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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
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""Gasoline" on Stereogum"

The pristine, synthetic Australian indie-pop sextet Alpine will release their debut album A Is For Alpine later this year. Their early single “Gasoline” is a nice bit of precision-engineered buoyancy, the sort of song that gives the Phoenix-style impression that we’ll probably be hearing it in a car commercial or two. - Stereogum

"NPR's All Songs Considered"

glossy electronica from the Australian group Alpine - NPR

"Time Magazine "Band To Watch""

Band: Alpine

From: Melbourne, Australia

Members: Phoebe Baker and Lou James (vocals), Christian O’Brien (guitar), Ryan Lamb (bass), Tim Royall (keyboard), Phil Tucker (drums)

Their sound: A dreamy electro-pop sound more evocative of Scandinavia than Australia

3-Minute Bio: The sextet has already made a splash in their native country with iTunes’ Australian Alternative Album of the Year, but Alpine is just arriving to the American indie-music scene with their debut album, A is for Alpine. While there’s something about their music that calls to mind the crisp air and snowy foothills of the Swiss Alps, it’s actually the Australian Alps that lead singer Phoebe Baker recalls when talking about the origins of the band name.

The album is full of sugary, melodic songs including one of the band’s most recent singles, “Gasoline”, a catchy electronic track that belongs on any summer playlist. Don’t expect their live show to match whimsical innocence of Baker and her co-singer Lou James’s dual vocals. The band performed at SXSW for the past two years, gaining attention for their energetic, effervescent sets (think Lykke Li, times two). “The stage is a great form to get your alter ego on and play,” Baker tells TIME. “Take all your crazy out and hope the audience feels comfortable with that as well.” - Time Magazine

"NPR "Gasoline" Video Premier"

A is for Alpine and it's also the name of Alpine's debut album. Alpine is a six-piece ensemble from Australia with an airy sound led by singers Phoebe Baker and Lou James. The group's album, A is for Alpine, has been out in their home since 2012, but it arrives in the U.S. on May 21.

If you need an introduction, you couldn't get a better one than this glorious bit of magic — a video for Alpine's song "Gasoline" — put together by choreographer Stephen Tannos, director Emma Tomelty, editor Jon Meyerand and producer Dinusha Ratnaweera.

The marriage of dance, music and editing is what makes this a piece of art, with dancers entwining and flying, mirrored and being manipulated electronically. Pheobe Baker (she's the singer with red hair) describes "Gasoline" as "a sexy fantasy, so the intimacy and sexuality created visually is such a good complement to the track."

"It's all about dancers' bodies making long beautiful lines, interesting shapes, strength, impressive choreography and of course the key kaleidoscope patterns," says director Emma Tomelty.

As it turned out, Phoebe Baker thinks the video inspired the band in unexpected ways: "This video was so fun to make! Watching the dancers interpret the song with their saucy moves had everyone cheering on set, no one stopped watching them! It was almost like a dance off as to who could push out the strongest moves — Lou and I were inspired for dance lessons after this, maybe we've left it a little late though?!" - NPR

"Alpine - 12 acts to watch"

A NEW year means a new raft of musicians hoping to break the big time.
Here are 12 young talents to keep an eye on.
A fluoro fusion of synth-pop and dreamy rhythms, Alpine's ethereal music belongs in the sharpest of indie discos.
Fronted by the sassy singing duo Lou James and Phoebe Baker, the Melbourne band are already winning over radio with their infectious first single Heartlove.
File next to: Sia, Phoenix
Download: Heartlove
Expect: Debut album in April


"Alpine - Nylon Blogs"

What do you get if you take a bit of Nikki and the Dove’s icy cool vocals, add in some of Warpaint’s warm harmonies, and top it all off with Grimes’s electro beats?

If you ask us, these elements add up to Aussie band ALPINE, and it’s amazing.

Formed in 2009, they’re still pretty new- but even so, they’ve already toured with everyone from The Naked and Famous to The Jezabels, and amassed more than 350 thousand views on YouTube for the video to their single “Villages.”

