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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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This song is outstanding. After I read your bio, I was expecting quite a lot and you lived up to it. I can certainly hear your influences (and I'd add Dave Grohl to the list), but you really sound very much like yourselves. The vocalist is tremendous. He's got a unique style and a unique voice and has definite vocal chops. He's dynamic, expressive and emotive, true to the lyrics. But really, each band member is a superior musician in his own right. The playing was aggressive and confident and gave the song a lot of drive. The production values really complemented the song very well, too. Everything was well-balanced and each instrument was easy to hear. The songwriting is also excellent. The tune's got different beats and feels that all work well together. The way the song progresses through its various parts felt natural and comfortable, even though I hadn't heard the song before. You've also got some nice breaks in the the flow to make the song even more interesting, and you've got a nice sing-along refrain. This song has it all. Keep up the great work! - Leslie Bialik

ALRIGHT, JUNIOR rock harder than they look.
December 9, 2009 | by Matt Brigidi | Album Reviews

Alright, Junior’s five song E.P., ‘Our Temporary Everything’ picks up where their last release, ‘Eudaemonic’, left off; leading a visceral stampede of post-punk anthems upon our ear drums. Taking into account the vast amount of overdubbing and production tricks used on modern recordings, it’s refreshing to hear one that sounds like the band is playing live in your ear buds. The sonic quality of the album is definitely an improvement upon ‘Eudaemonic’, progressing from rawness to a fuller, more polished sound. The grit is still very present due to the band’s ability stay disciplined without being boring. I would describe Alright Junior as beautiful melodies, mixed with thought provoking lyrics, tied together by the threads of tangled guitars being dragged about by the rhythms of an incendiary drummer.

“Fish vs. Ambulance” opens the record with the whole band jumping right in with a twisting progression. The verse quickly makes an entrance, although far more controlled, the chaos is still present. The band seems to portray a consistent concept of controlled chaos, and love walking the thin line between both ideas. This dynamic is used throughout the recording. Over the years, we have grown accustomed to bands getting quiet then erupting with loud choruses. Alright Junior continue this idea, but spin it by never really getting quiet. I would correlate it to a protest group quieting down when police officers come by threatening them with riot sticks. They calm down, but their spirit is never broken. Alright Junior does a great job of controlling a section, then erupting into a new part without ever sounding like a parody. “Balance”, the third song on the record proves this point. They take the dynamic of “Fish vs. Ambulance” and turn it on its head. Instead of starting out controlled, they begin with a storm of chaos, only to calm down for the chorus of “…I balance me, I balance me…”. “Russian Dolls” keeps a consistent pulsation, even when it calms down. The strong spirit of the band is present throughout.

aj-liveIn addition to the sonic element of the record, the songs themselves are well written. “Balance” employs a technique known as text painting. The song begins like a bat out of hell, only to calm down and balance out for the chorus that talks about balancing oneself. Coincidence? I think not. Even if it is, it speaks to the natural knack this group has for writing strong parts to make the song better. Anxiety, control, and religion are all favorite talking points for Alright Junior. “Minds Built Like Rome” talks about following the lines drawn by others and questioning the greed of the human spirit. The pre-chorus is one of the catchiest flow of words I’ve ever heard, all delivered with the precision of a classical pianist. “Russian Dolls” the final track, makes a wonderful correlation with the human spirit and our mentality towards religion. The track contains a wonderful music interlude that occurs towards the end before erupting into one more expansive chorus to finish the record.

