come together to form one master genre that will have all people moving and listening to God's Word.


Alphonso, a native of Aulander, NC started singing Gospel at the age of 4 alongside his 2 older brothers and his mother who was playing the piano. There was no doubt in his family and anyone else who heard him that he was given a special gift, one that he would use for the rest of his life. Alphonso has been seen performing Gospel in many venues from churches to schools throughout NC, IN and NY. He has also been seen in theatres and concert halls not only performing Gospel but operas and oratorios.
Yes, Alphonso is also well known for his operatic performance. He has been seen performing in opera houses and concert halls in NC as well as other states across the country and over seas. Alphonso throughout his educational and professional experience has performed 25 different baritone/bass-baritone roles in opera and was the bass/baritone soloist in 13 different concert oratorios.
The past years has brought Alphonso closer home to be with his family in NC. While home he did not completely close the gate to his love of classical music (opera, oratorio...etc.), but to incorporate it with his other love, his 1st love, Gospel. Alphonso was led by God to begin writing songs that reflected on his own life struggles and achievements. While still performing classical music, Alphonso found time to record these Gospel songs on his 1st album "The Power."


Take My Yoke

Written By: Alphonso Cherry

Take my yoke upon you
and your burdens will be light
your burdens will be light


Sometimes it gets hard without you
Not knowing where I’m going
Not knowing what to do
All the mental anguish in my life
Trying to do what man like
Stressed out, confused, mistreated, misused
I don’t know just what to do
But I just know to call on you


Verse 2
Life has what to offer
and at time it may be dull
And that is why my engulfer
Is Jesus from above
Mixed up in this world cares
Unexpected unawares
All that I dream of, is manifested from above


Take my yoke upon you and learn of me
For my yoke is easy, I’ll set you free

I Just Pray

Written By: Alphonso Cherry

Take a look at me, what do you see
Someone whose been bound
It seems I can’t get myself together
All are against me, talking about me
What should I do or what should I say

I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together
I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together

Verse 2
You fought a good fight, you kept the faith
Still it seems no one there,
the pain I can’t take it by myself
So I call family, friend and love ones too
They are not there, I don’t know what to do
What should I say, or what should I do

(oct. higher) I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together
I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together

Verse 3 (sing out more powerful)
Take a look at me what do you see
A brighter day, God has made a way
Take a look at me, what do you see
Someone whose been blessed in him I must confessed
He took away the hurt and took away the pain
My life is back together, because I just prayed
(Grand Pause only “oh” in a sustained echo then key change)

(higher key) I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together
I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together

` I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together
I just pray, I just pray Lord my God hold me together

Through all the end and outs and ups and downs yes you still can just pray

The Power

Written By: Alphonso Cherry

In the Beginning God made heaven and earth,
And the earth was without form and void.
And darkness was upon the face of the deep.
In the spirit God moved upon the face of the waters,
And God said, let there be light, and there was light.

For all the ones who really don’t believe,
I’ll tell you why its something to achieve,
he is the only one, with his spirit and his son,
let me tell you something here about my God.
If you just pray he’ll take all hurt and pain,
with his love and power you have got to gain,
you’ll gain the victory, just wait on him and see
joy, love, peace and honor that he’ll bring.

In the midst of trouble (he is the only one)
All that you go through have faith and just believe that.
He’ll fight your battle ( if you just let him in, cause I know)
He’s got the power (to ease all hurt and pain),
the power (throw your dark clouds away),
the power (the hurt), the power (the pain),
the power, the power, the power.

Verse 2
(In court) For every soul that’s been misunderstood,
(In jail) In the end you know he will prevail,
You’ll have the victory, trust in God and you’ll see,
Judges, lawyers, lyers, killers, who will believe.
In the hospital someone is at there end
you just let them know they’ve always got a friend,
a friend in Jesus Christ, he’s the one who gave his life,
taking every sin away so we can see a brighter day.
For all the sins that he took away its good to know all I have to do is pray
For the ganstas the cheaters the liars the stealers,
the killers, haha, the backbighters
I’m chillin now cause I know his name, never forgetting from which I came,
Taking the hurt the pain the shame placing it under my feet and still praising Gods name.


Album: "The Power"

Set List

My Gospel Set Consist of 3 songs that does not go over the time span of 20min. and can be longer or shorter according to the need of the promoter, producer ......etc. The songs that are on the set are.
1. Take My Yoke
2. I Just Pray
3. I Want You More and More