They’re already a big hit overseas, but we think they’re about to blow up stateside with their latest song “Hands.”

The video has a creepy Virgin Suicides vibe (with lots of girls crawling around in their underwear), but the addictive track is enough to sell us on this band alone.

Listen here, and let us know if you agree.
- Nylon Blog

"Alpine - The Recommender Blog"

Right at the close of the year we come across one of the tidiest finds of 2011. We have fallen completely head over heels in love with this new band and predict that once you too have hit play on the below buttons, you will also be devoting a little piece of your hearts to them. It’s been another good year for discovering new music, with a multitude of interesting finds, so topping it off with this new group seems like the perfect way to draw down the curtain on these last twelve months. Our Best Tracks Of 2011 post will be up on the blog over the holiday period so you can clearly see all it’s highlights. Right at the last minute this new band will easily rush straight into that post too.

If there’s been one theme running through this year’s discoveries it’s the appalling choice of band names. It’s not necessarily the actual titles that are the issue, more the massive lack of understanding search engine optimization. We guess music is what their best at, which is fair enough, but surely the A&R’s and labels should advise them better? We’ve had bands such as Friends, who arrived in an SEO-abandoned WTF moment. Citizens! foolishly thought some punctuation might help matters. Typing Escort into Google is highly unlikely to uncover the excellent New York disco band. Although a little fun can be found with Leisure, Theme Park and Amusement, who all might prove a little safer on search engines, but no more helpful when it comes to locating their music. More recently we had Neon Gold’s Foxes arrive, having adopted a moniker that clearly ignores not one but two UK bands of the same name, (albeit one had added a not-very-different-at-all exclamation mark to their title in a hopeless attempt to be distinguished). Even the Slough shit-piece Brother had to shift their title to Viva Brother following a legal challenge from an Australian band of the same name this summer, when perhaps a change of musical direction would have been preferable.

And so we come to today’s recommendation, Alpine. Not only will their SEO take you to numerous businesses offering anything to do with European mountain ranges, but there’s also the Arizona rock band of precisely the same name. That doesn’t even give mention to the UK duo that are high on hype, Alpines, although the addition of an ‘s’ at the end might just stave off the major label who they signed to earlier this year. Names aside though, this new band’s tunes are perhaps the best of the bunch, which goes to prove that it’s the output that ultimately matters most. Here is a six-piece from Melbourne making the kind of extra-special music that will have people stretching that bit further to reach them. They’re gearing up for their début album, which is to be released early in 2012, and considering their releases to date it’s already looking like one of the most exciting releases of the year.

Absolutely everything we’ve heard to date from the Melbourne-based band has been of an exceptional standard. Having formed in 2009 they quickly gained some useful early coverage on Australia’s Triple J radio station, which ultimately led to them signing with Sydney’s Ivy League Records by the summer of 2010. Their debut single, Heartlove, came out late last year introducing us to their female-fronted indie pop, with an emphasis on the drafty, left-field end of that genre’s spectrum, perhaps best associated with Scandinavian bands. Consider Le Corps Mince De Francoise covering Lykke Li songs and you get a sense of the excellent pop that they’re trying to design here. That single was found at the centre of their debut, five-track EP, Zurich, which arrived in November of 2010 and which proved to be one of the most consistent EPs we’ve heard in recent times. The highlight amongst the five highlights is their second single, Villages, which combines their signature moves of layered vocals and sweeping guitars in a knock-out potion.

Their tunes cause an instant lift for the listener, but nothing prepared us for the rise delivered by the first single to officially arrive from the expected debut album. Hands arrived in the second half of 2011 in preparation for next year’s hype and it’s an absolute winner. It initially creeps in the room without fuss, but quickly turns on the style, especially with the peaked vocals and waves of riffs that wash up and down in volume. It’s as deadly as a classically beautiful woman chewing bubblegum, delivered in distinctly classy sections, yet all of it coated in an instant pop appeal. If you thought their video for the Villages single was worthy of your attention then you should check the new one for Hands. It’s yet another stylish and beautifully created short film, directed by Luci Schroder and involving more seductive women in their underwear than any others this year. Or perhaps any year? All this sets everything up fantastically leaving us in a tantalisingly poised position for the full debut album next year. Beyond any names or titles, both the videos, an - The Recommender

"Alpine wearehunted - emerging artist feature"

Featured Artist on Wearehunted online -

"Alpine Guardian UK - Band Of The Day"

This six-piece band from Australia sound as though they come from Scandinavia and are as fresh as Swiss mountain air

The lineup: Phoebe and Lou (vocals), Christian (guitar), Tim (keyboards), Phil (drums), Ryan (bass).