The root of the band is how well crafted their songs are. Alright Junior writes the kind of songs that are more fun to hear with amps turned all the way up, but are still good enough to be played acoustically on a Thursday night at Puck. Hopefully the only thing temporary about Alright Junior will be the amount of time we will have to wait for new recording. - Philly Rock Blog

From start to finish, this rock
outfit is an intense tour de force.
You can always feel the energy
behind their music, even during
the slower songs. The guitar riffs
pick you up and cast you into the
front row of a packed concert.
Each listen of the album unveils
something that you haven’t
heard before. Alright, Junior is
defi nitely a breath of fresh air and
their music offers little repetition.
You can definitely hear the
talent radiating through the band’s
music. Jace Miller and Steve
DeMeo provide powerhouse
guitar chords, Greg J’s bass
is pulse-pounding, and Mike
Fraclose never misses a beat
on the drums. This album is
absolutely recommended. - The Compendium

If you know me, you know that on the list of things you're not likely to hear me say, "I just heard a great rock album!" ranks pretty high. Likewise, "I just saw an amazing alternative rock show!" is not a sentence I'm prone to utter.

Now, it's not that I don't like rock, it's just that, well, for lack of a better explanation, that's not my jam. Minus the rare occasions I decide to indulge my inner jam-band-loving-folk-fest-goer or vibe with some soulful singer-songwriters, if I'm listening to music, I'm listening to rap. This means that when I do actually switch up my music selection for a rock group, I'm really into what I'm hearing. And from the second I borrowed Alright Junior's debut CD, Eudaemonic, from a friend, that's exactly where I was. I wasn't trying to trade in their drum beats for some bass, and that's because I loved what I was listening to.

Sometimes I get attached to an artist's CD, go to their concert, and feel I've been let down when their live performance doesn't measure up. This was definitely not the case with Alright, Junior. I was already having fun halfway through their soundcheck, and from the second they started playing, to the end of their set, I was hooked and entertained.

I feel like I should be commenting specifically on their lyrics, or the work of individual artists, but one of the things I liked most about Alright, Junior was how well everything came together. These guys know their music and they're in tune with what's going on with everyone else on stage, which results in a performance that just works. They're having a good time, they're doing great work, and this means that the audience just gets to really enjoy what's they're hearing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: go listen to their CD. You'll like it. And then you'll want to know when they're playing again - so, you'll be happy to discover they play in the area often. And you'll be even happier once you get yourself to their next show.


Alright, junior

According to Alright, junior themselves, they’re a band brought together equally by the idea of producing good rock and just having a damn good time. A relatively new band to the local music scene, they’ve scored some publicity and promise as young up and comers. They’ve already scored a deal with SlugFest Records and Sterling Sound in New York with pre-production under way in recording an album.

Founded in the hearts and minds of all those who feel the desire to rock, Alright, junior describe themselves as a musical manifestation of that basic desire. They come prepared to bring you what you want, what everyone should want: rock and a good time. Not necessarily in any particular order. - Play Philly Magazine

When first you hear Alright, Junior, you may be intangibly tossed
into a back in da day vortex, liberating early 90s grunge rock n’ roll, lathered in crippling Smashing Pumpkins riffs and caliginous Alice
in Chains vocals. They have endurance, there’s no doubt in that, extolling their engendered appreciation for the last “good” era of rock music with all the spasmodic moves of an undomesticated bronco. Watching bands perform at the Khyber is always a treat for me; the players look virtuoso up there on the small stage. Drenched in an eerie ambiance, the vamping red light, the closeness of perspiration and drink, brimful of worn leather and naturally holey jeans (not precut – never precut), drunk bastards—the olde city crowd, both the arrogant and down-to-earth divisions, a thin barrier of smoke away from
legends in the making. Alright, Junior allows us to mosh for good
reason—most faux “cool” bands these days attempt to make crowds
beat their brains out to sparkling “punk” music. Star shaped foil glitter, rad-ass t-shirts and gaudy mascara alone don’t make you good; but pair them with a splendid idea of dirty intonation, a threatening noise and attitude to back it up, and you’ve got rock gold.
Alright, Junior doesn’t wear glitter or put on any makeup, but they’ve
got everything else—most importantly talent. Comprised of Jace Miller, Steve DeMeo, Greg J. and Mike Fraclose, they’ve been together less then a year, but so tight and layered, you might think they’ve been with one another since the womb, rattling organs and hemorrhaging internal canals. Their lyrics written by Jace (lead vocals/guitar) and Steve (vocals/guitar) are concocted through personal experience,
but tuned to universal appeal. Alright, Junior is not teaching a
lesson of any sort, they’re reaching out kinetically, viscerally. “Right
now, we’re just trying to send out a compromised vibe; we just want
to play well as musicians and mostly have fun when we’re out there performing and hope whomever we play to feels that same vibe we do” says front man Jace Miller. “We grew up in that period, where we respected bands like Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins. People who come to our shows and tell us that we sound like them; we have to take it as a compliment, simply because we were mesmerized by those bands alike.”

