Now comes Altamont! We are the next best thing to The Rolling Stones. We submit OUR Mick Jagger - he will present an EXACT duplication of Mick - his small body, larger lips, his natural hair style, his manipulation of the stage microphone, and his body flips and body gestures!!


We are a Rolling Stones tribute formed in Kettering, Ohio in 2002. Altamont has spent thousands of hours viewing videos of The Rolling Stones, and each of the members of the group perfecting his character - Mick, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, etc. The result is a evident in their performances. As one viewer stated to me that after seeing Altamont perform, that they could not sleep afterwards!

Set List

We are a Rolling Stones tribute band that each member is dedicated to perfecting his character to the letter both musically and cosmetically. We perform almost all of The Rolling Stones songs. Our performance is typically 3 sets of 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours each.