The background: Alpine, not to be confused with a duo that we wrote about almost exactly a year ago called Alpines, are a six-piece from Australia who sound as though they come from Scandinavia. They're that good, that suffused with vital zingy wintry melody/melancholy. Actually, they were a recommendation to us by our producer at Amazing Radio where we spend two hours each Thursday afternoon playing the very bands we write about in this column, and where this lot held the number 1 slot in the summer, with a track called Villages. It was taken from their debut EP, Zurich, the title of which confirms that they share our idea of them as exponents of pop that is as fresh and minty as Swiss mountain air (or toothpaste).

In fact, the band used to be known as Swiss. Since becoming Alpine circa 2009-10 they have toured Australia with Sparkadia, the Naked and Famous, Cloud Control and the Jezabels. You could be forgiven for assuming that we only write about Australian bands in this column. We don't, only if they're good. Alpine are so good they got snapped up by the Aussie-hip Ivy League Records, who released Zurich, containing the aforementioned single Villages, a radio hit down under whose video has had almost 350,000 views on YouTube. Their current single, Hands – the first release from their March 2012 debut album – is accompanied by a video that should get 3,500,000 views at least, given that it comprises little more than a series of close-ups of attractive young women crawling on all fours in their underwear, French-kissing their reflections in a bathroom mirror, fellating shoes and eating melons. The director was also a woman, by the way, so we feel comfortable leaving that sentence as it is.

We should mention the music before we get into too much trouble. Hands is an irresistible little ditty, heavy on the handclaps, that reminds us of nothing so much as novelty 70s pop hit S-S-S-Single Bed by Fox, who if memory serves were fronted by a strikingly high-voiced Australian called Susan Traynor alias Noosha Fox. The (female) vocals here are just how we like them: breezy, lacking in passion, uninvolved, distracted. Quirky but not too Björky, and a bit kinky – it's a song about someone with a digit fetish ("It's OK to think of me and my hands"). Villages is marginally less luscious, but the vocals are still fine, by which we mean we like them rather than applaud their technical virtues/virtuosity. Too Safe comes with stop-start staccato guitar notes, dreamy boy-girl sighs, aching chord changes and more handclaps. It is more Lynsey De Paul than Polly Harvey. No, honestly. We love Lynsey De Paul, and not just because she could kung-fu us into the middle of next week. Heartlove is faster, rockier, but it has a lightness of touch that prevents it from descending into grungy torpor. If the album continues in this vein, it will be a vertiginous peak (sorry).

The buzz: "Twinkling compositions of dreamy indie-pop performed magnificently" – Beat Magazine.

The truth: Hands down the best Aussie band we've heard all year.

Most likely to: Marry pop smarts with disco-lite rhythms.

Least likely to: Marry James Coburn.

What to buy: The Zurich EP is out now on Ivy League.

File next to: Warpaint, Blonde Redhead, Cardigans, Fox.

Links: -

"Alpine EP Review (4)"

Alpine offers the kind of indie synth pop you want to wake up to each morning, the kind you want with your tea and toast. The Melbourne six-piece – formerly known as Swiss – has found a home at Ivy League; the boys who unearthed The Vines back in the day, and the stable Cloud Control, The Mess Hall and Sparkadia call home.

