Alright Gents

Alright Gents

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Alright Gents' sound is the windows of your parent's van rolled down with your high school crush in the passenger seat. Their heroes echo in the sound proofing of dimly-lit dive bars and in the sharpied names of Calgary rock bands from before.


Alright Gents play rock n’ roll like they’re the Superdogs…out for applause and a place in your heart.

The boys have been up late for the last 3 years making music that ignites your house party spirit and puts you in the mood to open beer bottles with your teeth. The Gents are purveyors of spirited rock n’ roll and they'll even help you clean up afterwards. Each enthusiastic track is written by Mason Jenkins (friendly neighbourhood trans*man) and Garrett Thorson (lead guitar and musical credibility provider) then churned through the artful bass-stylings of Brent Rossall (Montreal import) and feral drumming of Bill Taylor (both joyful and triumphant.)


"Quick & Dirty" (Demo/EP) - Recorded Live off the floor at Alchemy Studios

Set List

Current original set lasts 40-50 minutes
(See recordings for song titles)