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Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Montréal, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Altamina - Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight - 2016"

Spacey and atmospheric, Altamina plant their feet firmly in the ground and stretch their arms into the sky. Achieving a deep, rich sound with ambient, yet driving instrumentals and San Fermin-like vocals, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight rides the genre line along with acts like The National and The Antlers. - If It Be Your Will blog

"Altamina - Under The Black Sea"

Altamina was originally a side project from US-based, Francois Graham and French-Canadian, Marco Gervais of Montreal’s Surface of Atlantic, but it soon developed into a fully-fledged, international band, following the enlistment of Australian, Matt Davis on drums and French-Canadian, Roxanne Miller on bass in 2014.

Sincere lyrics touched with baritone vocals, steady drum beats, and ambient riffs make ‘Under The Black Sea’ a stand out track from an equally as impressive band.

Their album, ‘Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight’ is out now.

Sounds like: The National, War On Drugs, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Phoria - Indietronica

"Altamina – Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight – Album Review"

Altamina – Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight – Album Review

Canadian-based band Altamina has a sound & style that I can definitely identify with. Very similar to the best songs from The National…the slow ones where each song has a magical part you just wish would go on for forever…Altamina seems to be built of stunning moments like this. On their new emotionally heavy alt/art-rock album Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, this four-piece from Montreal quickly shows that sincerity in the writing and really feeling the mood & atmosphere of the music is one incredible way to come about making an album that’s truly going to last. There’s a tremendous, spine-tingling feeling that runs right through the music of this record…and that always tells me that I’m listening to something seriously spectacular – it never lets me down. Each time Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight starts with “Under The Black Sea,” I can’t help but get those shivers down my back…you can hear the depth of the connection this band has to their material, and to each other just from the way this track snaps so tightly together and puts their real & raw emotions right at the forefront of the song. Great build to the song, powerful emotion, solid performance…all this gives “Under The Black Sea” a checkmark in the win-column quickly as the album begins.

What I really began to enjoy from about the third-minute or so into the next song, called “Telescope” was just how much I could actually hear each player pulling their own weight towards the greater good in the magic they share between them. “Telescope” starts out well enough; I certainly wouldn’t have complained about it…but even as impressive as the first three minutes were…I was still somewhat on the fence about just how special this was or wasn’t going to end up by the end of this record. Excellent ideas for the vocal melody fuel the energy of the verse…but it’s after the spacious breakdown that Altamina comes storming back with the most convincing part you’ve heard so far. Each instrument stands out from keys to drums, to bass & guitar…and the backing vocals sound spectacular on “Telescope.” So in the end…my ears were judging everything to be as truly special as indeed it was.

“Storm” definitely has that feeling of a structure & sound, rise and build like you’d find in The National. Though it’s something you can hear certainly from the vocals and from the style of the drumming…the guitars arguably as well…I’m still not railing against this. Personally I think there’s not enough bands that really explore all that can be done with that style/sound in alt/art-rock music…so I think the door is wide-open for bands like Altamina. Undeniable for a certainty that a band like The National has blazed the trail that Altamina will ultimately take on and walk themselves – but if a track like “Storm” is any indication whatsoever…it also certainly sounds like that path will be preserved in its pristine condition. Altamina is taking on, again, my personal favorite parts of the emotion in that style of music and really drawing them out into fully expanded ideas. “Storm” is proof of that…a song that contains massive crossover appeal and stands out quickly as a highlight early on in the experience. Love the way the drums are written into this song, excellent fills & rolls fuel that slow-burning intelligent/emotional mix in the music’s performance and writing. As if the point needed further assistance, the following track “Light” follows much of this same recipe to claim its own victory…but you’ll hear that the music they make is closer to The National than say The Editors. Similar sounds shared between two out of the three of those bands, but two have really made that sincere connection to the emotion in their writing…and one of them isn’t The Editors, just to give you a hint. I like that band a lot too…but if we’re talking about how to write real emotion, still have that somewhat montone-frontman and make the music around it not fall flat, I’ll take The National and Altamina’s approach every time. The authenticity in a track like “Light” really rings through purely here…you can hear each player really connecting to the energy and collectively feeling this melancholy, thought-provoking melody…awesome song, stellar performances all-around once again.