Zurich, their debut EP, is chock-full of beats to butter you on both sides, and crazy-good, Nouvelle Vague-esque harmonies. It’s a touch softer than anything to fall from the branches of the League of late, more genteel. Think Phoenix, The xx, Lykke Li – impeccable manners steeped just so. Heart Love – Zurich’s first single – is, like the boy three seats up from you on the bus, not-quite-neat, slightly unhinged, but so good you can almost taste his smile just thinking about it. Villages is deliciously low-fi, while Too Safe is slower than you think, like falling out of love. All up, it’s something you want on the daily menu.



"Alpine Nylon Mag Mexico"

Voces encantadas.
Alpine es una banda originaria de Melbourne, Australia, cuyo EP debut, Zurich, salió hace poco en Ivy League Records. Ya se puede escuchar "Heart Love", el primer sencillo, un indie pop muy digerible y hasta relajante, a veces un tanto melancólico, pero lleno de magia gracias a las suaves y dulces voces de las chicas.

Si quieres escuchar más de Alpine, checa su página oficial y de Facebook: - Nylon online

"Alpine EP Review (3)"

Alpine would at first glance appear to be a band originating far from Australian shores. With an EP titled Zurich and a name that beckons thoughts of faraway mountain ranges in Europe, one could be forgiven for thinking that they must be another musical import on Australian radio waves. However, we all know that first impressions can often mislead…

Alpine are in fact a six-piece from Melbourne who write wistful dream pop. For the duration of their debut EP, Zurich, they command a sound that is riddled with indie guitar riffs, swirling synthesizers and duel female vocal harmonies.

Like the hazy EP artwork that depicts a crowded beach with skiers and parachutes filling the sky, this release encapsulates an almost dreamlike mood that fluctuates between the spiky, upbeat dance grooves of `Heartlove’ through to the ambient soundscapes of `Too Safe’ and `Tough Skin’. Urgent and energetic one minute and then haunting and fragile the next, it’s choice cuts like these that could draw the band comparisons to contemporaries including Beach House, The xx and The Jezabels.

One of the EP’s strongest points – and a key element to differentiate Alpine from many other bands in today’s burgeoning sea of indie rock – is the ethereal and frequently intertwined vocals of Lou James and Phoebe Baker. During standout track and Triple J favourite, `Villages’, the duo weave a gorgeous tapestry of vocals that lace in and out to spin a delightfully memorable chorus. Combined with soaring guitars and buzzing synths, it’s a very powerful song that will cling to your thoughts for days.

Elsewhere, `Icy Poles’ rounds out proceedings with an unashamedly poppy tune that could have been cut from the same cloth as something by Phoenix. It’s infectious and skips along with lighthearted charm.

While Zurich is nestled in Switzerland, Alpine have crafted an EP as sweet as the chocolate the faraway city is famous for producing. This Melbourne sextet’s music is luscious, dreamy and full of melodic flavour. Zurich is a listen sure to whet the palate of many indie music fans out there.

WORDS BY: Jack Pilven - Shout Out Music

"Alpine single no 1 spot Amazing Radio"

Hello! It’s all change at the top of the Amazing Radio Chart this week, with Adam & Alma’s reign having come to an end after three weeks. New chart-toppers ALPINE hail from Melbourne and have generated plenty of buzz in their native Australia recently, helped by live support slots for Cloud Control and The Naked & Famous. Their track Villages has hit our Number 1 spot after four weeks inside the Top 20.
- Amazing Radio UK

"Alpine EP Review (2)"

What's so good?
If you take pleasure in beautiful harmonies, delicious overlays of synth, and mesmerising rhythms, then Alpine is the band for you. Life was breathed into this Melbourne six piece in 2010 under their original name “Swiss” and was revealed to the Australian public soon after through the influential Triple J Unearthed stream, which has helped pave the way for many massive Australian bands.

Having toured with the Naked and Famous, and currently on a national tour of Australia with Sparkadia and Operator Please, Alpine will no doubt be one to watch in 2011 after releasing their debut EP, Zurich.

Something which sets Alpine apart is their two female lead songstresses. Louisa James and Phoebe Baker work seamlessly in tandem, their vocals intertwining delectably throughout. The album has an underlying arctic feel to it, but rather than lulling the listener, a number of the tracks have a definite head-bob effect.