Eudaemonic, their first album, is newly released under Slugfest records, mastered by record exec-slash-producer Joe Mattis (stamped
“awesome” by Alright, Junior) who has worked for prominent labels
Island Records, Polygram, Universal Music and King Biscuit
Entertainment, and is able to keep 40-pound names like U2 and
the brazen punk/glam and figuratively (possibly literally) immortal Iggy Pop clipped to his utility belt. Getting back to the real music, Mattis is fortifying a new breeding ground for good bands to come out from the moldy basement and into the limelight. He’s already
discovered other binaries Core Effect and Under Your Bed. I know
it’s a term that is heavily used by many critics (especially by me), but
Eudaemonic is “infectious”…I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it over a
100 times since the middle of February—first to inhale and fervently judge, but eventually zoned out and masqueraded to it—quality to the live manifestation.

Not really knowing what’s to happen in the future, and who cares, the boys in AJ are fine just being boisterous right now. They will be touring fervently like timber cutters through Pennsylvania over the next couple of months and then onto the rest of the States, nomadic stopsi n Arkansas and Connecticut as food for the slaughter, and hopefully fittin’ to sit on the Southern stoop to a home near you. “We’re booking,
booking, booking hopefully to be building, building, building”
says Steve DeMeo (who is also in medical school…what the fuck?)
As for the name, say it with me: “Alright, Junior, you can play

-Zakariya Willis
Alright, Junior will be playing The M Room on April 22nd, The Fire on
May 4th, and all ages at the Croc Rock in Allentown on May 23rd. For
more information, visit - Origivation Magazine 2007

Alright, here’s a band that is a must hear on the local scene. Comprised of four members, Alright, Junior is a rock band with an alternative edge and a weakness for Wawa.

The band is composed of four 24-year-olds: Jace Miller (vocals, guitar), Steve DeMeo (guitar, vocals), Greg Jovanovich (bass), and Mike Fraclose (drums). All previously were in other bands; after playing various shows together, the four were good friends and decided to form Alright, Junior.

So what’s with the name, you may ask? First and foremost, “Alright, Junior” was the first name they threw around, according to DeMeo. Various people have various meanings for it and the band is okay with that.

As for the live shows, DeMeo says that when going to a show, expect “rock with an alternative edge. Good looking fellow fans. And slick coordinated dance moves.” They recently were able to play at CBGB’s in New York, a place bursting with historical rock moments.

In October 2006, their EP will be released on Slugfest Records. The president of the label, Joe Mattis, went out to a couple shows and after several discussions, both the band and the label realized the great connection between the two. DeMeo pointed out that the label is extremely supportive of the band and that they’re anticipating the album release.

Being part of the local music scene, DeMeo said that the scene is ‘definitely a supportive, loyal group of bands. As for Philly making more of a name for itself in terms of original rock music, the band wouldn’t mind carrying the flag around…” He also noted that the band won’t forget their Philly roots, especially if they’re fortunate enough to be known around the country…or even the world.

What’s the best part about being in a band? DeMeo said “We’re 24 and in a rock band—not a terrible place to find yourself…but with this band in particular, it’s quite an experience to share the stage with three other guys…People always say, but it’s true: There are few things in life that make ou feel the way you do when you look out over a screaming crowd with a guitar, or drumsticks, or a mic in your hand. That’s why we keep doing it. Late nights, rock music, great people. Cheers. Hope to see you at the next show.”