Seriously fantastic & masterful grip that Altamina has on their sound – “Tonight” is all the proof you need of that. Excellent combination of sounds here…almost like, Explosions In The Sky meets The National here…still has that brooding emotion, but also has the hopeful, inspiring & reassuring guitar-tones to go along with it. A very pensive track…it steps carefully, but it makes every right move. Smart background vocals or keys…not quite sure which…but there’s a real magic in the background as well…the slow-stroll through this heavy emotional-raincloud of a song and its first two & a half minutes are ones where the atmosphere sticks right to you…you can feel this song just as much as you can hear it. The just moments after, it all breaks open and into the beautiful fantastic…gorgeous melody, fantastic drums…great guitars and perfect vocal-flow…not too much of any one thing, and just enough of everything to really make this the perfect experience it becomes. “Tonight” is one of those moments in music we truly exist for that makes us believe in what we hear…a real highlight on this record of high-caliber material.

The same could be said of the chorus of the following track “Bunkers” – which really has one of the most magical moments I’ve heard in music this year if I’m pressed to name one. That chorus just absolutely soars with brilliance, the singing is fantastic…so understated, but so beautiful. “Bunkers” also has excellent backing vocals, incredible atmosphere from the keyboards…maybe even an e-bowed guitar in there too…not quite sure. The sound is as beautiful as a music-box come to life right in front of your eyes & ears. Considering the energy-drained way that the song starts…the contrasting uplift of the chorus stands out times-ten…really fantastic melody-line here and a tremendous job of bringing this song to the fully-realized version of the vision it’s become. From the sound of the lyrics, the song is largely a comment on the safety & security of the everyday life versus seizing the day, the moment, the inspiration, the whatever-it-is-for-you and really going AFTER it all with everything you’ve got. At least…that’s what I took out of it! Regardless of if I’m right or wrong, “Bunkers” is one beautiful moment in music that’s truly unforgettable.

A lot of the time, the music of Altamina plays like it has an indie/progressive style to it. A lot of transitions within the songs…a lot of ideas fully examined, mined and expanded to their full glory…and like a lot of music in those styles, a lot of those most powerful moments come towards the end of the songs…or when you can hear that gear is switched mid-song to a whole new part that had yet to exist. With many of the songs on Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight having this kind of dynamic writing, I felt like I was waiting for that moment to happen in “Follower” and it never did quite come. I don’t mind the song…it’s certainly inoffensive…but it sounds like it’s missing that same spark or the depth in the hooks that the other songs have all had so far. As much as the keyboards try their best to lift this one up towards the end, I felt like “Follower” came out a little more flat in its punch & emotion by comparison to the rest of what we’ve heard so far.

“Liability” rights the album back onto course for smooth sailing. The vocals have the most tone we’ve heard…the most actual ‘singing’ we’ve heard from him so far on the record arguably. It’s all singing of sorts…but you’d think this was a diva moment for him compared to how much he’s kept the voice from draining the spotlight on this album. Really taking a moment to embrace the vocal-role just that 10% more – it sounds like you can hear that effort has been made, but it comes through perfectly. He sings in seriously low-tones, so finding that variation in tone can be a harder thing to do; but here on “Liability” they sound amazing as the slightly lighten-up the tone to brighten up the melody. Nearly a light psych-rock tune…almost like The Doors meet Pink Floyd here for a moment on “Liability” in the late stages of the record. Sounds very out-there-in-the-atmosphere, very space-like at points…and I loved the crunch of the distortion on the guitars in the final minute…how you can hear them about to happen, like an audible-threat or promise of what’s to come.

Great relationship between the bass and guitar of “Drifter,” a song where I found the music was the real star. I like the gentle, inviting sound it has to it…yet, it’s got a bit of the ol’ funk to it as well through those smooth-talkin’ bass-lines…you get a great mix of sounds on this one track. Almost post-rock through the guitars once again, and somewhat tribal through the drums…the vocals keep it all on the indie-vibe. “Drifter” wasn’t my favorite tune on the record…it’s a bit awkward but it has some real pull towards the middle of the song with some incredible moments…I think it was the main vocal-rhythm that wasn’t quite doing it for me…but I was digging the rest.

