Al Rowe

Al Rowe


"Genius, pure genius." One of the most exceptional & brilliant new bands to emerge from the Seattle music scene in recent years. Wide-ranging, typically loud, sometimes mellow, and always intense. NuBluez – ROCK. "Genius, pure genius."


Al Rowe grew up in Chicago, IL. The birthplace of “Chicago Blues”. His musical influence began early in life when, as a child he was privileged to witness his grandfather & Sunnyland Slim “ jamming” in the family’s living room. While learning to play guitar as a youth, Al discovered the playing style & musical arrangements of the late Jimi Hendrix, and ultimately went on to become the winner of the “National Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition”. He has since developed into an extraordinarily talented musician. Al is not only a talented guitar player and vocalist; he is as equally skilled on keyboards, drums and bass guitar.

To his credit, Al Rowe has written two songs for the late Miles Davis. He has worked with many of the great musical legends such as Willie Dixon (The Father Of The Blues), John Lee Hooker, Pops Staples of “The Staple Singers”, Joanna Conner, Edwin Starr, Andy Summer of “The Police”, Martin Turner of “Wishbone Ash”, Hammond B3 legend Jimi Mc Griff and bass guitar legend Bill Dickens. Al Rowe continues to evolve and has become a well-rounded musician, performer, composer, arranger & songwriter. He continues to define and expand his own unique sound. Al’s original compositions fuse blues, jazz, funk and rock to create a tasteful and fully satisfying groove. A versatile performer who fully engages his audience, Al’s performances have been described as electrifying, soulful and full of power.

When he is not touring the United States or Europe, Al spends his time writing, composing & arranging new songs that always seem to have that “new edge & style” that is the signature to the Al Rowe sound. Al is able to bridge the generation gap, as his musical style appeals not only to the more seasoned music aficionado, but he can also deliver his musical message to an appreciative, younger “college crowd”, as well.

“I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoyed playing it”
- Al Rowe


Al Rowe Project - Briter Daze

Set List

Set list consist of approx. 10 songs. There is more than enough material to play 4 + sets. Each set usually last 45 min. - 1 hr. Majority of songs are originals, however we do some occasional covers.

Songs commonly played are as follows:

Briter Daze
Get Out
Hear My Train
Herbert Harper's Free Press News
I Got To Get Over You
New Age Cowboy
Red House
Room Full Of Mirrors
All Along The Watchtower (Funk Version)
Who Knows
Will I Know Tomorrow
etc., etc., etc.