Al Polito

Al Polito


Al reconciles the opposites: the sacred with the profane, the spiritual with the sensual. Matching sensitivity and eloquence with a rock-and-roll edge, Al sees the world through a lens that is both compassionate and unapologetically masculine.


"Of Things Afflicted and Beautiful"

With the perspective of a mystic and the testosterone of a teenaged boy, Al Polito reconciles the opposites: the sacred with the profane, the spiritual with the sensual, the mysterious with the familiar. In the same song he may combine both poetic imagery and brutal honesty to make his point. His high-flying vocals carry both power and vulnerability, and his deft guitar work is both sweet and edgy.

“Keep your heart in heaven and your feet in the gutter,” is Al’s advice to anyone seeking life’s great truths. Finding inspiration in Taoist masters, exotic dancers and even his own traditional Catholic upbringing, Al explores these truths in his upcoming CD, “The Fall of Man.” (Available on iTunes now, CD available Aug. 07)

"The Fall of Man," even though it covers a wide range of musical styles in its 10 songs, has a thematic consistency of personal reckoning with reality, and redemptive transformation that comes with acceptance of self.

In "Temple Door," the singer describes a healing experience of sexual intimacy against a backdrop of droning rock guitars, sitar and tablas.

Instantly and consistently memorable, Al’s songs comfort the afflicted. But infusing his songs with irony and distorted guitars, Al is anything but a soft-spoken balladeer or tortured poet. “We’re all afflicted in one way or another,” says Polito. “Despite or because of our afflicted nature we manage to be brilliant, and beautiful. I want to celebrate that in my music.”

Al celebrates it in "That's Why I Love God," a twangy stylistic nod to Willie Nelson:

"If God were an artist there would be nothing that he could not create
Every school and style born of earth and metal, wood and pen and paint
Art to make me feel and think and dream of other lands
Some of his most brilliant work I'll never understand
That's why I love God"

Al’s guitar work earned him the honor of playing electric and acoustic tracks alongside Pete Thomas and Davey Faragher of Elvis Costello’s band for the debut CD effort of Emily Tessmer. On his own recordings he has attracted the participation of musicians who have played with Sheryl Crow, Michael Penn, Van Morrison, Doobie Bros., Three Dog Night, and Alanis Morrissette.

Al has toured in California, Australia and New Zealand, performing at festivals, clubs, songwriter venues, even fronting a gospel choir once. Songs from his debut CD, “Gift,” were named to’s Top Ten a total of 8 times, and he has been added to FM and Internet radio stations across America.

Al is currently preparing for the release of "The Fall of Man" (on Polito’s own Medicine Stone Records), while establishing himself around the music scene of Portland, OR, his new home. "The Fall of Man" can be downloaded right now in its entirety on iTunes.



Written By: Al Polito

Just above your belt I saw the perfect work of art
Yin-Yang Sun and Moon, a halo full of stars
I wanted to reach out and touch it
I want to be with you so much it
Hurts sometimes

So I looked to the Sun and Moon and wished upon some stars
I wished that I could be close to you wherever you are
All I want to do is touch you
You'll never really know how much you
Own me, girl

I wish I were the tattoo on your back
In red and green and gold and black
To be the tattoo on your back

If I were to tell you that I wish I were your ink
Would take it as a compliment, what would you think?
If only you would try to let me in
I promise I would never leave your skin


Red for the blood that's beating through my battered heart
Black for the death I hope will never do us part
Gold for the treasure that see inside your eyes
A little bit of green to show my slightly jealous mind


Mystery Song (Such is my love)

Written By: Al Polito

As small as a distant star
As large as the earth
As planned as an accident
As random as birth
Like that which lies hid beneath
And what is revealed above
Such is my love
Such is my love
Such is my love for you

As wild as a wolverine
Playful like a child
Subtle as a billboard model
Or Mona Lisa's smile
As mad as a lunatic
Gentle as a dove
Such is my love
Such is my love
Such is my love for you

As cheap as a prostitute
As costly as blood
As pure as the driven snow
As base as the mud
As desperate as Hollywood
When push comes to shove
Know that such is my love
Such is my love
Such is my love for you

Left-Hand Ring Finger

Written By: Al Polito

Many are the breasts and thighs
Have danced before these eyes
Many are the waists and tastes
Have left me mesmerized
Many are the times
My hands carressed a spine
and many are the memories
Of naked legs on mine

But there's one part of you
I'm longing to see bare

Your left-hand ring finger
Is where I'll ever stare
My hungry eyes will linger
On your left-hand ring finger
Your left-hand ring finger

If I'd met you long ago
I would not waste one day
To wrap you in that wedding band
And carry you away
Many are the times
I've looked into your eyes
Wondering if you're happy now
Or if you've compromised

I'm crying out to God
With a very selfish prayer

Your left-hand ring finger
Is where I'll ever stare
My hungry eyes will linger
On your left-hand ring finger
Your left-hand ring finger


- "The Fall of Man (2007) To be released Aug. 07, available now on iTunes
- "Jasckass" (EP), released March 06
- "Gift," released in Fall '03
- "Reach Toward the Sky" CD by Emily Margaret Tessmer: Al played all the guitars alongside drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega) and bassist Davey Faragher (Cracker, Costello, Vega).
Airplay: Born To Be Your Man (Gift), John Wayne (Gift)

Set List

Typical Set Length: 45 min. Can extend or shorten.
Raise My Sail
Follow Your Bliss
When the Lights Go Out
I Need You Now
Farther I Go
Such Is My Love
Something New
That's Why I Love God
Temple Door
Left-hand Ring Finger
Love's Face
John Wayne
Born To Be Your Man
No Roses
The Pure Thing
You Know What I'm Talking About
It's All Right
Howling Tomcats
Life of High Drama
Have a Little Faith In Me (John Hiatt cover)
Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra cover)
Thank You
(Various cover songs can be requested and added to the set by client)