I was pulling for Altamina to find that final-gear to switch into to raise up the ending of this record to the ending it deserved, and they did it; they saved one of their best for last really – “Solstice” is another stunning melody and slow-groove from the Montreal-four. The vocal-flow to the verse is perfect and has massive hooks in it…the chorus is a truly all-inclusive, inviting sound…an apology of sorts, or at least a move towards acceptance through the words. Great keyboard work from the midpoint of the song onwards to really brighten the atmosphere and really make the music become an all-encompassing force, enveloping all that listen into the world of Altamina. I’ll gladly go wherever music like this will take me – I’ve loved this experience with this band, which has been more than positive all the way through. Big-ups to “Solstice” as the final song…the ending of this record is absolutely spectacular – I don’t think they could have chosen a better song to highlight the best of what they do and really leave the listeners with a memorable melody that’s bound to bring them back to this record again & again.

Find out more about Altamina at their official homepage: and support them at Facebook here: - Sleeping Bag Studios

"Altamina: “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is dark and brooding with tiny shards of light"

Altamina is an indie-rock band from Montreal, Canada is dropping its latest album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” on the 11th of June. The band who has recorded with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade), started out with Marco and François, is currently composed of François Graham (keys, lead vocals), Marco Gervais (guitars, back vocals), Roxanne Miller (Bass, back vocals) and Matt Davis (Drums).

Altamina’s music reminds me of the ocean. There’s a common feel to all of it, but also an incredible variety of textures, and an intense level of detail to the ebb and flow of the musical patterns. More importantly, once you’ve experienced it, you might think you don’t need it anymore, but something pulls you back…again…and again.

At first you may be perplexed by the dark tones or underwhelmed by François Graham’s deep and somber baritone. Then you give it another go, just to see if you’ve missed something. And before long, the songs stick in your head, and fine shards of light seems to break through the melancholic ambience.

Soon you’ll be hunting down friends, and even foe, to jabber about your new musical discovery. You’ll be discussing the lyric in “Storm” or that piano segment on “Tonight” and the guitar arrangement – the one that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, yes the one in “Liablity”.

It’s like going to beach as a kid and it seems OK, but you feel like you can take it or leave it. And the next thing you know, you’re an adult owning an oceanfront property. That’s what happens with this album.

“Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is an album with the rough edges removed, the polished work of pros who have gotten incredibly good at what they do, but who have also explored all the corners of their sound and are now going back and polishing the middle. But that doesn’t mean over-produced gloss. The music is both jangly and graceful, while the lyrics are intense, full of soul-searching, confessional recrimination, and empirical observation.

Altamina (Photo by Jimmi Francoeur)

The polish is to be found in the near-perfect storytelling. It seems to be a dark and brooding series of musical monologues by a character living on the margins of his mind and seeking to rise above the darkness, to make sense of his life and find something worth living for.

Altamina is one of those groups that you don’t quite understand at first, yet with time their music becomes something personal and affecting. With every song they expand their sound, dig a little bit deeper, and unearth some treasures that leave you speechless. The mixing is well-balanced and thankfully isn’t too compressed.

The record has some breathing room and continues to give off an aura of intimacy that makes it easy to get lost in the atmosphere. “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is exactly what you would expect from a group of this nature: tight musicianship, haunting atmosphere, and melodies that stick with you long after the record has finished playing. -


Montréal ambient post-rock band Altamina has released its new single “Storm” off their latest album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight,” which is available now. Listen to soothing rocker “Storm” here:

The group’s first album release was an instrumental that began as a duo partnership between members François Graham (vocals/guitar/piano) and Marco Gervais (guitar/vocals). Both members had been playing many years with the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic with three album releases and multiple songs in movies including “J’ai tué ma mère” (four awards at Cannes Festival in 2009).

The duo have since rounded out Altamina with the additions of Roxanne Miller (bass/vocals) and Matt Davis (drums). The alternative art-rockers’ second album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” shows off the next step in their developing sound, which takes influence from bands including Joy Division, Tool, Interpol and more.

Now with members contributing and added their talents to the overall sound to the best of their ability, each instrument is brought to life – from classical piano lines, synth-textures, spacey guitar licks to thought-provoking bass lines. Graham’s baritone voice nicely contrasts the lighter tone of the songs, creating a balance that all comes together to paint a picture of a beautiful, stormy night.

The new record was recorded at Hotel-2-Tango in the summer of 2015 with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade). Their album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is available now. To stay up to date with Altamina, follow them on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Twitter. - Enter The Venture

"Premiere: Altamina – “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight”"

Four years ago, Montreal band Altamina released their all-instrumental debut Silver Landing in a Barren Band. It was an album that, in part, was an experiment for the then duo (François Graham and Marco Gervais) and a chance to test out electronic drums and synths. In 2014, the pair picked up their project once more, this time with the addition of Matt Davis (drums) and Roxanne Miller (bass and vocals) and set out to explore new musical territories. The result is Altamina’s sophomore album, out today, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight.