Zurich has five magnificently constructed tracks, each with a different story to tell. “Heartlove,” their debut single released in August 2010, is an upbeat synth-pop daydream and pulls the listener in from the get-go. “Too Safe” slows the pace down a little and relies on the haunting vocals to captivate, while the never-ending march of “Villages” is only broken by the intriguingly questioning chorus.

Funny enough, such perfect wintery music was released during the sweltering Australian summer. Alpine gives off a vibe so cool that even an Eskimo would be running for extra thermals. Zurich is guaranteed contentment, whether you’re listening to it in the inflatable pool or in front of a raging fire. Please enjoy. - Indie Shuffle

"Alpine pitchfork remix post"

Here's another fresh remix from UK producer Star Slinger; this time, the Slinger applies his woozy-beat style to Australian indie-pop outfit Alpine's chilly new single "Icypoles". (via Star Slinger's Bandcamp) - pitchfork

"Alpine EP Review (1)"

It’s difficult for a music enthusiast to keep track of all the new talent in Melbourne, particularly when the bands keep changing their names. Swiss have been making waves since they first popped up on the local scene late last year, and the six piece who are now known as Alpine are finally unleashing their debut EP Zurich.
Between you and I, it was well worth waiting for.
Alpine make indie pop seem effortless with their dreamy soundscapes and ethereal layered vocals that are both soothing and subtly sinister all in the same breath. The Zurich EP is a grand introduction to their sound, which is reminiscent of The XX, Phoenix and Metric, whilst still maintaining their own voice. Lead single "Heartlove" is a danceable number that encompasses a sense of urgency and despair. The breathy dual vocals provided by Louisa James and Phoebe Baker are hypnotic like the song of the siren as they drag you into the depths with their beguiling tones.
"Too Safe" is a shoe gaze fantasy which showcases the bands seamless ability to write catchy hook laden tunes that are drenched in unfettered emotion, lending a sense of artistic merit to the project. "Tough Skin" offers a gorgeous reflective moment with its wistful guitars and echoing harmonies, which are the backbone of Alpine’s beauty. "Villages" is the highlight of the record. The lo-fi gem embodies the spirit of a misspent youth with the flagrant chaos that ensues in the chorus. This track is melancholic pop perfection with all the sensibilities of a Chan Marshall penned hit.
The EP ends with "Icypoles", an understated piece comprised of sweeping eighties infused melodies that provides a lush backdrop to the enchanting vocal gymnastics which never cease to delight. Zurich is a strong debut full of orchestral wonderment that is sure to satisfy indie kids on dance floors the world over. The music is engaging with an element of despondency and unfulfilled desire which emanates through the multi-faceted sound.
Be sure to catch Alpine as they tour with The Naked and Famous and Jinja Safari this Spring.
Review Score: 8/10. - AU Review

"Alpine Quotes"

‘‘a wonderful dreamy elixir that draws you in like a siren call…
Alpine certainly have it going on’’ - Inpress

"Twinkling compositions of dreamy indie pop simply performed magnificently" - Beat Magazine

‘‘fantastic…these guys will go a long way’’ – The Brag

4 stars – “Hypnotic, dazzling and lush” – The Mercury

4 Stars – “Modern day pop perfection without the sugar overdose”- The Newcastle Herald

4 Stars – “In Their extrodinary debut EP, Melbourne’s six piece indie synth pop band Alpine, have crafted something truly captivating.” - BMA

‘‘they’re an act well worth following’’ - Fasterlouder

“There may be something happening here” – Drum Media

“we dare you to listen to heartlove, the lead single from their EP Zurich, and not have it stuck in your head afterward” – Groupie Mag

"if you didn't end up with a massive crush on Alpine, chances are you were watching a different band." - The AU Review

"Alpine have been making some waves recently with their perfectly crafted pop jams, embalmed with layered female vocals and catchy guitar hooks. Their track Villages is an absolute hit. I suspect it will be blasting through your Australian radios on FBI and Triple J." - Life Aquatic Blog

“Alpine could very well prove to be Melbourne’s answer to those French electronic indie-dance fusion masters Phoenix” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Alpine sound like nobody else on the Australian scene right now and that’s definitely a good thing” – Scene Mag

