Altered is an up and coming rock band with melodic songs and a hard edge. With achievements such as showcasing at a national music conference and opening for national acts during their mere eight months of existence, this band has a sound and a message you can't ignore.


Altered has been around for 3 years. They have a sound that is very fitting to the musical styles of rock today. With influences such as Linkin Park, Trapt, and Cold, Altered brings heavy guitars with melodic verses and catchy choruses. Altered has played at such venues in Cleveland as the Agora, the Odeon, the Phantasy, The Symposium, The Hi-Fi Club, and The Pit. They have traveled many places around Ohio, and have quickly picked up a large following. Just recently, Altered was one of four bands from Cleveland picked to showcase at MECA Music Conference in Chicago.

Altered's primary goal is to present rock music in a more positive light than it is usually portrayed by the mainstream music. The band hopes that between the loud music and the mosh pits, people may find God and learn how to overcome whatever they are going through.


Blind man's eyes

Written By: Altered

She can’t hold to the world she knows
Cause living with it doesn’t add up
She might give in just to receive
Everything that she gave up to get here
And they might not know
But they broke her down
And they might not see
But their words mean something

Only the blind man can see
Only the deaf man can hear
Only the silent one speaks
Only the fool can see
The injustice that’s all surreal in the mind

He can’t pick up the broken pieces
Cause dying with it just seems so easy
Past mistakes and many heart breaks
Leave him spinning in a circle
And what they don’t know
is what they don’t see
when he’s all alone
in a room he screams
and the tears that fall
from his weakened eyes
with the truth inside
hiding all the lies

and when this is over days will come
so much anger in this song
stories of the weak at heart longing for a second start

Falling into place

Written By: Altered

I was lost inside the games I play
Nothing made much sense deep inside each day
And in time I saw what held me down
When my face had finally hit the ground

I tried to move, to breathe, to live, to make my peace
But something deep inside was staring right back into me
I fell so far, so fast, so quickly gone from you
And my pain you can erase

So look at me, can you see me down here
Open your arms and let me fall into place
Hey, I’m frightened, can you help me out
Cause I don’t want this anymore

In the wind I felt the comfort of your voice
I finally came to you, I didn’t have a choice
And you said welcome home, nice to see you here
I didn’t even know you cared

Where can I go, tell me where can I hide
Where your face is not staring back at me
How can I feel what I have never felt
While I am empty inside, while I am empty inside

Shell of myself

Written By: Altered

the sound of your voice is my call

this whisper in the back of my head
is thumping me, is making me think
and thinking is so hard to do when all i ever find the time to do
is think of you
my actions are not as easy to see
so go beneath, here's what you'll see

another fear of being nothing more than evidence
that i will never be a part of you my confidence

let the truth be told
the world is against you
when the eye beholds
that everything's deeper

all of it's burried in you

and all i see is a shell of myself
and i crack like an egg shell, so fragile, so frail

this calling that i heard as a child
is eating me, is looking me through
and when it bites it tears my skin till all that's left is bone
my mind is lost so deep within
i lost you in the idols i made
i go beneath, but just to see

that everything is on the line and it relates to me
so selfish in my heart my eyes were just too clouded to see

let the games be played
there's nothing else to do
time's a way to say
the day is over

and this is the day it will end


Altered - 3 song demo

Set List

Come Alive
Blind Man's Eyes
Shell of Myself
Until We Die
Falling into Place
Woke Up Sunday
Here I Stand
Echo System