Al St. Louis

Al St. Louis

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandSpoken Word

When Passion is in conjunction with Purpose... the result is Al St. Louis' Oratory gift!


Al St. Louis is one of the foremost Toronto-based Spoken Word artists of our generation. Using the art of poetry, Al composes thoughts and words that penetrate deep within the psyche, opening portals into other realms of thought, while inviting all listeners to participate in an inspirational awakening.

As CEO and founder of When Words Are Spoken, Al is a gifted Impresario. He coordinates a number of theme-based spoken word events each year featuring established and up and coming poets/musicians, generating a loyal international following. Al St. Louis is inspired by a need for change and through his hunger to feed souls with his oratory gift, this has propelled him forward to perform on many stages. In addition, he has worked with top artists including, John Singleton, Spike Lee, Roy Ayers, Andre 3000, Tyrese, Dwayne Morgan, Jemini, 50 Cent, Toya Alexis, Maestro Fresh Wes and many other reputable artists. With great versatility, Al has the ability to capture his audience whether he is performing his magic a cappella, with instrumentals or accompanied by his band “The SoulMates”

The 2005 release of his demo CD, “Reflections of my Soul”, has received critical acclaim that has resonated throughout the GTA. Set to a fusion of Jazz, R&B, Soul and Reggae this intense audio anthology includes powerful and inspiring lyrics. Listeners are invited on an introspective journey of soul-surging passion. The CD serves as an outlet of auxiliary expression to further propagate St. Louis' deep thoughts in a highly entertaining format.

Backed by a strong management and production team, Al aspires to make When Words Are Spoken a borderless event that is shared internationally. His belief that Spoken Word is an impelling force for positive change, inspires him to promote his passion on this ever-shifting stage.

When asked how long he has been in the business, Al definitively replies: "I've been a writer since '98, a performer since 2000 and a poet all my life."

More information about Al St. Louis and When Words Are Spoken can be obtained at He can be contacted via email at or by telephone at 416-629-4079


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Reflections Of My Soul
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