“Zurich, their debut EP, is chock-full of beats to butter you on both sides, and crazy-good, Nouvelle Vague-esque harmonies. Zurich’s first single – is, like the boy three seats up from you on the bus, not-quite-neat, slightly unhinged, but so good you can almost taste his smile just thinking about it.” – Russh Online
- Misc

"Alpine Live Review (4)"

You may think that placing bouquets around the stage before anything else
is set-up would suggest a band more concerned with aesthetics than
their actual musicality. What you're not taking into consideration is
the band in question is Alpine, who go on to put on such a lively and
engaging performance that it could have been rotting goat skulls
sprawled about the OAF stage and they still would have been the
centre of attention. The sextet are fronted by the prowling vocal duo
of Louisa James and Phoebe Baker, who are practically hypnotic as
they move about the space, somewhat lost in the trance of the jolty
indie-rock created by the other four members, themselves keeping up
considerably well with their front-ladies. Although their vocals
gorgeously melt into one another's, they take very different
approaches to movement – James slinks about, swishing and swaying;
while Baker could barely contain herself, hopping about and bouncing
constantly on the balls of her feet. The catchiness of songs like
“Heartlove” and “Icypoles” are also far too incessant to
either ignore or deny. Simply put, if you didn't end up with a
massive crush on Alpine, chances are you were watching a different
band. Definitely ones to watch in the coming months. - AU Review

"Alpine Live Review (3)"

With flowers wrapped around their microphones and hanging over them, Melbourne sextet had made Goodgod their home for the evening in order to launch their Zürich EP. In a way, their minor decorative takeover of the stage was somewhat symbolic of the music itself: sweetly organic, soothing and – above all else – refreshing. Simply put, Alpine don't sound quite like anyone else doing the rounds in Australia's independent music scene, and it's this notion which has drawn so many to the small club tonight after seeing them build a live reputation supporting acts as diverse as The Naked and Famous, Jinja Safari and Tim & Jean. Watching these delicately layered songs unfurl before our eyes is an exciting, even temporarily hypnotising, experience - and definitely not one that should be passed up.
The focus of the setlist, naturally, was the EP itself. “Heartlove” slithers and pulsates through a breathless chorus and spiky guitar; while the blissed-out “Icypoles” was jammed out during its instrumental end and dipped its feet into psychedelia at one point. Of particular note, however, was the band's slew of new material, presumably in preparation for their debut album. Here, they have expanded their sound even further, delving into deeper use of electronics and a stronger comprehension of intrinsic rhythms and grooves. It speaks volumes about the band's ambition that they are already gearing up for the next stage of their career, even while launching a current one. The future is here, as they say.
As the set draws to a close, co-frontwoman Lou James throws a fistful of silver confetti onto her audience, her partner-in-crime Phoebe Baker dances like some spirited woodland creature and the rest of the band plays out their pièce de résistance, “Villages.” It's a perfect gig moment, and one that's sure to stick in the minds of those in attendance for the rest of the year. A room packed with dancing, singing, confetti and love – yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, Alpine have arrived. - AU Review

"Alpine Live Review (2)"

Warm beds and plush doonas couldn’t put up a fight; Oxford Art Factory was the best place to be on a wet Friday night. After the first act fishing in intriguing waters, it was time to climb glorious vocal mountains with the delicate sounds of proud Melbournians, Alpine. The stage’s utensils were adorned with white flowers to match the sweet sounds of Phoebe and Louisa. It is uncommon and not to mention difficult, for a band to successfully boast two harmonic lead singers. Not only did the ladies collaborate brilliantly on a musical level, but they created heartfelt emotion. Their free-spirited, hippy style dancing during instrumentals alluded to their comfortable stage presence, which is a good sign for the rising musicians. Angelic vocals teamed with catchy guitar riffs worked wonders for the indie act. - Fasterlouder

"Alpine Live Review (1)"

Having just packed out two shows at the Northcote Social Club in their home city of Melbourne, Alpine were on a mission to maintain the momentum of their Village tour on its Adelaide stopover at Jive. With the critical and broadcast success of debut EP Zurich well and truly in the bank, the 6-piece appear comfortable and content on keeping things intimate, although this show was a considerable step-up from their previous appearance in this city at the much-smaller Ed Castle Hotel. The crowd was to dictate this point further, as a wide array of mums, indies and moshers converged on the venue in the hope of an enlightening performance on a consequently icy evening.

