Al Stelk

Al Stelk


my music is soft rock, love songs, and basic easy listenig for nice concert style dinner music to relax to


I have been writing songs and playing the guitar for a long time. My songs are messages in a bottle so to speak. the melodies are basic, soft, and heart felt. No gimmicks,no tricks, just good easy listening songs.


Sammantha Blue

Written By: Al Stelk

Looking through the glass at you
cause you're brand new
what can I do
Sammy Blue
Whatever I can do for you
I'll do for you
my sweet Sammy Blue

Now I know
right where I want to be
the two stars in my heaven
just turned into three
Sammy blue
what can I do for you

Amy can you grab that glass
and get that chair
and sit down over here
Your sister is asleep with mom
and your blue eyes,they never looked so clear

Sammy Blue
what can I do for you
Whatever I can do for you
I'll do for you
my sweet Sammy Blue

Hey babe can you hear the wind
it whistles through a sweet summer sky
it sings a song so pure of daffadills
and eagles flying high

Sammy Blue
what can I do for
Whatever I can do for you
I'll do for you
my sweet Sammy Blue

More Than Gold

Written By: Al Stelk

The time it takes to lend a hand
is the time it takes to smile
Before you criticize my friend
take his shoes and walk a mile

Maybe then you'll understand
why his is this way
We learn more from what hear
than what we say
the things we say

And when your feeling down and low
but you want to feel so tall
thats when the criticizing flows
seems to help if they look small

Ah, but the wise...they listen well
they all seem to know
when you touch someone's heart
you get more than gold
more than gold

so when you get that helping hand
be sure and pass it on
for we are all just helpless men
in a world trying to carry on

Ah, but the wise.....etc.

the time it takes to understand
is the time it takes to smile
and could you lend me your helping hand
maybe walk with me awhile

Ah, but the wise...etc

Trophy Club

Written By: Al Stelk

You're walking down the street so fair
Making sure everything's in place
You smile and meet the passer's by
But your'e not looking at their face

You stroll into the trendy restaurants
Checking out watches and rings and blings
You found out you can't buy these things with love
Welcome to the Trophy Club

So you smile and laugh at all his jokes
Man he's got such pretty things
You slowly work yourself into his heart
Puppeteer...pull your strings

But you spend most nights home alone it seems
everytime his business phone rings
So you curl up with your great big books of love
Welcome to the Trophy Club

You go and meet the girls for brunch
Down at your brand new country club
You don't hear the snickers passing by
"That table's reserved for trophy wives"

And you laugh and talk of all the things you have
and all those things left to buy
But you never,ever,ever speak of love
Welcome to the Trophy Club

Have fun in the Trophy Club

You earn every penny in the Club.

One More Time

Written By: Al Stelk

Now you're walking hand in hand and
you carve initials in the sand and
you're glad to have a man and
he's gone

You say you'll never love again and
you don't have time to spend and
then he looks your way and you say
maybe one more time

so you go on your first date and
he sends you flowers when you get home late and
then you meet his mom and dad and then
he's gone


so you put J.T. on the cd
make some popcorn and watch a movie
thinking this is meant to be and
he's gone


You think you're running out of chances
you succumb to his advances
looking for some real romance and
he's gone


hey I'm not those other guys and
you can see through my disguises
can we try this one time
you say maybe one more time


most recent cd titled "Almost Home"

1. Darkness before the Dawn
2. One More Time
3.Song for Michael and Drew
4. Spare a Dime
5.Going Back to Houston
6.Samantha Blue
7. Trophy Club
8. What About You
9. Thunder Bay
10. My Way Home
11. Grandpa's Lullaby
12. More Than Gold
13. Fawnda's Song

Set List

my sets are 1hr. long..up to three max with a 15 min. break between

Sweet Baby James
What about you *
Darkness before the dawn *
One More Time *
whiskey lullaby
Song for Michael *
Matida and William *
Like a Rolling Stone
Danny's song
Sunny Skies
Don't let it bring you down
Love the one your with
Memories of Us
House of the Rising Sun
More than Gold *
goodtime charlie
johnny cash
Fawnda's Song *
Hang on Sloopy
Grandpa's Lullaby *
took a walk this morning *
out on a weekend
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Where do the Children
Close your Eyes
Knockin on Heavens Door
Sammy Blue *
My Way Home *
Thunder Bay