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight is a dark record. The baritone of lead singer François Graham, very reminiscent of Matt Berninger (The National, EL VY), is a constant dark cloud over the record as Graham snarls and sneers his way through the entanglements of past relationships. He dies in “Tonight,” he’s a “Drifter,” and “the demon in the corner of your eyes” (“Storm”).

But dig a little deeper and there’s some light that peaks through this darkness. The synth riff in opener “Under the Black Sea,” the bright guitar of “Liability,” and the backing vocals from Roxanne Miller throughout the recird are all signs that the healing process has begun. As Graham explains, “The album explores some powerful and personal feelings. Many themes revolve around existential questions, soul searching, exploring failed relationships, evasion, and finding solace in the peaceful nature that surrounds us.”

Dive into the whole thing below: - Grayowl Point

"Altamina Shares A New Single"

Altamina has released a new single called “Under The Black Sea,” and the single is in support of the Canadian ambient rock band's upcoming LP, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, out June 11th.

Altamina (literally “high mines” in Portuguese) is currently François Graham on keys and lead vocals, Marco Gervais on guitars and backing vocals, Roxanne Miller on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Davis on drums.

Here is the tracklist to the upcoming Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight:
1. Under the Black Sea
2. Telescope
3. Storm
4. Light
5. Tonight
6. Bunkers
7. Follower
8. Liability
9. Drifter
10. Solstice

Altamina was originally started by Gervais and Graham as an experimental outlet while they were playing with post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic. They recorded their debut album, Silver Landing In A Barren Land by themselves in Portugal in 2012.

They recently added Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller into the band in 2014, which broadened their musical experimentation.

On the new single, “Under The Black Sea,” Graham's smooth, low vocals are memorable and the music is layered with spacey synths and clean bass. It's a chilled-out and positive song.

You can listen to the song and pre-order the album here!

Follow the band on their social media, provided below!

Altamina: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud - The Hook

"Altamina - Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight"


June 9, 2016

Altamina is an indie/alternative rock band hailing from the close by land of Montreal, Canada, and they began as an entirely instrumental duo. Since 2012 though, they have steadily been adding people to the band’s lineup, and adding more instrumentation to each of their releases.

This new album contains a sweet blend of prominent astral beauty, electronic drum kits and high powered synths paired with wailing guitars, and it sounds pretty wonderful. Definitely something a lot of listeners can enjoy.

LABEL: Self-Released
PLAY: #5, 7, 10
FCC: Clean
RIYL: The National, The Antlers, Sam Fermin - WRUV

"KHFS Radio New Artist: Altamina"

tmn staff July 11, 2016 KFHS Radio, Music Reviews

Altamina is an indie-rock band from Montreal, Canada. The band is currently composed of François Graham (keys, lead vocals), Marco Gervais (guitars, back vocals), Roxanne Miller (Bass, back vocals) and Matt Davis (Drums). The band started out with Marco and François as an outlet for musical experimentation. Both members had been playing many years with the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic with 3 album releases and multiple songs in movies including “J’ai tué ma mère”, winner of 4 awards at Cannes Festival in 2009.

Marco had been experimenting with electronic drum kits and fused with François’ large palate of synthesizers released an instrumental/electronic album in 2012 called Silver Landing in a Barren Band. The album was mainly recorded over the summer of 2012 in a long-distance fashion, with Marco tracking guitars and drums in Mont-St-Hilaire and most synths recorded by François in a house in Portugal he spent a lot of time while growing up called Altamina, which literally means “high mines” in Portuguese. The album was released digitally in October 2012 and received positive blog critiques and airplay on select Internet radios.