With great hooks and a killer sense of humor, Alright, Junior is a must add to your collection. They’re incredibly humble and incredibly talented musicians. You can see for yourself by visiting their website at or by checking out their MySpace page.


After Murderhouse’s brooding set, Philly favorites Alright, Junior take the stage. A post-grunge act with a touch of emo, Alright Junior offer beautifully-arranged frenetic rock songs, doused with passion and finished off with a heavy dose of head thrashing.

Lead singer Jace Miller is a born performer, and gestures frantically, grabs the microphone for dear life, and at one point even dives into the audience, almost knocking over an unsuspecting spectator. The entire band is all over the stage, thrashing harder than any band I’ve seen. I’m struck by the comparison of children on a Moonbounce.

Holly Hutchison- ex capitol/ atlantic A+R, now independent.

Alright, Junior – “Fish vs. Ambulance”  The music has that great sense of urgency energy to it that I love to feel and hear. I think the song is well written. I like the vocals and the entire delivery. I'm not sure what the universal message is in this song. These guys need to keep at it. I think they're on to something. The songs make me wonder what a live show is like. They'd have to blow it out with a tight, raw and energy driven set with a lot of excitement to carry over these songs - Holly Hutchison

ISSUE #123 - October 29th

This week, we I.S.P.Y. a band in PHILADELPHIA, PA as reported by Wendy Rollins, music director at WRFF:

"This is a band that is supposed to be signed! With a vocalist that sounds like Mike Patton and a band that hits like the Foo Fighters -- well, this is something not to be missed. There are straight-ahead hits on this album from a band that radio can truly Rock -- without the Hinder aftertaste."
- U.N.C.L.E. Promo

Who is Alright, junior?

PLAY: All right, first things first, tell us a little bit about your style, your sound and your music.
Jace: We fit into some sort of alternative rock category. Our music takes cues from a lot of great rock bands we grew up listening to in the 90s.
Steve: The unique thing is that we’ve got elements of indie rock and even some punk; and it makes for a sound that is familiar to many fans of alternative rock, but with something new that you can’t quite put your finger on.

PLAY: What’s the history of the band. How did you guys get together and how long have you been playing?
Jace: We have been a band for about 5 months. Before alright junior came into being we each were in different bands in the Philly scene.. Mike and Steve were in The Rebel Saints, I was in a band called Juliet and Greg was in Pennant Race. All of those bands decided to go there own ways.
Steve: Yeah, and because each of us had been playing around the scene for a few years, we had an idea that we could all come together and make something really special, and since day one, all the pieces have fallen into place perfectly.
Mike: Dude I wanted to rock and grabbed the three other guys I knew would feel the same way.

PLAY: Where did the name come from?
Mike: To quote Jack Black, “You can’t manifest inspirado.” It kind of came out of no where. It is just a great phrase that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Although since we started the band many of our friends keep using it to end conversations with us now. “Alright junior, see you at the show tonight…” etc.
Greg: alright, mike….
Mike: See this is what I mean, even our bass player is in on it.

PLAY: Who would you say has influenced your style?
Jace: Man, that is a tough question, there are too many to name. I guess when thinking about which bands influenced me growing up, I would have to say Radiohead, Nirvana, The Beatles, and countless others.
Steve: For me, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Pearl Jam…
Greg: The Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes, Tortoise.
Mike: On my end; Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Deftones and tons of metal bands.

PLAY: Have you cut any albums? If so how many, where are they distributed?
Jace: We are currently recording an EP that will be out in the fall 2006 on SlugFest Records.

PLAY: What kinda show do you put on? What are people gonna see when they see Alright Junior?
Steve: When people come out to an alright, junior. show, they are gonna see a high energy rock show…
Mike: And be surrounded by beautiful people.
Jace: Yeah our fans, I dunno if we are that beautiful…
Greg: Speak for yourself man, I look good today.

