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ALSO @ Pub Gabariers

St. Simeux, Charente, Not Applicable, France

St. Simeux, Charente, Not Applicable, France

ALSO @ Le Roc Festival (ALSO to Headline!)

Voulême, Not Applicable, France

Voulême, Not Applicable, France

ALSO @ Rusty's Surf Ranch (on the pier)

Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



If you're attracted to music with deep and somber overtones, you just might have to buy Morning by Also.

The music has "an overall unique character supplied by excellent and offbeat rhythmic choices and the intriguing vocals." - South of Mainstream (Aug. 03)

I fell in love with this band called Also, right about the same time that I moved into my new home. So it was just about a year ago, precisely.

I'd found, right up the road from me, a place called the Virtual World Café. It's a feel-good place, full of coffees and computers, nice sandwiches and nice people. I dug it at once.

And the first time I sat down to work at their computers - they have swanky ultra-high-speed connection - this beautiful song came on.

It had fretless bass like Jaco Pastorius, floating over the genius that was Joni Mitchell's HEJIRA. It had a delicacy to its rhythmic undercurrent, both trancelike and strangely propulsive. It had some nice strumming minimalist guitar, playing just enough to let me know it was there.

And then this beautiful voice came in.

And I was supposed to be working, but I stopped in my tracks, listening as this wonderful song unfolded. And unfold it did - that's the best word for it - layering itself over me before sinking inside.

And the mood was sad, but the spirit was powerful. And the voice was - well, fuck - it was unbelievable. I found myself thinking, “Well, a little Tindersticks. And a little Jeff Buckley. And a whole lotta…shit! I never heard THIS before!”

Bottom line: I loved the song.

So when it ended, I called out from my seat to Todd and Pavlina, the proprietors of the joint, “WHAT ARE WE LISTENING TO?”

They explained that it was a local band, called Also. And that they played live, at the café, about once a month.

Then the next song kicked in, and I got to work. But it was hard. Because the next song was great, too.

Long story short: I made them play that CD, every time I came in, for the next several weeks. And I came in a lot.

That CD became the soundtrack of my life.

About a month later, I bought out their stock: keeping one for myself, and handing the rest out to my friends.

That CD is called MORNING. And I have played it hundreds of times. It is so chock-full of great songs - and by this I mean GREAT songs; completely World-Class songs - that if I could still be stunned by injustice, I'd be stunned by the fact that you haven't heard them already.

But MORNING is a homemade demo, with a generic white cover. No pictures. No lyrics. No nothing but great songs.

As I understand it, KCRW has played it. As well they fucking should.

Now this band called Also (a name so self-deprecating that I'd tell them to change it, if it didn't work so well) has released a new EP. It's called SEND THEM OFF SMILING.

And, like MORNING, Also's SEND THEM OFF SMILING contains a handful of homemade human gems. This time, they went into the legendary 4th Street Recordings studio (home of the Beach Boys, and a trillion other legends). So the sound is beefier. Which is all for the good.

There is one song, in particular - called “The Disappearing Heart!” - which slays me like Roy Orbison, or HUNKY DORY/MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD-era Bowie, in its magnificent drama and succinct soul-commentary.

It is, to me, as good as fucking songcraft gets.

I love Mark Zelen's sinuous bass and evocative keyboard lines. I love the mercurial and subtly vigorous drums and percussion of Scotland Stephenson. I love the slow-hand multi-textures of Drew Conrad's guitar.

But, mostly, I'm there for the songs, and Drew Conrad's unbelievably indelible voice: so deep, so rich and passionate, that I AM THERE. Totally getting it. Totally feeling it.

Wishing the song would go on forever.

You can check 'em out at

I think you should.

I'm glad I did.

And, frankly, I can't wait till somebody samples Drew's voice, and the band's great grooves, and turns it into a remix.

Not because I want their songs fucked with.

Just because I want the world to know they're here. - (Dec. 04)


*12-song debut full-length album - It Was Fine To Be Kind (to be released June 2006)
*5-song EP - Send Them Off Smiling (2005)
*4-song demo (2004)
*8-song EP - Morning (2003)



Formed in May 2003, ALSO’s sound is melodic indie rock. The arrangements are artful and hook-savvy and the lyrics are unashamedly emotional, combining to make ALSO’s music equally at home with a variety of audiences. The band's debut full-length CD - It Was Fine To Be Kind - is receiving airplay on L.A.'s KCRW 89.9FM, The Indie 103.1FM, & has been added to 200+ stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. One of ALSO's songs has been featured on MTV reality show "Sorority Life" and a second on NPR's "All Songs Considered". A third song was recently (May 2006) used in a major motion picture starring Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr. and Michael Madsen. ALSO has opened for a number of national and international touring acts, including UK band The Alarm, and completed two self-funded/booked 2-week tours of Europe (May 2005 & March/April 2006) with dates including London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Paris, Munich and Prague. ALSO is an unsigned band.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, frontman Drew Conrad led former band Willoughby Station to the #1 position out of all genres on with over 17,000 votes in one month.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, bassist Mark Zelen has opened for bands including Nirvana, the Violent Femmes, and Green Day.

From the landmark music town of Athens, GA, drummer Scotland Stephenson has shared stages
with Little Feat and the Derek Trucks Band.