With newly added members Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller in 2014, the band started exploring new musical territories. Their album Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight was released in June 2016 at the O Patro Vys in Montreal. - KFHS Radio


“Storm” by Montreal’s Altamina represents the best in modern dark indie-folk. The band’s synths and jangle-guitars provide relatively easy access for the listener, softening the blow of the seriousness that emanates from François Graham’s baritone voice. - Ride The Tempo


Altamina‘s voice is as deep as the sea that is being sung about in their second single. - Ride The Tempo

"Altamina – Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight"

With an airy approach to songcraft, Altamina’s “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” is like being immersed into a lovely dream. Brilliant color flows out of these pieces as their spacious reflects at a world so vast and unknowable. It is this contemplative spirit that comes to define the album. Altimina employ a sense of group play throughout the album letting each other bounce of the others resulting in a rich tapestry of sound. Whether it is Graham’s reassuring vocals, Miller’s steady bass work, Davis’s impeccable drumming or Gervais’s painterly approach to the guitar, the sound positively teems with life.

“Under The Black Sea” begins the album off on a high note almost narrative in its approach. As it gradually unfurls it reveals an impressive build, one where their patience proves to be one of their greatest strengths as the emotional impact of the piece increases with each additional twist and turn of the many interacting textures. Much more of a rush is the passionate sound of “Telescope”. Ambitious in scope is the post-rock spaghetti western influenced “Tonight”. Romantic to its very core the song is beautifully executed. Easily the highlight of the album is the shoegaze nature of “Liability”. Utilizing an almost classical approach to the result is something of gentle grandeur. “Solstice” ends the album on just the right note, neatly embodying all that came before it.

Deeply satisfying, Altamina’s “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” has a classic timeless sound to it. - Beach Sloth

"LISTEN: Altamina Release New Single “Under the Black Sea”"

Montreal-based indie-rock band Altamina has just released their new single “Under the Black Sea.”

The song is the second single coming off their upcoming new album Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, which is due for release on June 11th, 2016.

The band has been playing together for many years with post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic with 3 album releases and multiple songs in movies including Canadian director Xavier Dolan‘s “J’ai tué ma mère” which won 4 awards at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

Be sure to listen to “Under the Black Sea” below. - Confront Magazine



Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight. CD/LP/Digital. Release: June 11th 2016.


01. Under the Black Sea

02. Telescope

03. Storm

04. Light

05. Tonight

06. Bunkers

07. Follower

08. Bunkers

09. Drifter

10. Solstice



Silver Landing in a Barren Land. CD/LP/Digital. Released October 1st 2012.




01. Slazenger planes

02. Garden of Titanium

03. 86 bracelets

04. Tourette Black Trabant

05.Entering Radium Valley in a Gold Datsun

06. Oneida

07. Big Flood

08. Stealing Leonard's Lincoln

09. Terrasse en Haut

10. Icebergs Left Kanada

11. The Enlightenment

12. Awakening of the Radio Diving Intervention

13. Dryland

14. Amazing Deep Sea Creatures Will Welcome You



"...with every song they expand their sound, dig a little bit deeper, and unearth some treasures that leave you speechless."
                          - Robbie Tee / Jamsphere Magazine

Altamina is an indie/art-rock/alternative band from Montreal, Canada. The band is currently comprised of Marco Gervais (guitars, backing vocals), François Graham (keys, vocals), Roxanne Miller (bass, backing vocals) and Matt Davis (drums). Altamina originally started as a project of Marco and François in 2012, both members of the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic

he band initially released an instrumental/electronic 14 track album in 2012 called “Silver landing in a barren land” under the stage name Altamina. The band was joined by Roxanne Miller and Matt Davis in 2014, who then spent more than a year locked away together writing and perfecting new material. Recording their 2nd album at Hotel-2-Tango in late 2015 with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade…), Altamina added deep, lyric-driven vocals and instrumental work that paints a vibrant soundscape and draws the listener in.

Their album “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight” was released on June 11th 2016 to an overwhelmingly positive reception, generating a buzz in Canada, across North America, and internationally. As well as performing, Altamina are currently hard at work writing new material; expect a new release in 2017. 

All four members have decades of experience within the music industry across various projects internationally, and approach their songwriting, recording, and performance with professionalism and dedication. Instrumental versions of all tracks are available.

""Storm" by Montreal’s Altamina represents the best in modern dark indie-folk" - Ride The Tempo

"There’s a tremendous, spine-tingling feeling that runs right through the music of this record…and that always tells me that I’m listening to something seriously spectacular..." - Sleeping Bag Studios

"...tight musicianship, haunting atmosphere, and melodies that stick with you long after the record has finished playing" - Jamsphere

"...baritone vocals, steady drum beats, and ambient riffs make ‘Under The Black Sea’ a stand out track from an equally as impressive band" - Indietronica

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