Los Angeles, California, USA

Eclectic indie/alt 4-piece whose own hybrid of dreamy Britpop, ethereal wave and neo-psychedelic art rock hovers between a pensive somberness and a sober catharsis. Their tight rhythm section and solid songcraft will convince open-minded fans of all rock genres. FEB 2011 RELEASE HIT CMJ TOP 200.


ALSO started life as a band in 2003 when they self-recorded their first release, Morning. Since then, they have produced an EP, Send Them Off Smiling (2005), and two full-length studio albums, It Was Fine To Be Kind (2006) and the recently released Music Belongs In The Background (2011). Formed in Los Angeles, ALSO is comprised of Drew Conrad (vocals/guitars), Mark Zelen (bass/keyboards) and Scotland Stephenson (drums/percussion). In August 2011 Emvy joined the ranks on keys, mellotron and effects, rounding up the line-up as a 4-piece.

In describing the concept of the band, frontman Conrad says, "The glass is half empty, true, but it is also half full. We are all aware of this analogy, but the profundity of this seemingly simple concept is very much a constant theme in our music”. The concise word itself, “also”, sums up contrast as much as open-mindedness, and serves as a constant reminder that even dead-end life situations can be seen from different perspectives. This sophisticated approach is reflected in the band’s music. Conrad’s vigorous, deep voice grumbles, admonishes, satirizes and praises as he takes on precarious topics such as disorientation, a decline in values, and suicide. Though his lyrics are not for the feint-hearted, the listener is invariably caught by the hopeful spiritedness of the music. The tight and driving rhythm section of Stephenson and Zelen creates a vibrant framework for well-wrought layers of guitars and soundscapes.

Upon release, the band’s current release 'Music Belongs In The Background' quickly charted in the CMJ Top 200, the premiere chart in the U.S. for measuring the airplay of alternative/independent artists. The album is broad stylistically and emotionally, boasting huge soundscapes coupled with moments of a dark and ethereal moodiness, while maintaining a consistent feel throughout that is very much ALSO’s own sound, which makes categorizing it a troublesome task. Yet critics have placed the band somewhere between dreamy Brit pop, post-punk and neo-psychedelic art rock. Some fans like to compare them to Echo & The Bunnymen, The National or The Smiths, while others are intrigued by a sonic fragility described as similar to The Antlers. Whether delicate and ghostly or decidedly explosive, their songs never seem unnecessarily pompous: an intimate and profound thoughtfulness hovers over them at all times.

Ultimately ALSO prove their latest effort is anything but what the title suggests: “Even if Music Belongs In The Background needs a couple of spins before it fully unfolds... you can indeed apply words such as gem or masterpiece for the three-piece's sophomore record, as listening to it is like traveling to a band's cosmos from which you can barely escape.“ (German publication LAXMag, April 2011) Nor does being an unsigned act keep the band at home. Along with their two studio releases, ALSO have self-funded four European underground tours, including stops in the musical capitals of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Paris, and Berlin.

While their records have always featured keyboard lines and alternative melodies, the three could not incorporate them while performing live. Since August 2011 Emvy has been part of the line-up on keyboards, mellotron and effects which brings new influences and dramatically boosts the ethereal nature of the live show. They are currently writing new material and preparing tours through 2012.


Music Belongs in the Background

Written By: Drew Conrad (words)

When did you pack up the dream?
And since then how has it been?
You seem more at ease
Or is that the look of empty?
When did you pocket the dream?
I will leave it better than I found it
I will leave it better than I found it
When did you cancel your concern
Fight fire with fire
Settle back and watch it burn?
You look so cool and mellow
What's that you keep beneath your pillow?
I will leave it better than I found it
I will leave it better than I found it

Aim High

Written By: Drew Conrad (words)

you've got everything
a boy like that could need
a high skirt line a low self-esteem
he treats you well
chats up other girls
but always leaves with you
he's beautiful
he says he loves you
it could be worse
he says he needs you
it's perfectly rehearsed
you don't know how he was raised
he knows no other way
and now he never will girl
yeah, he treats you well
you've got everything
a boy like that could need
a high skirt-line
a low self-esteem
he treats you well
chats up other girls
but always leaves with you
he's beautiful
you give but you never get
what more can a girl expect


2003 Morning (EP)
2005 Send Them Off Smiling... (EP)
2006 It Was Fine To Be Kind
2011 Music Belongs In The Background

The current release "Music Belongs In The Background" received airplay on various indie & alternative radio stations in the USA and Canada.
It charted the CMJ Top 200 and is featured on Pandora.

Their debut radio single "The Disappearing Heart!" received airplay and charted Top 40 in several indie/alternative stations.

ALSO self-release.

Set List

ALSO can perform full band sets of their original material
in any required and all common set lengths.

Furthermore they're up for mellow acoustic sets in jazzy singer/songwriter subtlety.