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Hitting the music scene is AL+Phonz. The IDEAL Magazine did a Q&A with this emerging artist to discuss his sound, his project and his thoughts.

WHO IS AL+Phonz?

"AL+Phonz is socially conscious classy Hip-Hop celebrated worldwide. The understanding of various dynamic lifestyles, influences and trends are included in the music while still having fun and good vibes. The result is no profanity, various story lines, romance, spirituality and life celebrations."

Where are you from and where do you currently call home?
"I am a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn in Kings County Hospital. I am from African American, Native American and Puerto Rican ancestry. I wear locks because initially it was a Hip-Hop style and then I started another set and grew them for more spiritual reasons. I currently call Brooklyn my home. Broooookllllyyyyn!"

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Cherry Blossom August 2012
Kiss Kiss Kiss June 2011



Rockstar ALPhonz (AL+Phonz) is good vibes, classy Hip-Hop celebrated worldwide with the unique and innovative styles of Art. As an artist AL+Phonz enjoys his career creating in all areas ranging from music production, writing, music, film making and recording.

The album All or Everything slated for a 2013 debut will include music that is electronic, fun, inspired and a unique blend of live instrumentation all blended to create a sure to be classic! Bringing positive energy and a drive to be at the top of his business and art form AL+Phonz has been working in the media on various music and commercial projects.

With the start of his new company Wisdom Media Digital AL+Phonz will create as well as direct in the music and film areas of his business. Currently, AL+Phonz is working as a music producer/artist and creating excellent professional media for major companies and his musical productions. His rapidly growing fan base is listening, attending his shows while enjoying the sounds and visuals. For companies interested in purchasing tracks or songs from Rockstar ALPhonz (AL+Phonz) for film, tv, music production, songs or internet media you can contact