Opening energetically with Heartlove, Alpine instantly relieved themselves of any inhibitions and set about enjoying every moment of their time stage. The stage presence is dominated by vocalists Lou James and Phoebe Baker, who, when in full flight, are impossible not to become engaged with. Baker flies around the minimal space available in an ethereal manner, while James largely holds her position behind the microphone, content to rest on her delicate vocal range that, in tandem with her band-mate, really carves out the essence of Alpine’s uniqueness. Once the band rocks out, watching all members move around the stage is simply captivating, as they create music that you really feel rather than simply hear.

Tracks from their debut EP Zurich were well represented this evening, with Too Safe possibly the most enjoyable of the lot with its slow and enthralling build-up. The level of crowd participation continued to grow as the band aired a number of as yet unreleased tracks that were well-received amongst the enthusiastic patrons. It is almost scary to think of the havoc that could be caused once the band begin putting together a full-length release after viewing some of its newer material on this occasion. Closer and notable single Villages demonstrates Alpine’s ability to make the simple sound completely grand; the song slowly creeps along courtesy of some 80s inspired synthetic rhythms and elegant harmonies, then suddenly rushes out in a wash of light keyboards, acoustic drumming and raw energy from all involved to create a real pop masterpiece.

It’s not often in this setting a band can unravel folded arms and genuinely make people want to move to its music, yet Alpine succeeded in making sure everyone in their presence felt involved in what they were watching. The ability to make a crowd consider itself part of the overall experience is the best element of live music, and thankfully, we were witnesses to this tonight. Thank you Alpine, please adorn our fair city again sometime soon. - Fasterlouder


EP - Zurich
Release: 12 November 2010

SINGLE - Hands (high rotation on Triple J)
Release: 4 November 2011

SINGLE - Gasoline (high rotation on Triple J)
Release: 25 June 2012

Debut Album - 'A is for Alpine'
Release: 10 August 2012

USA Album - 'A is for Alpine'
Release: 21 May 2013




Adding colour to Melbourne’s musical landscape, Alpine formed in 2009 and have gone from strength-to-strength ever since.

Fusing synths with honeyed harmonies, hypnotic rhythms and bright beats, Alpine appeared on the scene with a set of demos that quickly caught the attention of music lovers across the country.

2010 saw the release of their debut EP Zurich which featured the singles ‘Villages’ (no. 2 most played on JJJ radio) and ‘Heartlove’ (top 10 of most played on JJJ), and had fans and critics alike clamouring for more from ALPINE.

Next came the release of their single HANDS in 2011 (nominated for an ARIA - best music video), followed by GASOLINE (no 1 most played on JJJ). These being the first cut's from their debut album 'A is for Alpine' released on Ivy League Records in August 2012 and Votiv in 2013 in North America (Triple J Feature Album / Nominated for J Awards, Album of the Year).

A Is For Alpine debuted on the iTunes Australia chart at #1, a spot they held for 2 days, an Aria chart debut of #11 and subsequent double sell-out shows in Syd, Melb and Perth.

Since forming, Alpine have toured with the likes of Kimbra, Sia, Cloud Control, The Jezabels, The Naked And Famous and a full US tour with Crystal Fighters to name but a few, and have graced festivals across the country including Splendour In The Grass, Southbound, SxSW and Falls Festival.

ALPINE recently inked a deal with Votiv Records for the USA release of the band’s debut album “A Is For Alpine” which was released earlier this year. Fast building a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with, the Votiv roster also includes We Are Augustines, Gaz Coombe (Supergrass), Imagineray Cities, and Cloud Control, amongst others.

It's set to be a BIG YEAR! .