PLAY: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened while doing a show?
Jace: There has not really been too much weirdness during shows, so we throw out a challenge to all; come out to a show, create some weirdness, then we will have an answer for you.

PLAY: How many groupies do you guys have?
Mike: Haha…I dunno I think Greg has a couple, I mean he is looking good today. But as a band, we are actually in the process of screening a number of applicants.
Jace: So if you know anyone who is interested in filling the position, please forward our contact info to them.

PLAY: Where do you see the band in five years?
Jace: In 5 years, we hope to be doing exactly what we are doing right now; working hard, writing music and spreading the rock…
Steve: but on a larger scale. We want to share the rock with everybody.
Mike: Who knows, maybe we will be celebrating the release of our new fragrance line, “alright, odor.” Our tag line could be, “Smelling alright is better then smelling bad.”

PLAY: What’s the next step for the band?
Jace: The next step is to finish our EP, get out there and play as much as possible, to as many people who will listen. We want to meet people and keep moving forward. That is what it is all about. Working hard and playing music. It is a beautiful thing.

PLAY: Anything else?
Jace: Just a big thank you to everyone out there who have been so supportive of this band.
Steve: Yes, definitely!!! Thanks to all our friends and families, fans, Jaxon at WMMR, and everyone at SlugFest Records. They are the ones who allow us to do what we do.
Mike: See you guys out at a show. We promise you will have a good time!!!

Get in touch with the band at

- Josh Nester/ Play Magazine

Philly's Junior Celebrates New EP
by Cara Donaldson, St. Joseph's '08

For Fans Of: Foo Fighters, Bush, Incubus

Download This Now: “Balance,” “Feeding the Frenzy”

With all the showmanship in the form of shooting fire, acrobatics, confetti and backup dancers, it’s easy to forget what concerts are truly supposed to be about. I think I missed the memo informing the world that what constitutes a good show these days is how naked a band gets on stage or what rap song they cover.

So it was extremely refreshing to attend local band Alright, Junior’s CD release show last Thursday, Sept. 24.

The Khyber (Second & Chestnut sts.) is one of the best places in the city to hit up if you want to see what it truly means to be an artist. Sure, the Old City haunt gets a couple of high profile bands coming through every now and again. But it’s the local shows that will really blow you away; tonight was no different.

When the darlings of the night, Alright, Junior, took the stage, the small Khyber floor seemed to flood with people out of nowhere. There was an immediate surge of energy that radiated from the faces in the crowd and bounced back from the members of AJ; the fans were out in full force.

In a town as tough on its music scene as it is on its sports teams, it was nice to see loyalty and love are still alive and kicking when it comes to non-commercial acts. So much so that AJ has even received regular spin of their track “Fish vs. Ambulance” on Radio 104.5!

This was a special night for the guys from AJ. Having released their new EP, Our Temporary Everything back in July, tonight saw the official release show for the five song disc.

AJ plays with a Nirvana-esque sincerity and purpose. Perfectly gelled, bassist Greg Jovanovich and drummer Mike Fraclose kept the adrenaline high while guitarist Steve DeMeo provided an insane amount of “wow” moments throughout the set.

Singer Jace Miller (whose vocals fall somewhere between a richer Gavin Rossdale and less intense Serj Tankian) had his own moments—jumping into the crowd to gain that much sought after band-to-crowd closeness or hoping on a guitar to add a little more to DeMeo’s rifts.

In addition to hitting all the major points from Our Temporary Everything (such as my personal favorite, “Balance”) the band made sure to play choice selections from their first CD, Eudaemonic, like “Better Off” and “Feeding the Frenzy.”

If you have any idea of how rock music is supposed to be played, you will truly appreciate Alright, Junior.

Maybe one day all these bands will make it big, nationally as opposed to just being completely adored in Philly. But for now, I am fully content with letting them keep me grounded. -


Still working on that hot first release.


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