Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

ALTAAR consists of musicians from some of Norway's most proclaimed metal acts from the last decade and play a pitch black post-metal/sludge/occult ambient-hybdrid.


ALTAAR is the new band of Andreas Tylden and Sten Ove Toft. Tylden has been the single most important character within Norwegian hardcore the last decade through now disbanded JR Ewing, and Toft is Norway's king of noise. They've assembled an all-star team for ALTAAR, consisting of Espen Hangård (KILLL/Diskord/NoPlaceToHide), Didrik Telle (Obliteration), Kenneth Lamond (JR Ewing) and sometimes Jørgen Munkeby (Shining). Together they fuse inspiration ranging from Phillip Glass to Barthory, the result is a diabolic soundscape and soundwaves which transmit emotion and atmosphere. Defying the normal boundries of genres, their music is best described as droning doom-sludge with black metal aesthetics. The result is a jaw-dropping, fantasticly intense live-experience somewhere between SUNN0))), Isis and Wolves In The Throne Room. They are currently building a great buzz in Norway, and were one of the most acclaimed bands among foreign journalists at this years by:larm. Spinner, CMJ, The Fader were among those heaping praise at them.

9 minute live excerpt from new song:


DØDSØNSKE - Tape (2010)